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Campaigns are a game mechanic for giving players extra awards for completing Daily Missions over a 28 day period. Players earn Accolades for completing Daily Missions and collecting Daily Rewards. Accolades are then used to unlock tiers of rewards. Each tier needs 200 to unlock, with a total of 100 tiers per campaign. There are two tracks of tiers, a free tier, and a premium tier unlocked with an in game purchase.

Campaigns are accessed from the Daily Missions menu.


Accolades and Tiers

The campaigns screen. Showing the 5* reward crew on the right. Five tiers of rewards, with four tiers already awarded, and the standard and premium tracks.

Each campaign lasts 28 days, and has 100 tiers of rewards. Each tier needs 200 to unlock, and 20,000 are needed to unlock all 100 tiers.

Each day 700 can be earned by completing the Daily Missions, and an additional 100 by collecting the Daily Rewards. Players with a high enough VIP level will earn an additional 100 on days when they earn double Daily Rewards.

Over the course of a campaign, a VIP 0 player can earn up to 22,400 giving them a three day buffer. Players above VIP 0 can earn up to VIP level*100 additional accolades over the course of the campaign, dependent upon the start date. e.g. a VIP 8 might be able to earn an additional 800 giving them an additional buffer day. VIP 14 players might be able to earn up to an additional 1600

Tiers can also be purchased with Dilithium. The first tier bought costs 250 Dilithium for 200


There are two tracks of rewards. A standard track, and a premium track. The standard track is open to all players, and the premium track can be purchased with money. Both tracks have 100 tiers, and unlocking a tier on the standard track, will also unlock the tier on the premium track, if the premium track has been purchased.

Buying the premium track is retroactive for each campaign. If the premium track is bought half way through the campaign, then all previous prizes will be awarded.

Buying the premium track awards 500 VIP points and dilithium dependent upon VIP level.

Reward Crew Chart

Crew Available in Campaigns
Campaign Start Date 4
Super RareSuper RareSuper RareSuper Rare
Reward Chart
Campaigns Beta March 19, 2019 Sheriff Worf
CommandSheriff Worf Head.png
Durango Troi
SecurityDurango Troi Head.png
Section 31 Campaign April 18, 2019 Section 31 Philippa Georgiou
SecuritySection 31 Philippa Georgiou Head.png
Covert Operative Leland
SecurityCovert Operative Leland Head.png
Forever Spock May 16, 2019 Fugitive Spock
ScienceFugitive Spock Head.png
Captain Spock
CommandCaptain Spock Head.png
Picard Days June 13, 2019 Admiral Picard
DiplomacyAdmiral Picard Head.png
Mirror Jean-Luc Picard
CommandMirror Jean-Luc Picard Head.png
High Rollers July 11, 2019 Waitress Ezri
DiplomacyWaitress Ezri Head.png
High Roller Sisko
CommandHigh Roller Sisko Head.png


  • Campaigns Beta lasted for eight days and had 20 tiers. The premium tier was unlocked free, and only one of each crew was awarded.