Fleet Colonial Fleet Ohio

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[ colonial fleet ohio ]
Fleet Colonial Fleet Ohio.png
[ colonial fleet ohio ] Welcome to Colonial Fleet Ohio
[ colonial fleet ohio ] admiral Sho


4 primary admins

Sho. Alt account lilsho [ CFOH2 ]

Alt accounts: Darklyte aka Silverknight [ CFOH2 ]
Rev Silverknight [ CFOH3 ]

Commodore Liam Riker [ CFOH ]
CanAus Todd [ CFOH ]

3 secondary admins

Angela [ CFOH2 ]
Hungrydog [ CFOH3 ]
El Capitan [ CFOH4 ]



Join Requests require approval


As far as level requirements go, we dont really have any. We will work to teach players of any level. With that said, when positions open in the first fleet we generally extend the invitation to join to our other fleets first.

Officers are promoted based on need and merit. There are no requirements other than exemplary service to the fleet.


1. You must be active.
2. You must be courteous to other fleet members.
3. You must be willing to communicate.


Just keeping everyone informed. The third fleet has left the [[ Colonial Fleet Ohio ]] over leadership differences that could not be resolved. We remain friends and wish them luck in the future.

Admiral Riker Head.png Fleet Admiral.png Admiral Darklyte aka Silverknight


4 fleets

The Colonial Fleet Ohio
Starbase Level 114
admiral: Admiral Sho

Colonial Fleet Ohio 2
Starbase level 97
admiral: Darklyte aka. Silverknight

Drunken Dahar Masters [ CFOH3 ]
Starbase level 43
admiral: Hungrydog

CFOH4 Geriatrics
Starbase level N/A
admiral: El Capitan


Andromeda Ascendant

andromeda ascendant
Idrin Head.png 70 Fleet Officer.png captain caveman Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
Admiral Riker Head.png 55 Fleet Member.png flt adm pike [cfoh2]
Admiral Riker Head.png 52 Fleet Member.png lizard king
Drone Seven of Nine Head.png 56 Fleet Member.png locky
Morn Head.png 62 Fleet Member.png morn [cfoh2]

Fluidic Space Realm

fluidic space realm
Hugh Head.png 61 Fleet Officer.png
species 8472
Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
Defiant Commander Worf Head.png 63 Fleet Officer.png
Mugato Head.png 59 Fleet Member.png
Admiral Riker Head.png 36 Fleet Member.png
brainwash anyone
Army Chaplain Odo Head.png 50 Fleet Member.png
[cfoh2] deadpool

Gotham's Procters

gotham's protcers
Emotion Chip Data Head.png 53 Fleet Officer.png undeadslayer Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
Bridge Officer Troi Head.png 87 Fleet Member.png sesza
Captain Killy Head.png 62 Fleet Member.png tjomeara
Desert Ezri Dax Head.png 51 Fleet Member.png unique horne
Mirror Regent Worf Head.png 24 Fleet Member.png worf ky

The High Guard [CFOH]

high guard, the [ cfoh ]
Admiral Riker Head.png 47 Fleet Admiral.png darklyte aka silverknight Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png admiral
Satan's Robot Head.png 72 Fleet Officer.png sterling archer Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
Klingon Neelix Head.png 80 Fleet Officer.png evïl nëëlïx Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
Mirror Jadzia Dax Head.png 56 Fleet Member.png rawg
Temporal Agent Seven Head.png 61 Fleet Member.png [cfoh2] saska

Moogie Lovers

moogie lovers
The Keeper Head.png 60 Fleet Officer.png juke box hero Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
Captain Sulu Head.png 55 Fleet Member.png [cfoh2] dwarmin
Mirror Jean-Luc Picard Head.png 63 Fleet Member.png [cfoh2] nard
Nexus Kirk Head.png 51 Fleet Member.png lothar, of the hill
Silik Head.png 67 Fleet Member.png poxo

Nerd Squad

nerd squad
Hugh Head.png 67 Fleet Officer.png andrew b Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
First Goran'Agar Head.png 29 Fleet Member.png xxnemisesxx
Mirror Archer Head.png 50 Fleet Member.png pepe
Enterprise-D Picard Head.png 73 Fleet Member.png physicist
General Chang Head.png 73 Fleet Member.png sir not appearing in this film


Marshal of France Q Head.png 72 Fleet Officer.png captain marvin -og officer
Emperor Philippa Georgiou Head.png 71 Fleet Officer.png crazy officer
Mirror Kirk Head.png 70 Fleet Member.png [cfoh2] bobert 3
Talos IV Spock Head.png 52 Fleet Member.png [cfoh2] marvin
Beowulf Kim Head.png 53 Fleet Member.png keshton vontragen

On to Stovokor

on to stovokor
Commander Kruge Head.png 57 Fleet Officer.png [cfoh2]sturmjager Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
KDF Gowron Head.png 53 Fleet Member.png captain savage
Admiral Riker Head.png 21 Fleet Member.png curt
Defiant Commander Worf Head.png 55 Fleet Member.png odo u didn't
Sniper Ezri Dax Head.png 56 Fleet Member.png therm0s


Defensive Phlox Head.png 71 Fleet Officer.png [cfoh2] carioz Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
Phoenix Cochrane Head.png 55 Fleet Officer.png dcbrownie Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer
Lore Head.png 51 Fleet Member.png artemis
General Chang Head.png 68 Fleet Member.png [cfoh2] captain dunsel
Enterprise-E Picard Head.png 87 Fleet Member.png captain spirk

Tauran Defense Force

tauran defense force
Temporal Agent Daniels Head.png 53 Fleet Officer.png [cfoh2] jec orontos Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png officer / squadron leader
Admiral Janeway Head.png 61 Fleet Member.png captain underpants
Hockey Paris Head.png 51 Fleet Member.png clownskull
Jazz Musician Riker Head.png 69 Fleet Member.png ethan meyer
Rescuer Tucker Head.png 41 Fleet Member.png praetor valdore * cfoh2 *


Fleet Colonial Fleet Ohio 2 Level Fleet Icon
105 IconFederation.png
Command Command Diplomacy Diplomacy
SB OPS.png Starbase Command Bonus.png SB Observation Lounge.png Starbase Diplomacy Bonus.png
Starbase Command Pro Bonus.png Starbase Diplomacy Pro Bonus.png
Engineering Engineering Security Security
SB Main Engineering.png Starbase Engineering Bonus.png SB Armory.png Starbase Security Bonus.png
Starbase Engineering Pro Bonus.png Starbase Security Pro Bonus.png
Science Science Medicine Medicine
SB Astrometrics.png Starbase Science Bonus.png SB Sick Bay.png Starbase Medical Bonus.png
Starbase Science Pro Bonus.png Starbase Medical Pro Bonus.png
Replicator Bonus Chronitons Chroniton
SB Transporter Room.png
Starbase Replicator Credit Bonus.png SB Transporter Room.png Starbase Chronitons Bonus.png
+50 Chroniton
Transporter Room
Mess Hall
Starbase Replicator Use Bonus.png
Industrial Replicator