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Daily Missions are tasks that can be completed once per day to earn Merit and Credits, resetting at 0500 UTC. They can be accessed by tapping the Daily Missions button in the bottom left of the screen.
Daily Missions table contains:

Daily Missions

Mission Reward
Complete Scans (3) 25 Merit
Make purchases in the Time Portal (3) 25 Merit
Complete Away Team Missions (5) 25,000 Credits
Complete Away Team Missions (10) 25 Merit
Complete Away Team Missions (20) 35000 Credits
Complete Space Battles (5) 10 Merit
Complete Space Battles (10) 25,000 Credits
Complete Space Battles (20) 50 Merit
Equip Items on Crew Members (1) 25 Merit
Start Faction Missions (3) 10 Merit
Start Faction Missions (7) 25 Merit
Train a Crew Member (10) 10 Merit
Level Up a Crew Member (3) 10 Merit
Complete Cadet Challenges Missions (1) 25 Chroniton
Complete Cadet Challenges Missions (5) 25 Chroniton
Complete Arena Battles (1) 25,000 Credits
Complete Arena Battles(5) 25,000 Credits
Complete Dilemmas on your Voyages (1) 25,000 Credits
Complete all Daily Missions (11) 200 honor


  • Completing all daily missions earns a total of 160,000 Credits, 215 Merit, 50 Chroniton and 200 honor


Achievements were added to the game June 13th, 2017 with the v2.1.0 Client Build. Achievements can be viewed and claimed through the Daily Missions Panel under the Achievements tab. Achievements are claimable only once, but many have different tiers that scale upward. For example, the Immortalize Crew Achievement has tiers at 1, 10, 25, 50, etc. with each tier granting additional rewards.

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