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"Sign up for the Orecul fleet!"


About the Fleet

My name is Admiral Lucero. The fleet has been around for 10 months now. We are a casual fleet, trying to get more competitive.


  • Log in once every 4 weeks.


  • Get in a squadron.
  • Log in to get your daily reward.
  • Participate in events.
  • Most of all have fun!

Fleet Info

As of 8/7/2018

Fleet Size: 50/50
Best event Rank: 451
Last event rank: 479
Starbase Level: 44

Room Skill
Transporter Max Chronitons +40
Industrial Replicator Replicator Uses +2
Mess Hall Replicator Credit cost -4%
Astrometrics Science +6%
Main Engineering Engineering +3%
Ops Command +3%
Armory Security +2%
Sick Bay Medical +5%
Observation Lounge Diplomacy +4%
Airponics Bay Science proficiency +2%
Communications Array Command proficiency +2%
Counselor's Office Medical proficiency +2%
Deflector Array Security proficiency +2%
Computer Core Engineering proficiency +2%
Promenade Diplomacy proficiency +2%
Officer Name Level
Glein 38
Chookie 59
Captain Oblivious 56
Verney 43
Kessy 57
Maverick 44
Gul Ma'rak 51
Mikmak21 45
Commander Sheppard 45
Shira 47
Wowzman 41
Jezabel 50
Squadron Name Squadron Leader Squadron Strength
Sky Sharks Glein 5/5
Sector 307 DSulu 5/5
Flying Hawks Commander Shepard 4/5
Redshirt Flyers Mikmak21 5/5
Stardust Falcons Kessy 5/5
Warriors of Warp Admiral Lucero 5/5
Alpha Quadrant Heroes Jezabel 5/5
Temporal 2017 Shira 5/5
An Away Team Daily Gul Ma'rak 5/5

How to Join

1. Click on the "Fleet" button on the bottom of the main screen. The button just to the right of your "Crew" button.

2. Click Join Fleet, then enter "Orecul" in the search bar and apply.

Absentee Rule

We are a Casual Fleet and understands real life happens. Therefore if you need to be absent for a while, let Admiral Lucero know that you will be absent beforehand. We do kick at 4 weeks of inactivity.

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