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Exodus full logo v2.png
Created June 5, 2017
Admiral eXo Marks the Spot
Current Feelings About DB/TP/WRG Pick a name, stick with it. Also: Innovation needed
Membership Application required
Contact Discord is the absolute best place! ([1])
Requirements Use Discord at least once a week and don't ghost on us without prior notice (that's only appropriate for Tinder)
Communications Discord App
Minimum Captain Level 40 (negotiable for daily players)
Fleet Tags eXo (required)

Hi, everybody! I'm eXo | SilverRose, fearless former leader of the merry misfits of eXodus. You may remember me from the DB official forums. Actually, no. Don't remember me from there. No one likes the forums.

If you're here, you're probably wanting to know about our fleet. Well, good news everybody! We've got a flowchart for that. Just look below!

Fleet exo overview.png

Did that help? eXocellent! Hurr.

Abbreviated History & Legacy

As a fleet we're almost 4 years old now, and have grown in all sorts of ways in that time. Primarily, we're a group of people who like playing and staying together. Originally, we were founded as a splinter group from this game's Blood Legion: 3 of the officers at the time, including me, decided to strike out on our own and form a new fleet that was a mix of social and performance.

We did an early merger with another group of folks, the nWo, led by an old friend that had also been with us in BL. From there, we've added people from other smaller fleets, the last of the original Timelines SF fleet, as well as a bunch of people who never wanted to be "fleet people" but thought we seemed approachable.

We were one of the first top fleets of our caliber to not care about event rankings, performance, spending, etc. Most of us have very deep benches and crew just based on where we've been, and we're happy to share that investment and knowledge with newer players.

We'll still strike out and grandstand sometimes as a group. We typically boast fleet ranks in the top 5 or 10 overall in the game, along with several top 50 finishes. The prevailing vision though was that we wanted those moves to be on our own terms. It's a game. We didn't want anyone putting pressure on us to do it every event or to do it because of x, y, and z.

Our past is informed by our history: our (formerly) red X was inspired by our time in Blood Legion, as was our original identity as a "Timelines fleet" - we weren't and still aren't a brand name in a bunch of other games or a fleet that grew out of another game like Fleet Commander or Star Trek: Online. We were and are dedicated to this game and this game only. Our motto - "it's what you leave behind" - worked with both a DS9y vibe as well as the name of eXodus. But for us it also was a sign of striking out on our own. We weren't BL or nWo or SF anymore. We were leaving all of those identities behind to make a new collective. We tossed a lot of ideas around for names and identities, but that one resonated. It paid mention to the past while also recognizing that's what it was -- the past.

It's what we left behind to band together as eXo.

And it's who we're proud to be today.

But don't just take our word for it - you can also take theirs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fCQUz6nGYQ&feature=youtu.be


  • We use Discord for fleet communication and require that all members do as well, at the very least to post event goals
  • Play the game (duh)
  • No, actually, play the game - don't use macros to play it for you
  • Have a sense of humor and fair play
  • Support our fleet by wearing the tags eXo | (don't worry, we'll help you make the multiplication sign that replaced our pretty red X in game)
  • Follow Wheaton's Law: Don't Be A Dick!

Fleet Contacts


  • eXo | Marks the Spot

Fleet Leader Emeritus

  • SilverRose

Respect Their Authoritah!!!

  • Grand Admiral Ryoma (co-founding member)
  • JessAtreides (fleet strategy consultant)
  • Dragon (squad master)

Fleet Officers / Starbase Janitors

  • nDaxicated (Starbase Czar)
  • TygraDax (back-up adult)
  • Das411 (new member coordinator)
  • Taran (fleet enforcer)
  • The Commish (interviewer)
  • RoddenberryPie (behold not-bot)
  • Arex (three hands really helps with skirmishes and gauntlets)

Fleet Mythology

The Hobo

  • In September 2017, our fearless leader had surgery. We quickly learned that Silver + percocets = bad news. Shortly before convincing her to hand over the reigns to someone who wasn't typing only in emojis, she decided to take a tour of the brand new starbase and see what all the shiny new buttons did. We quickly learned that Silver + perocets + shiny new buttons = worse news. Before anyone could wrestle the keys out of her hand, she'd accidentally unlocked one too many doors and a hobo showed up in the brand new starbase. He's nice, keeps to himself (literally, he made a squad on the first day and hasn't left it once), and is one of our longest standing members of much repute - just remember to stick $5 in his cup before you leave and everything will be fine.

Musketeer La Forge

  • For a while, DB had this really, really obnoxious habit of forgetting to put the Tuesday golds in the Tuesday packs, like what recently happened with angry Kasidy Yates. Musketeer La Forge was the first time this happened. Remember how Silver had just had surgery, was high as a kite, and was hitting lots of shiny buttons? She also really, really was enamored with the one that said "buy 10x 650 dilithium" on the La Forge pack... and it wouldn't drop. She says she spent about $3,000 in total and could not get a single copy. We're not sure she could do math at this point, because she can't anyway even when not high, but we're not gonna argue the fine print. Anyway, she put out the siren call to other whales amongst our pods and realized -- not just did we in eXo not get a single copy, no one could get a single copy. So, they take it up with DB. DB says it's just bad luck and then go radio silent. 2 days later, DB admits: oops, we left him out of the pack! They send around Sorryketeers supposedly based off of how many pulls you did on the pack, but managed to mess up the formula on that, so Silver got one Musketeer and someone who did one pull got 5. Long story short, at her inaugural appearance at a DB Con, she wore a t-shirt with Musketeer La Forge on a milk carton to go meet DB CEO Jon Radoff. Ask for pics.


  • A magical journey on a Dubai Apple cruise that led to the "We Are the World of Star Trek Timelines." Sometimes, you just have to be there, BRO.


  • Watch on a crappy Twitch.tv stream (https://www.twitch.tv/golddaisy) as Silver spends money, can't figure out how volume works on her computer, and try to win a !waffle. Now with bonus Gluten!

Galazy, Skirms, and Shittles

  • What we call the various event types. No one likes galaxies, it's hard to type "skirmish" when you're tapping like a mofo, and one was an unfortunate typo that just kind of stuck...

Gen Chat

  • Keeping up the tradition of having a Bar & Dil run out of the fleet, we opened a new saloon when we moved from Line to Discord in order to have a place for our friends from other fleets to gather and be social. Just watch out after midnight. We even have our own town drunk.


  • A three-headed hydra from the depths of Hell - also Silver's former boss she hates.

Member Bios

Avatar Name Title Immortalized Crew (in vault) First to Max Credits Bio Quote of the Moment
Detective Data Head.png
eXo Marks the Spot Admiral 600 Was in the hunt for Jack Crusher until discovering Silver wants to FTM all the Crushers, not just Wesley. Fortunately Spot has great insurance and should be out of the hospital any day now. Former President of Crew Duplicates Anonymous. Spot also heads a small non profit dedicated to encouraging DB/TP/WRG to increase the immortalized crew achievement threshold. "All hands abandon ship! All hands--" BOOM
Cadet Wesley Crusher Head.png
SilverRose Admiral Emeritus / Fleet Mom 850+ 70+. Most importantly, almost all the Wesleys and his little dog too. The last player alive to finally get a Caretaker, Silver spends her free time erasing death wishes on those who got him first. "I can't believe Picard made me want to rewatch Nemesis."
UFP President Ra-ghoratreii Head.png
Dragon Central Command 900+ 4* Rigel VII Vina Last Admiral of the original Timelines SF fleet, on a continued search for elusive golds. In a constant arms race with both Matt and Commish but only one is literal. "It is, what it is..."
Dr. Hippocrates Noah Head.png
Grand Admiral Ryoma Central Command 575+ 5* Admiral Kirk, 2* Festive Jadzia Dax Slowly teaching Rod Japanese, one google translate conversation at a time. "Fortune favors the bold."
Mirror Inquisitor Troi Head.png
JessAtreides Central Command 300+ Yeah, no. The actual last player to not have Caretaker. Crazy cat lady... And crazy costume lady. Basically, just crazy but fun. "The spice must flow."
Lieutenant Arex Na Eth Head.png
Arex Officer 500 exactly (my respect to those who do) Fan of all things Trek including the animated series. Uhura: "Well, you know what they say, Lieutenant. Be careful what you wish for. You might get it."
Commander Kruge Head.png
Das411 Officer 375+ (not counting his obscene collection of level 99s) 3* Commander Kruge Patiently waiting for this year's expedition so he can finish off his level 99s, while the rest of the fleet reminds him that the ! bug is gone and it's OK now. "The Motion Picture was the second best Trek movie"
Festive Jadzia Dax Head.png
nDaxicated Officer Keeper of the weekly Starbase Headway Activity Tracker (SHAT) when in times of building, keeper of skirmish event records when not. "RNG was on my side."
Doctor Ann Mulhall Head.png
RoddenberryPie Officer 5* Fal-tor-pan Spock, 5* Reunion Spock and Kirk Lives to watch this game turn the most obscure character into the most powerful (5/5 Bus Punk from Star Trek 4? LET'S GO!) "Vulcans never bluff."
Warship Janeway Head.png
Taran Officer Probably the nicest of all us, so she's on permanent fleet enforcer duty. "Thanks!"
Gangster Kirk Head.png
The Commish Officer 500+ None...yet... Owner and proprietor of Commish's Gun Shed, your one stop shop for everything related to guns and ammo. And it's one stop because he'll shoot you if you go on his lawn. Enjoys accounting in his spare time. "I have a case of TP and plenty of ammo, so we should be fine."
Senator Cretak Head.png
Tygra Dax Officer An architect, scientist, and noble man who can turn invisible. Wait, that's ThunderCats. "Even better."
Arik Soong Head.png
dl Hobo ??? Does a hobo bundle count? We think he's from Russia. Maybe. "Can you spare a dollar?"
Pah-wraith Keiko Head.png
Aella Member 5* Katrine,4* Armed Philippa Georgiou One of the women with multiple cats in the fleet. Yes. One of. "*eyes leaderboard with resting bitch face*"
Sarina Douglas Head.png
Ashie Member 523 woulda been Lal but silver was a nanosecond faster, and ignored dibs Ashie is like that employee that calls out all the time, but when she does show up, she gets the job done, and is a hard worker. We don’t kick her out of the fleet cuz we don’t want her to be able to collect fleet unemployment off of us, as she was one of the og members of the fleet. We just feed her Adderall to keep her focused on the game, and keep our fingers crossed she will have a manic episode, and start compulsively spending money on the game to collect crew like Pokémon. If she’s not distracted by Pokémon go. ASHIE?! GET BACK HERE! “FOR SCIENCE”
Armus Head.png
Beratis Member 425+ Delusional. Let us Voyage together to the gleaming cities of Earth, where peace reigns and hatred has no home. "Duty calls and I must redon my human suit."
Human Torres Head.png
Brayden Member 235+ Models a great enterprise; doesn't do his dailies :D "With proper discipline, anything is possible"
Commander Kira Nerys Head.png
Cadet Matt Member 875+ 5* Navaar FINALLY GOT ONE. Has an unhealthy obsession with Canadian women. Also gets sandwiches delivered by drone and complains about it. #firstmattproblems #mattpeopletwitter "Stooooooooooooooooop."
Gangster Kirk Head.png
Captain McNamara Member David Hasselhoff is his uncle, but we don't hold it against him as long as he can teach us how to sexy slow run like that. "The end is near."
EV Suit Tucker Head.png
Captain Cooke Member 900+ He's a Cooke who cooks but not a Captain who captains. He has *maximum possible* crew slots. What else needs to be said?!
Tempted Data Head.png
Chukken Member Daredevil, living life in the moment and riding off into sunsets on his Harley. "It quickly switched from funny to 'Ohhhh ok, maybe I would actually get murdered.'"
Fugitive Spock Head.png
Circa 1985 Member That number isn't the year he was born; it's his monthly gambling losses. "Just got to Vegas."
Reinforcements Stamets Head.png
DocRatbertIG Member Works long, thankless hours at the rat hospital just to put some pixels on the table. "Can't cite 'em if you don't have 'em."
FlipprNL Member
Lt. Ash Tyler Head.png
John Halsey Member Canadian drinker of IPAs. We don't blame him for his lack of taste. Or reasonable geography. "Ufff."
Prisoner 'Bones' McCoy Head.png
Keeklar Member “This is probably going to hurt more than it should.”
Tailor Garak Head.png
Kithrynnic Member Everything on this page is true. Especially the lies. "Especially the lies."
Seven in Silver Head.png
Lel Exonar Member Hailing from the planet Exonar, he joined this fleet because he saw himself in us. "Lel"
Wrathful Khan Head.png
Lt. Captain Gibbo Member He was supposed to be a Lt Commander but someone got loose with the pips. "My luck for the year!"
Age of Sail Data Head.png
Mikewastaken Member Mike was actually *not* taken. "smh"
Nona Head.png
Quasimous Member 515 5* Nona Embrace the one armed bandit “Up the Irons!”
Senator Vreenak Head.png
Red Star Member Black star actually was taken. "Hello everyone"
Mirror Jean-Luc Picard Head.png
silentfury Member He's actually not that silent or furious. "That's just what I want you to think."
Commander Barclay Head.png
Sirwick Member What did the candle say to Sirwick? You set me on fire. "Just wondering."
Admiral Riker Head.png
Spirithawke Member Soul Eagle sounded too much like a biker gang founded at Burning Man. "Lol"
Falcon O'Brien Head.png
Spull Member Part of Anonymous. Got confused about which Legion he was joining. "hi"
Doctor Chaotica Head.png
Thoralfa Member Alpha man like Thor. Blacksmith by trade. Makes the best damned horseshoes you've ever seen. "That beer is Belgian."

Garak, Elim Garak Head.png

Thornbro Member Not enough lol Never done it Longtime Star trek fan and DS9 reigns supreme. Discovery sucks and I will argue for hours how it is not cannon (at least to my mind). I am a very stereotypical Canadian. "Time to start packing!-Weyoun
Racquetball Bashir Head.png
Trepy Member Was supposed to say 'trippy' but was too high to type straight. "Used up all my rng luck for a while"
Locutus of Borg Head.png
Unimatrix 01 Member
Enterprise-D Picard Head.png
GCU Arbitrary Member Hello, American Comrade. "Any crook should be able to run the country."
EV Suit Burnham Head.png
Z•A•P•P Member Often imitated, never replaced "Memes"
Locutus of Borg Head.png
Zebraxus Member 600+ A middle-age nerd playing this game for 90s-stalgia. Truly they broke the mold with me “Oh, a lesson in not changing history from Mr. "I'm my own grandpa".”

Exodus fleet small logo.png

Former Members

  • Q - Still running a Bar & Dil somewhere, we think.
  • ikk - We hope he finally settled on an avatar.
  • FRANK - He's BAD and he should feel bad.
  • Red Alert - 'Keep on rocking, you crazy kid.'
  • The Lone Wanderer - Still wandering.
  • Platypus Messiah - He had to go. His platypi needed him.
  • Allycia - You think going top 50 in a galaxy event is intense? Try doing while IN LABOR. She's insane. In the best ways.
  • Darkseid - Original BL deserter, current game one.
  • Clone 7 - Clones 1-6 were unavailable.
  • Phlox of Seagulls - Still the best name we've had in the fleet.
  • Shran - Chose to spend time with his baby over us. Priorities.
  • Taco - Soft shell tacos aren't real tacos.
  • Schmallen (Banjo) - Woof!
  • Regent Woof - Not to be confused with Schmallen.
  • Izzy - The one, the only. The bot meister.
  • Eru - Polish Izzy
  • Kurrostanza - Seinfeld in the Delta quadrant
  • Spotted Dixon - Floof
  • Shiverina - Retired. A few times.
  • Admiral William T. Riker - Assimilated by STFC.
  • Raji - Was it something we said?

Club 99

We are now without honor. Until TP adds more cheevos.

  • Arex
  • Beratis
  • Cadet Matt
  • Captain Cooke
  • Captain McNamara
  • Dragon
  • Mike
  • nDaxicated
  • Kithrinnyc
  • SilverRose
  • Spot
  • Unimatrix 01
  • Zabraxus


eXotopia Planitia, the home of eXodus, is currently maxed at level 134. That means, just like a Chinese gymnast, we've got all 10s.

Skill Bonuses: Command Command Diplomacy Diplomacy Engineering Engineering Security Security Science Science Medicine Medicine
Base and
SB OPS.png
SB Observation Lounge.png
SB Main Engineering.png
SB Armory.png
SB Astrometrics.png
SB Sick Bay.png
Other Bonuses: Max. Chroniton Replicator Uses
and Chrons
SB Transporter Room.png
+50 chrons
SB Replicator Room.png
+3 uses, -10% cost

Fleet Records

Most Level 99s

  • Das411 - More than 1

Most Duplicate Crew

  • eXo Marks the Spot - Over 200

Actual Last Person to Win Caretaker

  • JessAtriedes - Still no drops :(

Worst Event Time Zone

  • Grand Admiral Ryoma - Japan (events start at 3 AM)

Event High Scores

When our powers unite, we are actually pretty good at this game stuff. While we offer a no pressure environment, we often find ourselves playing hard and gaming harder. eXodus is proud to have ranked among the top 10 fleets in the game in a variety of events and types through the years. In fact, over 70% of our current members have ranked in the top 75 in an event, and over 55% have ranked in the top 25!

Here are our most finishing of finishes:

Event Event Name Event Type Fleet Finish We TryHarder!
Event Homestead.png
Homestead Faction 7 Cadet Matt: rank 35
SilverRose: rank 36
Event Our Thoughts Combined.png
Our Thoughts Combined Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 5
Event Second Act 2.png
Second Act 2 Faction 5
Event Retrograde.png
Retrograde Faction 4 SilverRose: rank 81
Event Gates of Hell.png
Gates of Hell Faction 9 SilverRose: rank 53
Event First Impressions.png
First Impressions Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 14 Arex: rank 71
Event Orion Belt.png
Orion Belt Galaxy 2
Event A Logical Reaction.png
A Logical Reaction Faction 5 SilverRose: rank 30
Event Ghost in the Machine 2.png
Ghost in the Machine 2 Faction 5
Event The Akritirian Job 2.png
The Akritirian Job 2 Faction 5
Event Fast As Light.png
Fast as Light Galaxy 7
Event The Daystrom Award.png
The Daystrom Award Faction 8 Dragon: rank 37
SilverRose: rank 82
Event Imperial Decree.png
Imperial Decree Faction 9 SilverRose: rank 24
Event Operation Earth.png
Operation: Earth Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 10
Event Infinite Contentions.png
Infinite Contentions Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 5
Event We Who Are To Die.png
We Who Are To Die Faction 5
Event Laws of Nature.png
Laws of Nature Faction 7 SilverRose: rank 31
Event The Honor of Andoria.png
The Honor of Andoria Faction 10
Event Reunification.png
Reunification Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 17 Arex: rank 78
Event Fire With Fire.png
Fire With Fire Faction 19 SilverRose: rank 43
Event The Longest Day.png
The Longest Day Hybrid 51 Arex: rank 75
Event A Quiet Coup.png
A Quiet Coup Galaxy 7
Event The Isthmian Games 2.png
The Isthmian Games 2 Faction 10 SilverRose: rank 24
Event Mistress of the Mirror.png
Mistress of the Mirror Faction We claim the BROFLEET 1/1/1 for this one.
But actually 23rd for the remaining eXos.
SilverBROs: rank 1
Grand Admiral Ryoma: rank 14
Raji: rank 44
Event New Providers.png
New Providers Galaxy 10 das411: rank 32
Event An Even Field.png
An Even Field Faction 13 Dragon: rank 89
Event Advance Directive.png
Advance Directive Skirmish 20 Dragon: rank 23
Event Education Is Power.png
Education Is Power Faction 8 SilverRose: rank 20
Event What is a Man?.png
What Is a Man? Faction 16 SilverRose: rank 56
Event Captain Proton to the Rescue!.png
Captain Proton to the Rescue! Skirmish 24 Raji: rank 74
Event The Captain's Oath 2.png
The Captain's Oath 2 Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 4 SilverRose: rank 3
Event Interstellar Interference.png
Interstellar Interference Galaxy 3
Event Peldor Joi.png
Peldor Joi Faction 3 das411: rank 69 (giggity)
Event Straight On Til Morning.png
Straight On Til Morning Hybrid 20 Raji: rank 57
Event Children of Apollo 2.png
Children of Apollo 2 Faction 9 SilverRose: rank 2
Event Auld Lang Syne.png
Auld Lang Syne Hybrid 13 Raji: rank 43
Event A New Lease.png
A New Lease Faction 10
Event Temporal Trespassers.png
Temporal Trespassers Galaxy 8
Event Might Makes Right.png
Might Makes Right Faction 8
Event The Sum of Its Parts.png
The Sum of Its Parts Skirmish 16 nDaxicated: rank 1
Event Temporal Misalignment.png
Temporal Misalignment Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 7
Event Fixed Variables.png
Fixed Variables Skirmish 8 Raji: rank 31
Event Shore Leave 2.png
Shore Leave 2 Faction 14 SilverRose: rank 5
Event In Word and Deed.png
In Word and Deed Galaxy 2 Lt. Captain Gibbo: rank 3 (new PR!)
Event Shackled to the Stars.png
Shackled to the Stars Skirmish 5 nDaxicated: rank 8
spull: rank 18
Raji: rank 29
Bigguyinblack: rank 98
Event Extinction Point 2.png
Extinction Point 2 Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 4 spull: rank 6
das411: rank 13 (new PR!)
Event Fireside Stories.png
Fireside Stories Faction 1 (booyah!) SilverRose: rank 5
Cadet Matt: rank 8 (new PR!)
spull: rank 11
Event Dirty Rotten Holograms.png
Dirty Rotten Holograms Galaxy 11 Bigguynblack: rank 45 (new PR!)
spull: rank 56
Event Integration.png
Integration Hybrid (Faction/Skirmish) 2 nDaxicated: rank 5
SilverRose: rank 20
spull: rank 21
Dragon: rank 28
Raji: rank 30
snakedoctor: rank 40 (new PR!)
RoddenberryPie: rank 92 (new PR!)
Event The Whole Truth 2.png
The Whole Truth 2 Galaxy 17 Quasimous: rank 90 (new PR!)
Event Crimson Spark.png
Crimson Spark Faction 6 Beratis: rank 76
Event Reconstruction.png
Reconstruction Skirmish 6 nDaxicated: rank 15
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 85
Event Time Tsunami.png
Time Tsunami Galaxy 6 Dragon: rank 4
Event The Big Sting 2.png
The Big Sting 2 Faction 6 Grand Admiral Ryoma: rank 39
Beratis: rank 88
Trepy: rank 96 (new PR!)
Event Barren Heat.png
Barren Heat Skirmish 4 nDaxicated: rank 6
Raji: rank 78
Event The Falcon Falls 2.png
The Falcon Falls 2 Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 2 SilverRose: rank 2 (aka the one where Silver got overconfident)
Quasimous: rank 60 (new PR!)
Dragon: rank 67
Event The Nowhere Gauntlet.png
The Nowhere Gauntlet Skirmish 5 nDaxicated: rank 4
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 88
Event Judgment.png
Judgment Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 28 Quasimous: rank 90
Event Temporal Misalignment 2.png
Temporal Misalignment 2 Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 17 Mikewastaken: rank 42
Event Faster Future.png
Faster Future Faction 1 (HELL YEAH) SilverRose: rank 1
CadetMatt: rank 4
new PRs: WenGG (rank 158) and Dwalin (rank 204)
Event Stream of Lives.png
Stream of Lives Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 14 SirWick: rank 39
Quasimous: rank 134
Event Haunted Vessels 2.png
Haunted Vessels 2 Skirmish 17 eXo Marks the Spot: rank 45
Bigguyinblack: rank 133
nDaxicated: rank 138
Event Crime of Last Century.png
Crime of Last Century Faction 8 Kithrynnic: rank 10
WenGG: rank 119
Event Friends Like These.png
Friends Like These Skirmish 6 nDaxicated: rank 17
Raji: rank 20 (new PR)
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 100
Event Everywhere At Once.png
Everywhere At Once Faction 10 John Halsey: rank 9 (new PR!)
Beratis: rank 10 (new PR!)
Event Secrets in the Desert.png
Secrets in the Desert Faction 13 Quasimous: rank 47 (new PR!)
Dwalin: rank 79 (new PR!)
WenGG: rank 89 (new PR!)
Event For Charity.png
For Charity Galaxy 16 Captain McNamara: rank 6 (new PR!)
Beratis: rank 46
Event Guiding Principles.png
Guiding Principles Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 10 das411: rank 26
WenGG: rank 64 (new PR!)
Dwalin: rank 66 (new PR!)
Event Yonder Star.png
Yonder Star Skirmish 8 nDaxicated: rank 12
Raji: rank 55
Event Trader Woes.png
Trader Woes Faction 9 Dwalin: rank 18 (new PR!)
WenGG: rank 28 (new PR!)
Z•A•P•P ©™: rank 50 (new PR!)
das411: rank 97
Event Revisiting Things Past.png
Revisiting Things Past Faction 12 silverrose: rank 12
Captain McNamara: rank 23
Event Right on Q.png
Right on Q Skirmish 11 nDaxicated: rank 24
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 26 (new PR!)
Raji: rank 93
Event The Game's Afoot 3.png
The Game's Afoot Expedition 17 Kithrynnic: rank 45
Event Beyond the Veil.png
Beyond the Veil Skirmish 6 nDaxicated: rank 4
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 18 (new PR!)
Event Where Nightmares Meet.png
Where Nightmares Meet Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 28 Captin Cooke: rank 217
Dragon: rank 245
Event Phantom Pain.png
Phantom Pain Galaxy 19 Captain McNamara: rank 48
Captin Cooke: rank 148
Event Reunion at Dawn.png
Reunion at Dawn Faction 11 Z•A•P•P ©™: rank 11 (new PR!)
Captain Cooke: rank 135
Quasimous: rank 237
I.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.png
Cataclysm! Mini-event (beta) ? eXo Marks the Spot: rank 2 (new PR!)
Quasimous: rank 69 (woohoo)
Eru: rank 125
Captain Cooke: rank 246
Event Dirty Rotten Holograms 2.png
Dirty Rotten Holograms 2 Galaxy 28 Taran: rank 118
Z•A•P•P ©™: rank 183
Captain McNamara: rank 215
Event The Enemy Within.png
The Enemy Within Faction 1 silverrose: rank 1
RoddenBerryPie: rank 4 (new PR)
aella: rank 8 (new PR)
Ramza: rank 22
Lel Exonar: rank 25 (new PR)
Dragon: rank 56
Titz McGee: rank 64
Captain Cooke: rank 118
Beratis: rank 182
Event Leisure Time.png
Leisure Time Galaxy 20 Captain McNamara: rank 4 (new PR)
Event Roj.png
Roj Faction 12 das411: rank 115
Event Seekers of Life.png
Seekers of Life Hybrid (Faction/Skirmish) 9 Captain Cooke: rank 4
nDaxicated: rank 15
Dragon: rank 75
Event Suitable Menace.png
Suitable Menace Faction 18 Z•A•P•P ©™: rank 171
Event A Marginal Victory.png
A Marginal Victory Skirmish 13 nDaxicated: rank 12
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 25
Dragon: rank 40
Event Faster Future.png
Faster Future Faction 21 Beratis: rank 75
Taran: rank 86
Dwalin: rank 159
WenGG: rank 186
Event Runaway Bride.png
Runaway Bride Faction 22 Silverrose: rank 4
Beratis: rank 78
spull: rank 220
Event Blundering Terror.png
Blundering Terror Galaxy 7 Lt. Captain Gibbo: rank 2 (new PR)
Captain McNamara: rank 218
Event Small Mercies.png
Small Mercies Faction 18 Z•A•P•P ©™: rank 82
Beratis: rank 138
Event A Web of Lies.png
A Web of Lies Skirmish 13 nDaxicated: rank 11
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 14
Beratis: rank 222
Event Someone Like Me.png
Someone Like Me Hybrid (Galaxy/Skirmish) 12 Dragon: rank 16
nDaxicated: rank 17
Raji: rank 38
Event Secrets in the Desert.png
Secrets in the Desert Faction 12 Silverrose: rank 25
Dwalin: rank 112
WenGG: rank 145
Event Lightseekers.png
Lightseekers Galaxy 76 Shiverina: rank 181
Event Sto'Vo'Kor Lost.png
Sto'Vo'Kor Lost Skirmish 38 eXo Marks the Spot: rank 41
Event No Trouble At All.png
No Trouble At All Faction 23 Quasimous: rank 39
Event Cultural Property.png
Cultural Property Skirmish 28 Dragon: rank 46
nDaxicated: rank 57
Beratis: rank 167
Fish: rank 248
Event Plateau of Tomorrow.png
Plateau of Tomorrow Faction 32 Beratis: rank 143
Event Mistress of the Mirror.png
Mistress of the Mirror Faction 37 SilverBROse: rank 61
Event In Taste Confounds.png
In Taste Confounds Skirmish 61 eXo Marks the Spot: rank 194
Event The Daystrom Award.png
The Daystrom Award Faction 38 das411: rank 83
Event The Noblest Half.png
The Noblest Half Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 46 das411: rank 149
Beratis: rank 167
Event First Doctrines.png
First Doctrines Hybrid (Galaxy/Skirmish) 44 Beratis: rank 175
Quasimous: rank 227
Event Sha Ka Ree.png
Sha Ka Ree Skirmish 54 eXo Marks the Spot: rank 49
Event The Enemy Within.png
The Enemy Within Faction 31 Titz McGee: rank 20
Beratis: rank 218
Event A Night at the Theater.png
A Night at the Theater Galaxy 44 Shiverina: rank 166
Event Insurrection Omega.png
Insurrection Omega Skirmish 17 nDaxicated: rank 3
Event The Big Sting.png
The Big Sting Faction 22 SilverRose: rank 7
Brayden: rank 79
Taran: rank 117
Event The Eleventh Hour.png
The Eleventh Hour Skirmish 54 inDaxicated: rank 15
Event Convergence Day.png
Convergence Day Galaxy 114 das411: rank 169
Event Too Good to Be True.png
Too Good to Be True Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 83 das411: rank 221
Event A Woman of Conviction.png
A Woman of Conviction Skirmish 29 nDaxicated: rank 8
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 18
Event Fireside Stories.png
Fireside Stories Faction 33 FlipprNL: rank 75
Beratis: rank 182
DocRatbertIG: rank 205
Taran: rank 228
Event Satyr and Swan.png
Satyr and Swan Skirmish 47 eXo Marks the Spot: rank 9 (new PR)
Event God of Thunder.png
God of Thunder Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 64
Event The Power of Love.png
The Power of Love Faction 31
Event Immortal Conception.png
Immortal Conception Galaxy 13 Dragon: rank 4
Trepy: rank 165
Parker: rank 243
Event A Brute Squad.png
A Brute Squad 3 Faction 14 Mike: rank 25 (new PR)
Parker: rank 87 (new PR)
CadetMatt: rank 103
Event Baby Boom.png
Baby Boom Galaxy 13 RoddenberryPie: rank 18
Arex: rank 27
John Halsey: rank 55
Event Under New Managenent (Event).png
Under New Management (Event) Skirmish 20 nDaxicated: rank 29
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 66
Event Guiding Principles 3.png
Guiding Principles 3 Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 12 RoddenberryPie: rank 22
Arex: rank 35
John Halsey: rank 54
CadetMatt: rank 83
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 96
Unimatrix 01: rank 109
nDaxicated: rank 118
Event The First Hours.png
The First Hours Faction 14 RoddenberryPie: rank 14
Unimatrix 01: rank 39
Arex: rank 83
John Halsey: rank 91
Arex/Tygra Dax/Beratis/Taran/Trepy: squadron rank 27
Event In Plain Sight.png
In Plain Sight Galaxy 59
Event A Pied Piper.png
A Pied Piper Skirmish 14 RoddenberryPie: rank 21
nDaxicated: rank 30
Beratis: rank 222
Event By Any Other Name.png
By Any Other Name Faction 24 Captain McNamara: rank 83
Event Dirty Rotten Holograms 3.png
Dirty Rotten Holograms 3 Galaxy 54
Event The Wrong Time.png
The Wrong Time Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 33
Event What Lies Beneath.png
What Lies Beneath Skirmish 32 eXo Marks the Spot: rank 97
Event Road to Redemption.png
Road to Redemption Galaxy 51 Kithrynnic: rank 233
Event The Isthmian Games 3.png
The Isthmian Games 3 Faction 47
Event A Good Lead.png
A Good Lead Galaxy 32 Arex: rank 50
Event Playing Hardball.png
Playing Hardball Skirmish 22 nDaxicated: rank 30
eXo Marks the Spot: rank 87
Thornbro: rank 161
Event The Spotlight's Glare.png
The Spotlight's Glare Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 32 Mike: rank 41
Event Fool's Gold.png
Fool's Gold Faction 33 GCU Arbitrary: rank 31 (new PR!)
Zabraxus: rank 69 (new PR!)
Captain McNamara: rank 173
Event Countermoves.png
Countermoves Skirmish 70 JA1K1E1: rank 246
Event Biological Imperatives.png
Biological Imperatives Galaxy 56

Fleet Wins

Fireside Stories

  • When Fireside Stories was announced, CadetMatt eyed his bonus crew and said, "You know, I think I want to go for the top 15 achievement on this one." The fleet said "SURE!" and a power squad was born to support him. The squad and eXo rallied together and managed to hit the goal for Matt and the win for the fleet. Because when our wallets combine, sometimes it really do be like that.

Faster Future

  • When Faster Future was announced, CadetMatt eyed his bonus crew and said, "You know, I think I want to go for the top 5 achievement on this one." The fleet said "WOW YOU'RE GREEDY" but formed a power squad to support him. Then he got Navaar on his dabo wheel and decided, eh, maybe I don't need the cheevo on this one. However, it was too late. Seeing the general lack of scores or enthusiasm, SilverRose pinged the power squad and fleet and said, "Hey, guys. Let's unleash the kraken." Enthused by the wallet war cry, the fleet pushed Matt into 4th place (cheevo unlocked) and helped SilverRose get her second win and earning of the coveted 1/1/1 (first fleet, squad, and rank).

The Enemy Within

  • When The Enemy Within was announced, CadetMatt eyed his bonus crew and said-- actually, I'm just kidding. This one isn't Matt's fault for a change. Silver is solely to blame for this one. It had been approximately 6 months since the last win, and she was feeling the itch again (she should really get that checked out), so, she assembled a power squad, the fleet rallied behind them, and many personal records were broken - including earning the top 5 achievement for RoddenBerryPie. Matt also burned his way into getting a Scotty he didn't even want. Thanks, Matt. And the amount of crap spewn at our intrepid eXopedition to climb the leaderboards birthed the SilverWorst Challenge, where we were able to raise $2,000 for charity and nab another one of them 1/1/1s.


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