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(Unlocking slots)
(Unlocking slots)
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|Tier 97<br>3,000<br>{{Currency|dil}} || +5 || ||colspan="2"| 605 ||colspan="2"| 615 ||colspan="2"| 625 ||colspan="2"| 640 ||colspan="2"| 660 ||colspan="2"| 680 ||colspan="2"| 700 || 720
|Tier 98<br>3,000<br>{{Currency|dil}} || +5 || ||colspan="2"| 610 ||colspan="2"| 620 ||colspan="2"| 630 ||colspan="2"| 645 ||colspan="2"| 665 ||colspan="2"| 685 ||colspan="2"| 705 || 725|}
|Tier 98<br>3,000<br>{{Currency|dil}} || +5 || ||colspan="2"| 610 ||colspan="2"| 620 ||colspan="2"| 630 ||colspan="2"| 645 ||colspan="2"| 665 ||colspan="2"| 685 ||colspan="2"| 705 || 725
=== Dismissing Crew ===
=== Dismissing Crew ===

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Crew play an important role in Star Trek Timelines. Crew are assigned to away missions or placed in battle stations on ships. Each mission begins with players selecting crew for an ship combat or away team, with different crew being better suited for different situations.

To successfully complete an away mission, chosen crew members will need to meet certain skill requirements, Security, for example. Skills can be improved by using training programs, adding, or fusing crew members with extra copies of themselves. Crew also have inherent attributes called traits. For example, Defiant Commander Worf has the Klingon, Federation, Starfleet, Duelist, and Tactician traits. Certain traits may provide a bonus or may even be required in specific away mission nodes.

Due to the temporal anomaly, central to the story of Star Trek Timelines, there are multiple versions of some characters. For example, there are currently fifteen versions of Janeway in the game: Kathryn Janeway, Rifle Janeway, Captain Janeway, Mirror Janeway, Warship Janeway, Admiral Janeway, Agent Janeway, Arachnia Janeway, Assimilated Janeway, Determined Janeway, Evolved Janeway, Katrine, Klingon Janeway, and Lucille Davenport. Each version of a character may have a completely different set of skills, traits, or ship abilities.

Many new crew members have been added since the game's release; sometimes new crew are introduced with an event.

Crew Abilities

Crew members have three types of abilities they use during gameplay:

  • Away Team Skills (Skills) - Used in Away Team missions, Shuttle missions, and the Gauntlet
  • Passive Ship Stat Bonuses - Silently provide moderate bonuses to ship combat for its entire duration
  • Battle Station Boosts - User triggered, limited time, powerful ship combat bonuses

The set of abilities for a specific crew member version is the same for all players; for example, Captain Kirk always has Command, Diplomacy, & Security Away Team skills, while Enterprise-D Picard always has Command, Diplomacy, and Science.

Away Team Skills

Each crew member is proficient in one to three Away Team skills:

Passive Ship Stat Bonuses

When a crew member is equipped in a ship's Battle Station, they provide one to four Passive Bonuses. Every crew member has at least one passive bonus, some have all four.

  • Accuracy
  • Evasion
  • Crit Rating
  • Crit Bonus

Battle Station Boosts

There are three Battle Station Boosts:

  • Attack
  • Accuracy
  • Evasion

A crew member will have a single boost, however for game balance, there is sometimes a negative affect on second area. Security Chief Worf has Accuracy +4, but Evasion -2.

Crew advancement

Power & levels

How powerful a crew member's abilities are is determined by the following factors:

  • Crew Level - 1 to 100
  • Rarity - Common to Legendary, representing the maximum number of stars available to the crew
  • Star Rating - how many stars are actually filled
  • Equipped Items
  • The starbase level of the player's fleet.
What affects each crew ability
Crew Ability Level Rarity Star
Away Team Skills x x x x x
Passive Ship Stat Bonuses x x
Battle Station Boosts x

A crew member's level increases as they gain experience, either by participating in missions or using the Train button in the Crew screen. Every ten levels, the crew needs to have equipped all four items before they can gain more experience. Note: Crew member level / experience is not affected by the captain's (player's) level / experience.

Crew members of Uncommon or higher rarity (2+ stars) require duplicate (identical) crew members to be fused to increase their star rating. Note that only identical versions of the same character may be fused; for example, Promoted Sisko and Captain Sisko may not be fused together. (See Tuvix, The Duras Sisters, Bynars, Indulgent Seven, or Evolved Janeway as exceptions.)

For more info, please refer to the Crew Progression page.


One of the best ways to increase crew skill is to equip items. Each item can be either found (in a specific mission) or built (from components). Tap on each of the four item slots to see where each item can be found or how it can be built (see next section).

Once all four items are equipped, the character can be advanced which increases the level cap by 10 and resets the equipment slots.

There is a bug that makes it so that you can see an item in your inventory, but in the crew management screen it says you still need to get it.[1]

Building Items

Some items that a crew character needs to equip must be built. Tapping on the Build button shows the required components in order to build the item. Tapping on each component will show the mission(s) where each component may drop.

Crew Capacity

There is a limit to the number of crew players may have active at a time. If all crew slots are full, an active crew member must be dismissed before new crew member can be added.

Immortalized crew members (level 100, fully fused/max stars, all equipment) are stored in the Cryostasis Vault when dismissed and can be retrieved in the future when there are crew slots available.


If you are one below capacity and you attempt to claim crew via Daily Rewards on your VIP double reward day, you will only get one copy of that crewman.

You may still be able to get crew from the Time Portal above your capacity; however you will not be able to use, train, or equip items to those crew. Such crew will also be automatically dismissed if you are not at or below capacity within 7 days.

Note that locked crew may still be fused as long as one copy of the crewman is unlocked.

Unlocking slots

A person can unlock more crew slots from:

  • Purchasing crew slots directly for Credits[2] then Dilithium[3] (490)
  • Or indirectly by accumulating VIP Levels[4] from the purchase of Dilithium (115)

As of 19 May 2020, there are a base of 120 free crew slots and a maximum of 725 total crew slots.

The tables below shows how many crew slots you may gain from both methods.