Fleet Klingon-Hirogen Alliance

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The Klingon-Hirogen Alliance is an English-speaking fleet of Timelines players who enjoy all things Trek, but hold Klingons and Hirogens in a special regard. We are currently looking for new recruits to join us in seeking out new life and boldly going where no one has gone before.

Membership Requirements

This fleet is currently open to any an all Star Trek Timelines players. We accept players of all levels and skill sets. Players do not even need to have an affinity for either Klingons or Hirogens. While there are no daily participation requirements, we do ask that players be actively involved during events.

Current Starbase Status

Our starbase is currenty at level 49. Room levels and stat bonuses are as follows:

Room Level Bonus
Sick Bay Level 6 +6% MED Skill
Transporter Room Level 4 +40 Max Chronitons
Observation Lounge Level 4 +4% DIP Skill
Armory Level 4 +4% SEC Skill
Main Engineering Level 5 +5% ENG Skill
Astrometrics Level 3 +3% SCI Skill
Ops Level 3 +3% COM Skill
Airponics Bay Level 4 +4% SCI Proficiency
Mess Hall Level 2 -4% Replicator Cost
Counselor's Office Level 2 +2% MED Proficiency
Computer Core Level 2 +2% ENG Proficiency
Communications Array Level 2 +2% COM Proficiency
Industrial Replicator Level 3 +3 Replicator Uses
Deflector Array Level 2 +2% SEC Proficiency
Promenade Level 2 +2% DIP Proficiency


  • Bat'Leth Babes
  • Lucky Shot
  • Maulers
  • Starbase 325
  • House of Kruge
  • Armada Group 1
  • House of Torres