Fleet New Old Timers (NoT)

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About The Fleet

New Old Timers (NoT)
Membership: Restricted
Requirements: Active and social; Level 50 required, just compete and get stronger

History: It was around February 2016, James T Keurk wanted to band together other Star Trek fans to go forth and explore the timelines together.

Recruitment: We are 50 active players that are looking to help each other get stronger and more successful.
We have a range of veteran and new players to provide insight and strong crew for faction events, and we just want to get together an chat, play a game, and collect daily rewards.


  • Level 50 and up is now required
  • Participate as often as you can. Your efforts improve the fleet. When we all engage, we all win.
  • Be polite.

How to Join

  • To join:

1. Click on the "Fleet" button on the bottom of the main screen. The button just to the right of your "Crew" button.

2. Click Join Fleet, then enter our name in the search bar "New Old Timers" and apply.

Fleet Contacts


  • (NoT) James T Keurk


  • (NoT)LOCKE IN!
  • (NoT)Z.LOCKE
  • [NoT] General Cobalt Riker
  • {NoT} Capt. Walter Blunt
  • [NoT] Bodhisattva
  • [NoT] Solarfire
  • [Not] Captain Clueless
  • [NoT] Lenny H. "Big Bone" McKoi
  • [NoT] InSta
  • (NoT) Captain Who
  • [NOT] Nonesuch
  • [NOT] jojo
  • (NoT) Khran Brings The Rain
  • (NoT) Admiral Leader
  • [NoT] Dishonorable Bounty
  • (NoT) Necronomijon
  • [NoT] liquidskyys
  • [NoT] Astronaut Jones
  • [NoT] Vulcan Reborn
  • (NoT) Captain Leader
  • [NoT] Beer Swillin Creepy
  • [NoT] the echo
  • [NoT] 2MB
  • [NoT] Sid
  • [NoT] FIASCOcomedy
  • [NoT] Chum Lang Hi
  • [NoT] Branl'ba D'Komba
  • [NoT] Heelstoo
  • [NoT] Coolka
  • fis
  • Ragnarock


  • (NOT) - 1st Squad
  • (NOT) - 2nd Squad
  • (NOT) - 3rd Squad
  • (NOT) - 4th Squad
  • (NOT) - 5th Squad
  • (NOT) - 6th Squad
  • (NOT) - 7th Squad
  • (NOT) - 8th Squad
  • (NOT) - 9th Squad
  • (NOT) - X-Squad