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Fleet Firefly Wash

Who are we?

Fleet Leader: Dawg (Crew)


  • Dawg
  • Dawg_F2P
  • Datum Crew
  • Sisko For Hire


  • Firefly Wash 2.0
  • Firefly Empire
  • Aim 2 Misbehave
  • DS9 NX-74205
  • I am a Leaf on the Wind
  • Monkas
  • The Troublemakers
  • Watch How I Soar

Fleet Mission: To boldly go ... nah, just to have fun playing the game and helping each other out when able

Fleet Message: What's the first rule of fleets ... to win? No, it's to have fun! Join Fleet Firefly Wash to have fun and sometimes to win.

Game Tips


  • Shuttles: If you do decide to buy dilithium, it's the recommendation that you spend the first part of it on the 3rd shuttle. This increases the odds of success in Faction Events and helps with gathering hard to get items like 0* Holoprogram
  • Crew Packs: If you do decide to buy crew, wait for the event specific packs each week. The standard premium pack is only viable if you win free pulls from events.

Items / Equipment

  • Hard to obtain items: Some of the greatly needed but rarely given items can generally be found in the faction stores or drop more frequently from Cadet Daily Missions. Examples of these are 0* Science_Experiment and 0* Holoprogram
  • Rare Item Odds: As it is explained, the Away Team (AT) missions have more rewards in the database to pick from when rewarding than Ship Battle (SB) missions. Therefore, if you are trying to get a rare item to drop, it is generally better to run SB's even if the number of pips (little circles) is less than some of the AT's for the same item.
  • Starbase Donations: The two types of starbase components earned from SB's is always lacking. If you are trying to get common items, see if there's a SB that will give you just as many as the AT will. Some good examples are 0* Clothing_Pattern and 0* Casing

Ships / Ratings:

Voyages / Dilemmas

  • Voyages: The page on the wiki will help with answers. Dilemmas
  • Earning Extras: Voyages are a good way to earn anything from crew to credits to chronitons and anything in-between. Even if you only only make it to the 2 hour mark to begin, run them as you can. There's always something to be said for earning extras only spending time.


  • Immortalizing Crew: The total count for immortalizing crew doesn't care if you use the same crew over and over. An easy way to get the count up thus earning dilithium is to use the 1 star crew earned from voyages. It also keeps track of how many times you have frozen the same crew, so you could bring back 3 copies if you've frozen 3 copies.
  • Guantlet: Early on you might be discouraged when playing. However, try to go for streaks and not overall position / points. This will greatly increase the odds of winning extra items and progressing towards the gauntlet rounds achievement. Remember that a 1/5 crew member (5*) is as good as a 5/5 one other stat boosts not withstanding.

Faction Missions / Shuttles

  • Hybrid Event Shuttles: To gain extra VP from Phase 1 of Hybrid Events, open up several additional shuttle missions before Phase 1 ends. As long as these missions are started before the 12 hour timer runs out, VP for the event will be earned.
  • Quick Shuttle VP Rise: To gain higher VP level missions quickly for shuttles in events (faction and hybrid), make use of the time reduction boosts (details below).
  1. Run the first 1 minute missions as normal.
  2. Run 1 shuttle mission using a time reduction boost to make the mission time 0.
  3. Keep repeating the previous step using the appropriate time reduction boost for as long as you feel your crew can complete the missions with ease. Generally, you can get into the 1200 / 1800 VP mission range quickly. Once other boosts are needed to keep the missions successes high, proceed as normal.
  • Quick Shuttle VP Rise to 2250 missions: ... has been nerfed by DB to 6 missions per faction or 12 for single faction event To gain higher VP level missions quickly for shuttles in events (faction and hybrid), make use of the time reduction boosts (details below with comments from forum post). The old method was to open 10 x 3 = 30 missions, run 10 (1 minute missions), open another 10 (1H30M missions) and run those with 3* speedboost, then run the final 20 as normal (1 minute missions).
  1. Open 18 missions (6 available per faction). Run the first 10. Are these all going to be the 1 minute variety? Yes, you will have opened 18 x 1 minute transmissions
  2. Do you do 4 shuttles followed by 4 shuttles followed by 2 shuttles? You can do as many or as few at a time as you like, as long as you keep track of your total. Once you’ve completed 10 x 1 minute transmissions, stop and open 10 new ones.
  3. Open another 10. So what time requirement is needed here? What type of speedboosts? These will be 90 minute transmissions. Using a 3* speed boost (-90 mins) will reduce the time to zero so you tap “send shuttle”, close the transmission and it’s already complete.
  4. Run the final 8. So what time requirements is needed for these 8? Speedboost type? You need to be wary here. The final 8 are from the original batch of 1 minute transmissions you opened but, having run 90 minute transmissions, the duration will be incorrectly displayed as 90 mins until you hit “send”, at which point it will correctly start counting down from 59 secs. It’s a display bug. No speed boosts necessary.
  5. I suppose this all requires a minimum of 3 factions in the faction event? So far, we’ve had faction events with either 1 faction or 3. Single faction events allow 20 open transmissions at a time, whereas 3 faction events allow 6 per faction (18 total). The kickstart strategy in a single faction event will get you 18 successful shuttles leaving you at 2250VP transmissions, with 3 factions 40 successes gets you to 2250VP transmissions.

Favorite Crew

Favorite Characters:

Dawg Scotty Data O'Brien Doctor Phlox TBD
Datum Scotty Picard/Data Odo TBD Tucker TBD
Sisko For Hire Kirk Worf Quark Doctor Archer TBD
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