Fleet Colored (and lazy) Tribbles

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Colored Tribbles
Established 2017
Language English but colored and multi cultural
Membership Open
Requirements Level 30
Communications https://discord.gg/TZFjdXY
Captains 43

Lazy Starbase
Fleet ALLIED COMMAND ELITE Starbase.jpg Current Starbase Status Level 71

+40 Chroniton Chronitons
+3 Replicator Use
-10% Replicator Credit Costs
0 Advanced Reclamation Unit
0 Dynamic Reclamation Unit
5% (+4%-+4%) Science Science
6% (+4%-+4%) Diplomacy Diplomacy
5% (+4%-+4%) Command Command
5% (+4%-+4%) Security Security
5% (+4%-+4%) Engineering Engineering
6% (+6%-+6%) Medicine Medicine

Fleet Colored (and lazy) Tribbles.jpg

Join us, if you think the universe is colorful.


General Information

Colored Tribbles is a lazy and casual fleet. We like to play the game as we want to, without putting to much pressure on daily playing. We like to chat when we want, benefit from the fleet when we can and have a good time.

Nevertheless some of us get really high numbers in daily contributions, are running permanent the monthly dilithium option and are hard playing crew collectors. But we don't blame them for that.

And regardless of being lazy we are getting better and better in every event...

Membership Information

You don't have to be active on daily bases but we expect that you will contribute to events and to the up-leveling of our Star Base as often as possible. If you want to take a rest for some weeks that'll not be a problem. If you will stay inactive for more than a month please inform us about the reason.

These rules have helped us to have low fluctuation, so you will join a stable and friendly fleet.

We use ingame chat and discord for communication. We help new players to learn about strategy in gauntlet, in events and in keeping the best crew. We run our own howto in a discord channel. But on the other hand we somtimes don't chat that much, but that is our way.

But the most important thing is that we will all benefit from our community by getting more rewards each day, better rewards in events and finally one will never again will be invited to other fleets.

Have a look at COLORED TRIBBLES by simply searching for that name in the fleet section of the game. Fleet is open, you are free to join us when you are level 30.

Fleet Rules

Have fun and contribute to our Starbase. Participate in Events, when you want to.

Squadrons usually are open so you can join at free will and engage...

We support our team in all questions about gameplay strategies and staff the crew, when we want. In discord we document tips and hints in our howto to save relevant information for new engaged players.


Number Squadron Name Squadron Leader
1 Gold Tribbles (11th) WillfulWizard
2 Blue Tribble's 2nd Squad Captain IceFire
3 Blue Tribble's 3rd Squad Shore Leave
4 Blue Tribble's 4th Squad Blue Tribble
5 Yellow Tribbles 33rd Squad Captain Sensible
6 Blue Tribbles 6th Squad Green Tribble
7 Blue Tribbles 7th Squad Falseemp
8 Blue Tribbles 8th Squad Marric
9 Blue Tribbles 9th Squad Mats
10 Blue Tribbles 10th Squad johgar

Event Rankings

Event Name Rank Best Captain Best Squadron
Auld Lang Syne 286 Marric 8th Squad
Silent Night 306 Marric 4th Squad
Home for the Holidays 283 Marric 3rd Squad
Children of Apollo 301 Marric 4th Squad
Straight On Til Morning 373 Marric 8th Squad
Peldor Joi 348 Marric 3rd Squad
Interstellar Interference 350 Marric 8th Squad
The Captain's Oath 361 Marric 4th Squad
Captain Proton to the Rescue! 225 Blue Tribble 4th Squad
What is a Man? 285 Blue Tribble 4th Squad
Updated and Revised 261 Blue Tribble 4th Squad
Pygmalion 312 Marric 8th Squad
Ready To Rumble 230 Marric 10th Squad
Family Tree 304 Marric 8th Squad
A Valdore Too Far 245 Blue Tribble 8th Squad
A Changeling in Time 305 Blue Tribble 8th Squad
Education is Power 244 johgar 10th Squad
Life, Liberty and the Persuit 292 Marric 8th Squad
Advance Directive 299 Blue Tribble 3rd Squad
An Even Field 302 johgar 10th Squad
New Providers 396 Marric 3rd Squad
Mistress of the Mirror 311 Marric 10th Squad
Haunted Vessels 229 Marric 2nd Squad
Kost Kejal 269 Blue Tribble 8th Squad
The Isthmian Games 267 Marric 10th Squad
The Weak Will Perish 213 Marric 8th Squad
A Quiet Coup 211 Blue Tribble 8th Squad
Turning Point 281 Blue Tribble 8th Squad
Catching Fire 206 Shore Leave 3rd Squad
The Longest Day 316 Marric 8th Squad
The Butcher's of Beta Penthe 255 Marric 2nd Squad
Reverie in Prime 296 Blue Tribble 8th Squad
Rule 125 248 Blue Tribble 4th Squad
Reunification 235 Marric 4th Squad
Fire With Fire 269
Breakthrough 216
Father of Logic 281
The Prime Directive 240
Research Partners 338
The Galactic Series 286
Consolation Price 330
War Interrupted 295
Founders at War 325
The Vulcan Response 495
The Honor of Andoria 328
Crashing the Party 619
Laws of Nature 397
We Who are to Die 384
Infinite Contentions 509
Triple Threat 2 518
Operation: Earth 555
Reflections 681
Imperial Decree 518
Heavy Lies the Crown 632
The Daystrom Award 545
Fast As Light 616
The Akritirian Job 690
Passing the Torch 832
Ghost in the Machine 2 754
A Logical Reaction 830
Orion Belt 1475
First Impressions 1319
Streak of Stardust 1606
Gates of Hell 933
Retrograde 917
Guilty As Charged 1665
Second Act 2 959
Our Thoughts Combined 1883
Contingency Plan 2 10824
Homestead 1969