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Hello! Thank you for your interest in Discord Continuum.

Discord Continuum is a very family-oriented and social online gaming community. We span multiple games and believe that a socially rich gaming experience is a fun, and rewarding one - while recognizing that it shouldn’t come at the cost of having a healthy real life as well. The concepts of family, honor, and loyalty are hallmarks of Discord Continuum and each of our members are expected to uphold and respect these core values.

We look for active players from all ranges and walks of life. Our only expectations are that you join our Discord server and participate in weekly events in game. As there is a limited amount of places in Star Trek Timelines fleets, we do have a policy of removing people that are inactive in game for 20 days to keep those spots for active players. On that note, we all know that life happens and should always take precedence over a game and will review all inactivity cases and anyone that is removed from the fleet for this reason is always welcome to reapply to the fleet.

We have two hard requirements to be considered for our fleet:

You must be Captain Level 20 in game. You must be willing to use Discord for fleet communications.

Join our server and request an application: http://discord.me/DiscordContinuum