Contingency Plan

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Biological weapons created during the Dominion War have been unleashed on the Federation! Find cures and decide who you can trust....



Contingency Plan was the first Galaxy Event.


For Contingency Plan, all variants of McCoy, Bashir, and Worf will grant bonuses to the event. This event had 3 special event crew "Dark Ages" McCoy, Changeling Bashir, and Civil War Worf.


  • For the first time, there are two phases to this Event! Each Phase is individually timed.
  • Introducing Supply Mission! These Missions task you with building items critical to the Event.
  • Using any version of Worf, McCoy, or Bashir will provide a bonus to Supply Missions.
  • Every Supply Mission you complete earns you Event Victory Points. Collect Event Victory Points to unlock Threshold Rewards and Community Rewards.
  • After the Event ends, look for a special opportunity to choose with crew member will be brought through the Time Portal next!


Event Rewards