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QUARK'S HOLOSUITE is a social fleet, dedicated to developing a healthy community, based around the free flow of ideas. We want to encourage everyone to feel welcome and share anything they feel will be of interest to others.

We have only one rule: be respectful towards your fleet mates. It’s a simple rule and it has allowed QH to be the longest running fleet in STT.

We’ve been around since day one and have lots to offer. A quick rundown of membership benefits:

- Enjoy watching Star Trek (um.. you’re here so, yeah!). We have regular fleet viewings of shows and movies.

- Want to do better in events, or in general game play? We freely share strategies and help each other be better game players. You’ll often see the [QH] fleet tag in the top 50 and our top squadrons are usually in the top 20.

QH members ranked 1st in individual, 1st among squads, and 2nd in fleets in recent events although everyone is free to play or not play events as they wish.

We've many players over Level 70 (some over 80!) so you can imagine the experience and strategy we have to share!

- DABO got you down? We have our own DABO show and everyone can participate.

- Need more Honor? We hit the fleet daily targets every day.

- Trying to get #1 in PvP? We’ll help. Several members do it each day.

- Got a Trek collection, like to cook, want to make new friends? QH is the place!

- And the most important item these days: our Starbase is now LEVEL 116 and growing. We're working on proficiency to help further with Voyages and Gauntlet.

Join soon, and may the profits guide you!

Membership Application

If you think QUARK'S HOLOSUITE is where you want to be, then apply for membership on our website [1] Also, adding our Recruitment Officer Ziggy on Fleet ALLIED COMMAND ELITE LINE APP 2.jpg using id captain_ziggy will greatly speed up the application process.

Current Starbase Status

Starbase QH
Starbase Level

Command Command Diplomacy Diplomacy
SB OPS.png Starbase Command Bonus.png
SB Observation Lounge.png Starbase Diplomacy Bonus.png
Observation Lounge
Starbase Command Pro Bonus.png
+8% — +8%
Communications Array
Starbase Diplomacy Pro Bonus.png
+8% — +8%
Engineering Engineering Security Security
SB Main Engineering.png Starbase Engineering Bonus.png
Main Engineering
SB Armory.png Starbase Security Bonus.png
Starbase Engineering Pro Bonus.png
+9% — +9%
Computer Core
Starbase Security Pro Bonus.png
+8% — +8%
Deflector Array
Science Science Medicine Medicine
SB Astrometrics.png Starbase Science Bonus.png
SB Sick Bay.png Starbase Medical Bonus.png
Starbase Science Pro Bonus.png
+8% — +8%
Airponics Bay
Starbase Medical Pro Bonus.png
+10% — +10%
Counselor’s Office
Replicator Bonus Chronitons Chroniton
SB Transporter Room.png
Starbase Replicator Credit Bonus.png
Mess Hall
SB Transporter Room.png Starbase Chronitons Bonus.png
MAX +40 Chroniton
Transporter Room
Starbase Replicator Use Bonus.png
Industrial Replicator