Fleet Prestige Force Solar

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The Prestige Force Solar fleet has been created on February 12th, 2018 and is currently recruiting captains to join the fun!

Prestige Force Solar
Established February 2018
Admiral Capt. Freak
Admiral’s First Officer Suzanne von Trek
Language English
Membership Open
Requirements None
Captains 31
Fleet Tag [PFS]

Fleet ALLIED COMMAND ELITE Starbase.jpg Current Starbase Status Level 25

+30 Chroniton Chronitons
2% (+2%-+2%) Command Command
2% (+1%-+1%) Diplomacy Diplomacy
2% (+1%-+1%) Medicine Medicine
1% (+2%-+2%) Science Science
1% (+1%-+1%) Engineering Engineering
2% (+1%-+1%) Security Security



Membership is open to active captains from rank 10 and above. Any member inactive for 15 days in a row will be automatically dismissed, unless he or she warned the Admiral or his First Officer beforehand (we understand that you might spend 15 days of holidays in a remote place without internet, just make sure to let us know!).


Squadron Name Squadron Leader Enrollment Type
Prestige Command Squad Cpt. Freak No
Starkirk Captain No
Skip 2698 Capt. Ragor IV Open
Task Force Chi Capt. Ens. Thane Corrigan Open

Event Rankings


Event Name Rank
Pygmalion TBA
Ready to Rumble 2753
Family Tree 2004
A Valdore Too Far 5900
A Changeling in Time 3715
Education is power 3326
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit 3771
Advance Directive 7170
An Even Field 4183
New Providers 3733
Mistress of the Mirror 3823
One Incredible Tale 3468
Haunted Vessels 6873
Kosst Kejal 4324
The Isthmian Games 4054
The Weak Will Perish 4358
A Quiet Coup 3377
Turning Point 2737
Catching Fire 5138
The Longest Day 3394
The Butchers of Beta Penthe 3220
Reverie in Prime 2052
Rule 125 6590
Reunification 4017
Fire with Fire 6607
Breakthrough 7796
Father of Logic 3399
The Prime Directive 4525
Research Partners 2687
The Galactic Series 3045
Consolation Prize 1891
War Interrupted 2752
Founders at War 2680
The Vulcan Response 2937