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[TFA] Task Force April
Fleet Task Force April.png
Created 2017
Admiral [TFA] Commodore Wizzlestix
Membership Invite only, Application required
Recruitment Thread Recruiting Thread
Requirements Level 50+
Starbase Level Level 85
Fleet Tags [TFA]

Task Force April is named for Captain Robert April and has become a top tier fleet in Star Trek Timelines.

Our fleet is a friendly, helpful, and active community of Trek fans who strive for low drama and high achievement. We maintain a full or nearly full roster at all times, and typically knock out our daily fleet targets with 8-10 hours to spare. We’ve maintained consistently high event rankings (including blockbuster 1st and 5th place finishes in the recent events 'Heavy Lies the Crown' and 'Fast as Light'), and a number of our squadrons are competitive in the top 100 when they fully commit. We also offer the benefit of an extensively built out starbase

Membership Requirements

Our only requirements are a consistent activity level and participation in one of our squadrons. We set no specific requirements for VIP, ships, or crew, though a captain level of at least 50 is preferred. Being active and engaged are the most important things; what we seek are members who desire to grow with us.

Membership Application

Contact [TFA] Commodore Wizzlestix or [TFA] Celeres through our recruiting thread: Recruiting Thread

Squadron Policy

We do request that players notify our Fleet Admiral, [TFA] Commodore Wizzlestix or your designated squadron leader should you need to be absent from the game or if you do not plan to participate in a given event. All of our members are also advised to consistently monitor both the fleet Message of the Day as well as their squadron chat, as important information/instructions may be relayed through these channels. Last but not least, we ask that all members show some “fleet spirit” by using the fleet tag [TFA] in front of their player name. This is not a requirement, but a request made in the interest of proudly displaying our tag to the rest of the STT community.

Fleet Event Rankings


[TFA]Commodore Wizzlestix (admiral)



[TFA]Kaptain Kangaroo


[TFA]John Sheridan


[TFA]Shin's On

[TFA]Wall-e Sisko