Fleet 57th Overlanders

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57th Overlanders
Established 2016
Language English
Membership Open
Requirements None
Communications In Game
Starbase Level Level 3

57th Overlanders is a Firefly-fan oriented fleet, whose only requirement is being a fan of the slightly-better-than-Trek series Firefly!

General Information / History

The 57th Overlanders is a open fleet available to any and all fans of Star Trek/Star Trek Timelines, and the Joss Whedon series Firefly, and subsequent movie Serenity. If you have ever wanted to hitch your luck to an old Firefly-class transport, but also fight a Klingon, we may be the Fleet for you! Just remember our motto: 'a fleet like that, be with you till the day you die.' Even if you have never watched an episode of the best sci-fi show cancelled too soon, but have always been interested in us weirdos, don't worry: join up, and we'll have you quoting whole episodes before you know it. And don't worry, we are a sudden and inevitable betrayal-free fleet!

The Overlanders were created in 2016 by Hypnotoad(mirror). Shortly thereafter, Hypnotoad(mirror) took a long hiatus from the game due to real-world constraints. He returned in late 2017, and with a boatload of chrons and the mirror universe invasion underway, got to work. Since then, he has been slowly, but surely, attempting to build a starbase to help attract new membership, and can usually be found in the chat channel around 7:30 (central) on Wednesday for the weekly Trek Trivia game.

Membership Information

Membership into the 57th Overlanders is open to all Star Trek Timelines players. There are currently no level, activity, or starbase donation requirements. Even if you don't think DS9 is the best series or can't see how underappreciated ENT was, that's okay; we even accept those that believe TAS should be considered canon! That's more rare than a good companion!

The only post-requite to maintain membership is that once you have joined the fleet, you must immediately head into the fleet chat channel and shout your favorite Firefly-related quote.

To be officially recognized as a member of the fleet, and added to the member list on this page, we ask that players remain active in the fleet for approximately two weeks, or make continuing donations to our starbase effort.

Fleet Rules

Because we are all adults, the list of rules in the 57th Overlanders is fairly simple, since most of us (myself included) weren't burdened by an overabundance of education.

  1. 1 - everyone has their own way of doing things ... some people juggle geese.
    Translation:  we don't judge members on anything, from political belief to activity level.

  1. 2 - things are bigger when you can't see them.
    Translation:  be helpful, when possible, to newer members, and new players in general.  This game has gotten real big real fast, and we all had times when we simply didn't know what was going on.

  1. 3 - if you're still flying it may not be much, but it's enough.
    Translation:  we don't discriminate on VIP level or those that don't have the time or means to pay to play the game.  If you cap out at 20 chrons, well, make the most of your 20 chrons!

  1. 4 - telling someone you're going to shoot them doesn't give them incentive to talk.
    Translation:  we don't threaten members with expulsion or other penalties as a first resort.  In-fleet arguments can and should be settled privately, and before they affect the larger group.

  1. 5 - they usually have the advantage on us. That's what makes us special.
    Translation:  we may never rank #1 during a competition, but that doesn't mean we stop trying, or stop having fun.

  1. 6 - the journey is the worthier part.
    Translation:  we know we are small, we know we are new, and we know that's bigger and badder boys on the block.  But that's why we are the 57th Overlanders: we never stop moving forward.

Current Starbase Status

Template for Starbase Status borrowed from Fleet ALLIED COMMAND ELITE

{Focus' below included for Fleet Member' information and discussion}

{Current Primary Focus: Sick Bay} {Current Secondary Focus: Transporter Room}

{Upcoming Focus: NOT ASSIGNED}

Current Starbase Level Maximum Chroniton
3 MAX +10 Chroniton
SB Transporter Room.png
Transporter Room
Command Command Diplomacy Diplomacy
Core Skill Skill Proficiency Core Skill Skill Proficiency
+0% +0% — +0% +1% +0% — +0%
SB OPS.png
SB OPS.png
Communications Array
SB Observation Lounge.png
Observation Lounge
SB Observation Lounge.png
Engineering Engineering Security Security
Core Skill Skill Proficiency Core Skill Skill Proficiency
+0% +0% — +0% +0% +0% — +0%
SB Main Engineering.png
Main Engineering
SB Main Engineering.png
Computer Core
SB Armory.png
SB Armory.png
Deflector Array
Science Science Medicine Medicine
Core Skill Skill Proficiency Core Skill Skill Proficiency
+0% +0% — +0% +0% +0% — +0%
SB Astrometrics.png
SB Astrometrics.png
Airponics Bay
SB Sick Bay.png
Sick Bay
SB Sick Bay.png
Counselor's Office


Officers/Members listed in order of fleet enrollment.

Number Captain Name Fleet Role
1 Hypnotoad(mirror) Admiral Otto VonBacon Rank a-tng.png
2 Wheelchair Pike(*****) Officer Otto_VonBacon_Rank_lt-tng.png


Number Squadron Name Squadron Leader
1 Balls & Bayonets Brigade Hypnotoad(mirror)