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Fleet Star Truckerz.png
Membership: Application Only
Communication: In-Game & LINE
Timezones: Worldwide
Requirements: Active and social; Level 40 and above

A Fleet created for experienced, active and social players. For lower level players we have our affiliated training fleet Star Truckerz Fleet University led by veteran Star Truckerz.
Starbase Level: 134 as of 05.29.2018

  • The "ST" fleet badge is required.
  • We require that play regularly to ensure our Fleet and all Squadrons are active and successful during events.
  • All members need to join a Squadron in order to receive event bonuses.

  • Veteran players are here to help new players gain progress faster, and together make the whole Fleet stronger.
  • We strongly encourage communication in the Fleet chat and using the LINE chat app - available on phone, tablet or PC.

How to Join

  • To join:

1. Click on the "Fleet" button on the bottom of the main screen. The button just to the right of your "Crew" button.

2. Click Join Fleet, then enter our name in the search bar STAR TRUCKERZ and apply.

Fleet Contacts


  • Commodore Mal Reynolds


  • Captain Blanc
  • Cmdr Jay
  • Lonestarr
  • Maud'dib
  • Mr T
  • Napoleon Corbomite
  • Polar Bear
  • Shatner's Pants
  • 6' of Sweetness
  • The Sisko


Fleet chat and we use the LINE App (free download from Google Play Store and iTunes App Store) for communal chat between Star Truckerz and our Fleet University members. Chat Rooms = "Wussup Truckers" and "Event Scores Only".