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"Coast on in and check us out!"

About the Fleet

The name of the fleet came about due to the Admiral (Dsleepyeyes) living on the coast, however this does not limit who is allowed to join as we have people from all locations. The intent on calling it "Coastal" was to show that the Fleet was more laid back than other's Dsleepyeyes had previously joined. There is no need to add the fleet name tag to your name, you don't have to join our discord channel (though it IS recommended), or participate in chat, or join a Facebook page. As long as you do your due, then the rest of us will be happy.


  • Have A Unique Name - We cannot stress this enough... You need something to replace the Captain default name that you get when you first start playing. If you don't change your name to something unique within 24 hrs of joining the fleet, then you WILL be dismissed from the fleet.
  • Be Active - Must be an active player, be active at least once every other day if not every day to meet daily targets and help us build up the starbase. We all want active Captains in our fleet. When we say "Be Active" we do not just mean, log in and do nothing but reset the counter on when you were last online. We mean BE ACTIVE. we want to see that you do missions, we want you to collect and then contribute materials to the starbase, we want to see you send shuttles, build up your crew, have fun in fleet chat and discord, and have fun with the game that drew you in to begin with.
    • As of now, the preliminary number of minimum missions is 150-175 per week. This number was reached based on the personal daily targets that count as missions. (20 away team missions, 20 space battle missions, 7 shuttle missions = 47 missions minimum per day needed to complete daily targets.)
  • Communicate - Communication really is key. Communication between you and your squad leader as well as the rest of the fleet is needed, especially when other fleet members message you regarding things such as squad changes or if you are going to be absent for an extended period of time. Do not be absent without contacting the Squad Leader or the Admiral first, if you do then please see our Absentee Rule.
    • While it is not required for all members, it is recommended that you join the fleet discord channel. Many people can easily be found there when not in-game (you can install on computer or mobile device, or run from the browser). Squad Leaders and Officers however ARE required to have a presence in Discord, they need to be reachable should something come up (inactivity, to answer questions, etc.)
  • Wheaton’s Law - Don't be a dick. We are all here to have fun, and enjoy spending time with other people who enjoy the game. Sometimes there are differences in opinion on certain subjects, but there are ways to state your point of view without creating a toxic environment.
  • Minimum LVL - You need to be lvl 15. We had a lot of turnover in our fleet from new members who joined and then never logged on again, or were a bit *too* casual when playing this game (doing 5 missions in a week is not what we're looking for). If you're at least lvl 15 then we (the fleet) know that you are an enthusiastic player who will stick around and make this fleet the fun place it is.

  • Note, After you join the fleet, you'll be on probation for the first two weeks... we'll be taking a look at your activity and how you interact with the fleet. We do this since it's an indication of how you'll be for the rest of the time you're going to be with us. So, say you join and then disappear for several days, or you only do 30 odd missions in the first week, or fail to response to messages from fleet members for days when an important issue comes up (absence, inactivity, etc)... that tells us that you are not that active, or might simply be joining a fleet temporarily to get the fleet benefits. Under such cases, you will be dismissed from the fleet.

Promotion to Officer & Squad Leader + Duties

Officer Promotion

To begin with, it does not matter what your level is when you join the fleet, you are considering on probation (Acting Ensign in the Gdocs) for a minimum of a month while we see if you are someone who is going to stick around and be a consistent contributor to the fleet.

To be considered for promotion to officer, you first need to have shown that you are a reliable member of the fleet, meaning communicating when need be. You will also need to be on our discord. To be considered for a Squad Leader position, it is REQUIRED that you have a presence on discord.

Squad Leader Duties

  • Monitor Your Squad if they're nearing 7 days absent and have not let you know that they'll be gone for over 7 days, try to contact them through discord if possible. If they go over 7 days absent, then it's up to you to either give me a heads up that you're giving them a few more days leeway, or that you're booting them from the fleet.
  • Always Share Crew specifically during Faction Events make sure to share crew. If you know you'll be absent, make arrangements (having someone sub for you... either someone in your squad or a friend from another squad.) Try to be involved at other events should your squad have any questions.
  • Inform Your Squad try to make sure your squad knows the fleet rules (absence, being active).
  • Penalties If you miss a faction event, you will be demoted from Officer to Ensign in-game. Should you miss it twice you can be removed temporarily (or permanently depending on the circumstances) from the fleet so as to disolve your squad and find another person to lead it. Absence and participation rules (gone for over 7 days) apply to you as well as your squadmates.

Creation of New Squads

There are 50 people (Max) that can join the fleet, with only 5 people (Max) per squad, that means only 10 squads are possible. Squads can change leadership and new squads made, however should 10 squads already exist, then any new squads made will be removed. The new squad leader will be contacted (if possible) and told to dissolve their (11th) squad. should they not respond within 24hrs of being contacted, they will be removed from the fleet.

If you wish to create a new squad, bring the issue up with the Admiral and he'll discuss it with the other squad leaders. There can then be a discussion to see if anyone would like to give up squad leadership. If such is the case, then 1 of 2 things can happen. Either they invite whomever is interested in squad leadership into an existing squad and leadership is transferred over, or the squad can be dissolved and an new one made (with a new name) with former and/or new members joining the new squad. To see what the requirements are to become and officer and squad leader, please see above

Relevant Fleet Info

As of 2019 - 03 - 29

Starbase Level: 114
Fleet Size: 42/50
Squad Amount (10/10)

Last Event (The Whole Truth) Fleet Rank: 265

Starbase Chronitons Bonus.png Starbase Command Bonus.png Starbase Diplomacy Bonus.png Starbase Engineering Bonus.png Starbase Security Bonus.png Starbase Medical Bonus.png Starbase Science Bonus.png
+50 +9% +8% +9% +8% +8% +8%
Starbase Command Pro Bonus.png Starbase Diplomacy Pro Bonus.png Starbase Engineering Pro Bonus.png Starbase Security Pro Bonus.png Starbase Medical Pro Bonus.png Starbase Science Pro Bonus.png
+8% +8% +8% +8% +10% +8%
Core Skill Current Bonus Skill Proficiency Current Bonus
Starbase Chronitons Bonus.png +50
Starbase Command Bonus.png +9% Starbase Command Prof Bonus.png +8%
Starbase Diplomacy Bonus.png +8% Starbase Diplomacy Prof Bonus.png +8%
Starbase Engineering Bonus.png +9% Starbase Engineering Prof Bonus.png +8%
Starbase Security Bonus.png +8% Starbase Security Prof Bonus.png +8%
Starbase Medical Bonus.png +8% Starbase Medical Prof Bonus.png +10%
Starbase Science Bonus.png +8% Starbase Science Prof Bonus.png +8%

How to Join

1. Click on the "Fleet" button on the bottom of the main screen. The button just to the right of your "Crew" button.

2. Click Join Fleet, then enter our name in the search bar COASTAL TREKKERS and apply.

Event Info

Current Event

Event Name: The Nowhere Gauntlet
Event Type: Skirmish
Crew Sharing: No

Event Crew:

Bonus Crew: Data varients, Q Continuum traits, Scoundrel traits

Ranked Gold:

Event Factions:N/A
Event Start: Thursday, 2019/08/15 at Noon ET (16:00 UTC)

Upcoming Event

Event Name: Secrets and Misdirection
Event Type: Faction
Crew Sharing: Yes

Event Crew:

Bonus Crew: Q Continuum traits, Scoundrel traits

Ranked Gold:

Event Ships:N/A
Event Start: Thursday, 2019/08/22 at Noon ET (16:00 UTC)

Upcoming Mega Event

Mega Event Current: Yes

Mega Event Name:Desperate Times
Next Events in MegaEvent:

  • Galaxy Event Storm Warning - 08/08
  • Skirmish Event The Nowhere Gauntlet - 08/15
  • Faction Event Secrets and Misdirection - 08/22
  • Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event Judgment - 08/29
Mega Event Gold Crew:

Absentee Rule

We are a friendly Fleet and understands real life takes precedence. Therefore if you need to be absent for a while, Let either your Squadron Leader or the Admiral know (especially if YOU are the squadron leader) that you will be absent beforehand. We have a Squad Google Document, add a comment or edit it with info regarding your absence so you won't be removed from the fleet. Should you need editing permissions, private message me either ingame or through discord.

Things to note if you are going to be absent:

  • If you are not a squadron leader and are absent from the fleet for over 1 weeks without prior notice, you will be removed from the fleet.
  • If you are a squadron leader during a Faction event and are absent for the first day without prior notice you will be demoted and given a warning. Should you miss the event entirely, then you will be dismissed from the fleet.
  • If you are a squadron leader and know you will be absent for a Faction Event, Try to pass leadership of the squad temporarily to another member so that the squad doesn't suffer (Specifically during Faction Events).
  • If you are going to be absent for several days and you have been logging in but done zero missions for the previous few days... those days where you did zero or 1-15 missions will count towards your "Inactivity" from our point of view. so say you do the following: Mon 0 missions, Tues 3 missions, Wed 1 mission, and then Thursday you log off for 5 days thinking you have a week to get back... know that it will have already been considered over a week of inactivity (3 days where you didn't meet the daily minimum and 5 days absent without telling anyone gives us 8 days of inactivity.) This is especially true if you are a new member of the fleet, at this point you may have already been dismissed by day 6 if an active prospect to the fleet has been found and you are still within the first two weeks of joining. So please, keep this in mind.

Outside Links

Coastal Trekkers Discord
Coastal Trekkers GDocs