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Fleets are groups of associated players trying to achieve common goals together. Captain Level 9 is required to create and join fleets. A fleet can include up to 50 members.


Fleet Ranks

  • Admiral (Fleet Leader)
  • Officer
  • Member

Fleet Mechanics

Daily Targets

Mission Reward
Complete Away Team Missions (75) 30 honor
Complete Away Team Missions (300) 50 honor
Complete Away Team Missions (700) 110 honor
Donate Starbase projects (6,000) 20 Chroniton
Donate Starbase projects (10,000) 30 Chroniton
Donate Starbase projects (22,000) 50 Chroniton
Complete Space Battles (100) 30 honor
Complete Space Battles (400) 50 honor
Complete Space Battles (800) 110 honor
Start Faction Missions (50) 30 honor
Start Faction Missions (150) 50 honor
Start Faction Missions (335) 110 honor
Complete all Daily Missions (20) 400 24px
Complete all Daily Missions (30) 300 24px
Complete all Daily Missions (40) 200 24px


Starbase is a Fleet holding that brings specific bonuses to all fleet members.


Squadron is a group of up to five Fleet members.


List of Fleets

See a List of Fleets to find specific Fleet.