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/SSR/ Second Star To The Right
Fleet Second Star To The Right.jpg
Created February 2016
[SSR] Admiral [SSR] Barkley
[SSR] Officers [SSR] Tinkertailor, [SSR] PhotonKim, [SSR] RearAdmiralDworf, [SSR] Capt. Ajamm, [SSR] CappyCapCap
Membership Invite only, Application required
Contact [email protected]
Requirements Level 50+, 4 Shuttles, active.
Communications Discord
Starbase Level Level 134
Fleet Tags /SSR/ or [SSR]

SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT, otherwise known as SSR, is a Star Trek Timelines fleet. SSR competes regularly in all events, routinely placing squadrons among the elite and occasionally placing a member in the #1 solo rankings. SSR takes pride in the tools developed in house, providing the best tools and bots available in all of Star Trek Timelines to fleet members. In SSR, we try our hardest to get you to your goals and achievements.

Fleet Information

SSR is a highly active fleet filled with knowledgeable and friendly members, with a maxed Starbase of 134, meeting all daily goals. We've established healthy culture that helps members meet any goal they may have and an atmosphere where members feel right at home. While we look for active, well established and competitive members, we foster a relaxed environment where players can enjoy the game and event participation is completely up to you. From week to week, whether you are chasing a top rank, or taking it easy, there is no pressure!

Squadron Policy

SSR organizes Squadrons on a weekly basis. If you want to take it easy any given week, there's a squad for you! Top 1k? We got you covered. Thresholds and out ... that's cool too! No pressure, no fuss. Fleet members simply declare their ranking goals for the week and we group players with similar goals together into squadrons.

Weekly Squadron leaders are chosen based on a mix between event ranking goal and quality of shared characters: we aim to pick the best possible squad leads based on crew, goals, or a strong desire to lead that given week. What this means, is if you're shooting for a top 25 finish, or trying to hit a major rank achievement, we will get you into a leadership role. Because we also consider quality of shares, leaders can change any given week based on who has the best shares that given week. We think that this system optimizes squadron play and keeps the system fair to all members; why not give us a try and see for yourself?

Membership Requirements

  1. Active player.
  2. Captain Level 50+
  3. Four Shuttles
  4. Previous top 1500 finishes and the ability to hit 1500 when you want to
  5. 250+ Immortal (preferable but flexible)
  6. Use the Discord app or browser site for all Fleet communications
  7. Be willing to learn and be respectful of others.

Membership Application

In order to apply for membership to SSR, you can send a message to SSR Barkley on the forums, contact SSR Barkley within the Discord Star Trek Timelines channels (add SSR Barkley#7048), or send an email to [email protected]. We like to have a conversation with all prospective members as we try to get a picture of your roster, personality and history in Timelines. We believe setting the right culture in a game is important and we look for individuals who love to compete, but also have a sense of humor, friendly, are not a-holes, and can be laid back at the same time.

  • Recruits typically undergo about a 60 day trial period. We like to see if you are a good fit for the fleet and it gives you a chance to see if the fleet is a good fit for you. We like to see new people and how they interact.
  • Recruits usually do well, unless they either disappear, fail to communicate with us, etc.
  • For recruits who may not do as well in events as some of the veterans, we like to see at least some improvement, via shared characters or better strategy and starbase bonuses. What we don't want are people who are just there to sit back and collect starbase bonuses.
  • We ask people what their event goals are every Wednesday and we organize everyone into squads (the officer does this) and we pick the best possible squad leads based on crew, goals, or a strong desire to lead that given week. If you don't post, you likely end up in a casual/straggler squad
  • Members stay in good standing as long as they remain active, participate and do ok in events.
  • We ask that people don't share fleet secrets outside of fleet
  • We ask that people maintain a respectable image outside of fleet (forums, other chats, etc) ... just be an adult

Full Membership Promotions

Recruits are promoted to Full Membership status upon completion of their trial period , given satisfactory performance during their recruitment period. See above for details

Event Winners

The following SSR fleet members have taken first place in the following events

Name Event Event Type Date Final VP Score
/SSR/ Bkud
Event Quadrilateral.png
Expedition August 12th – August 15th, 2016 951300
/SSR/ Tinkertailor
Event Ship of Memory.png
Galaxy June 8th – June 12th, 2017 2005840
/SSR/ Artaniel
Event The Captain's Oath 2.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy November 1st - November 5th, 2018 6477622
/SSR/ Barkley
Event Auld Lang Syne.png
Hybrid Skirmish/Expedition December 20th - December 24th, 2018 12394100
/SSR/ CappyCapCap
Event Crimson Spark.png
Faction June 6th - June 10th, 2019 3187248
/SSR/ Maelstrom
Event Time Tsunami.png
Galaxy June 20th - June 24th, 2019 13756620
/SSR/ Barkley
Event For Charity.png
Galaxy November 14th - November 18th, 2019 9560995
/SSR/ RearAdmiralDworf
Event Phantom Pain.png
Galaxy February 20 - February 24th, 2020 13000145
/SSR/ Capt Ajamm
Event Dirty Rotten Holograms 2.png
Galaxy March 5th - March 9th, 2020 8464630

Fleet Event Rankings

Currently Under construction

2018 Events
Event Name Event Image Event Type Rank
Event Pygmalion.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 7
Updated and Revised
Event Updated and Revised.png
Galaxy 21
What Is a Man?
Event What is a Man?.png
Faction 11
Captain Proton to the Rescue
Event Captain Proton to the Rescue!.png
Skirmish 18
The Captain's Oath
Event The Captain's Oath 2.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 1
Interstellar Interference
Event Interstellar Interference.png
Galaxy 11
Peldor Joi
Event Peldor Joi.png
Faction 11
Straight On Til Morning
Event Straight On Til Morning.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 14
Children of Apollo
Event Children of Apollo.png
Faction 6
Home for the Holidays
Event Home for the Holidays.png
Galaxy 15
Silent Night
Event Silent Night.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 10
Auld Lang Syne
Event Auld Lang Syne.png
Hybrid Skirmish/Faction 2
Joy To The World
Event Joy to the World.png
Faction 10
2019 Events
Event Name Event Image Event Type Rank
Plague of Plagues 2
Event Plague of Plagues 2.png
Galaxy 4
A New Lease
Event A New Lease.png
Faction 9
To Prove One’s Self
Event To Prove One's Self.png
Hybrid Skirmish/Faction 2
Temporal Trespassers
Event Temporal Trespassers.png
Galaxy 14
Might Makes Right
Event Might Makes Right.png
Faction 9
The Sum of Its Parts
Event The Sum of Its Parts.png
Skirmish 6
Shall I Compare Thee?
Event Shall I Compare Thee?.png
Galaxy 8
From the Ashes
Event From the Ashes.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 13
Alpha and Omega 2
Event Alpha and Omega 2.png
Faction 7
Temporal Misalignment
Event Temporal Misalignment.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 5
Fixed Variables
Event Fixed Variables.png
Skirmish 1
Legend Unwritten
Event Legend Unwritten.png
Galaxy 15
Shore Leave 2
Event Shore Leave 2.png
Faction 4
The Stolen Years
Event The Stolen Years.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 9
Neutral Representation
Event Neutral Representation.png
Faction 4
In Word and Deed
Event In Word and Deed.png
Galaxy 3
Shackled to the Stars
Event Shackled to the Stars.png
Skirmish 4
Extinction Point 2
Event Extinction Point.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 3
Fireside Stories
Event Fireside Stories.png
Faction 6
Dirty Rotten Holograms
Event Dirty Rotten Holograms.png
Galaxy 6
Event Integration.png
Hybrid Faction/Skirmish 3
The Whole Truth 2
Event The Whole Truth 2.png
Galaxy 15
Crimson Spark
Event Crimson Spark.png
Faction 1
Event Reconstruction.png
Skirmish 3
Time Tsunami
Event Time Tsunami.png
Galaxy 2
Scarlet Resonance
Event Scarlet Resonance.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 6
The Big Sting 2
Event The Big Sting 2.png
Faction 8
Barren Heat
Event Barren Heat.png
Skirmish 8
On the Backs of Giants
Event On the Backs of Giants.png
Galaxy 14
Run Rampant
Event Run Rampant.png
Faction 3
The Falcon Falls
Event The Falcon Falls.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 8
Storm Warning
Event Storm Warning.png
Galaxy 22
The Nowhere Gauntlet
Event The Nowhere Gauntlet.png
Skirmish 3
Secrets and Misdirection
Event Secrets and Misdirection.png
Faction 7
Event Judgment.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 13
Temporal Misalignment
Event Temporal Misalignment 2.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 6
Faster Future
Event Faster Future.png
Faction 7
Stream of Lives
Event Stream of Lives.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 13
Haunted Vessels 2
Event Haunted Vessels 2.png
Skirmish 4
Crime of Last Century
Event Crime of Last Century.png
Faction 5
One Step Behind
Event One Step Behind.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 6
Friends Like These
Event Friends Like These.png
Skirmish 3
Everywhere At Once
Event Everywhere At Once.png
Faction 7
Fast As Light 2
Event Fast As Light 2.png
Galaxy 24
Secrets in the Desert
Event Secrets in the Desert.png
Faction 10
For Charity
Event For Charity.png
Galaxy 1
Empathy Gone Wrong
Event Empathy Gone Wrong.png
Faction 7
Guiding Principles
Event Guiding Principles.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 11
Yonder Star
Event Yonder Star.png
Skirmish 4
Trader Woes
Event Trader Woes.png
Faction 6
New Eden
Event New Eden.png
Galaxy 9
Dead to Rights
Event Dead to Rights.png
Faction 5
2020 Events
Event Name Event Image Event Type Rank
The Longest Day 2
Event The Longest Day 2.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 2
Revisiting Things Past
Event Revisiting Things Past.png
Faction 6
Trouble In Paradise
Event Trouble in Paradise.png
Galaxy 5
Right on Q
Event Right on Q.png
Skirmish 5
The Game's Afoot 3
Event The Game's Afoot 3.png
Expedition 2
Beyond The Veil
Event Beyond the Veil.png
Skirmish 1
Where Nightmares Meet
Event Where Nightmares Meet.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 8
Phantom Pain
Event Phantom Pain.png
Galaxy 1
Reunion at Dawn
Event Reunion at Dawn.png
Faction 4
Dirty Rotten Holograms 2
Event Dirty Rotten Holograms 2.png
Galaxy 2
The Enemy Within
Event The Enemy Within.png
Faction 2
Leisure Time
Event Leisure Time.png
Galaxy 12
Event Roj.png
Faction 3
The Galactic Series
Event The Galactic Series.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 5
Event Constellations.png
Galaxy 10
'Seekers of Life
Event The Enemy Within.png
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy 3
Suitable Menace
Event Suitable Menace.png
Faction 5
A Marginal Victory Skirmish 4
Faster Future 2
Event Faster Future 2.png
Faction 5

Starbase Progress

Starbase Chronitons Bonus.png Starbase Command Bonus.png Starbase Diplomacy Bonus.png Starbase Engineering Bonus.png Starbase Security Bonus.png Starbase Medical Bonus.png Starbase Science Bonus.png Starbase Replicator Uses Bonus.png
+50 +10% +10% +10% +10% +10% +10% +3
Starbase Command Pro Bonus.png Starbase Diplomacy Pro Bonus.png Starbase Engineering Pro Bonus.png Starbase Security Pro Bonus.png Starbase Medical Pro Bonus.png Starbase Science Pro Bonus.png Starbase Replicator Credit Cost Bonus.png
+10% +10% +10% +10% +10% +10% -10%
Core Skill Current Bonus Skill Proficiency Current Bonus
Starbase Chronitons Bonus.png +50
Starbase Command Bonus.png +10% Starbase Command Prof Bonus.png +10%
Starbase Diplomacy Bonus.png +10% Starbase Diplomacy Prof Bonus.png +10%
Starbase Engineering Bonus.png +10% Starbase Engineering Prof Bonus.png +10%
Starbase Security Bonus.png +10% Starbase Security Prof Bonus.png +10%
Starbase Medical Bonus.png +10% Starbase Medical Prof Bonus.png +10%
Starbase Science Bonus.png +10% Starbase Science Prof Bonus.png +10%
Replicator Bonuses
Starbase Replicator Uses Bonus.png Starbase Replicator Credit Cost Bonus.png
+3 -10%

Fleet Bot/Tools Examples