Fleet Shock Troop Elites

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Quick Info
Fleet Shock Troop Elites TOSBadge1.png
Admiral [STE] Bald Eagle
Membership Application Required
Min. Captain Level 30+
Communications Line APP
Fleet Tag [STE]
Starbase Level 88+ (growing)
Event Fleet Rank Average: 150

About Our Fleet

The fleet was started in April/May of 2017 by a group of friends that wanted all members to be able to have a voice in their fleet while enjoying competitive fun in the game. Our fleet is a place where you can unwind, talk Trek stuff, and talk life without judgement. All of our brothers and sisters in the fleet are family who can play the game while escaping the realities of life in order to slow down and enjoy camaraderie and friendship.

Our fleet admiralty is co-shared by both [STE] Bald Eagle and [STE] Shocker, switching the responsibility periodically. The name for the fleet was born from the imagination of [STE] Bald Eagle because it makes reference to special operations elite front-line assault military combatants while referencing Shocker as well. [STE] Shocker directs our fleet to: "Shock the World!"

Member Responsibilities

Loyalty, Respect, and Teamwork are the underpinning tenets of the fleet to encourage an optimum fleet experience that strengthen the opportunity for development of meaningful relationships as we play a game we mutually enjoy.

These attributes are demonstrated by members with accomplishment of the following requirements:

  • Active participation
  • Daily Starbase donations
  • Adding the fleet tag [STE] to your in-game captain name
  • Using the app, "Line", as necessary for in-fleet communications

Line App

  • The Line app can be downloaded and installed on your phone/tablet from either the Google Play store or Apple store.
  • For those needing a PC/MAC version, you can download and install Line from https://line.me/en-US/download
  • Then, use the in-game 'Fleet' chat to let the officers know of your Line app installation and someone will invite you to our private chat group.

Command Officers

  • [STE] Bald Eagle - Co-Admiral
  • [STE] Shocker - Co-Admiral