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Established September 3, 2018
Language English
Membership OPEN! Currently 16/50 members.
Requirements Currently no level requirement!
Captains are required to be active.
Captains are encouraged to be social.
Communications In Game
Fleet Admiral Bylo Band
Starbase Level 34

Weekend Event History
A Changeling in Time (9/6/2018) Final Rank: 954
A Valdore Too Far! (9/13/2018) Final Rank: 620
Family Tree (9/20/2018) Final Rank: 732
Ready to Rumble (9/27/2018) Final Rank: 820
***Photonic Fantasies 4 Week Mega-Event***
Pygmalion (10/4/2018) (PF 1/4) Final Rank: 721
Updated and Revised (10/11/2018) (PF 2/4) Final Rank: 1,114
What is a Man? (10/18/2018) (PF 3/4) Final Rank: 852
Captain Proton to the Rescue! (10/25/2018) (PF 4/4) Final Rank: 686
The Captain's Oath (11/1/2018) Final Rank: 961
Interstellar Interference (11/8/2018) Final Rank: 955
Peldor Joi (11/15/2018) Final Rank: 682
Straight on til Morning (11/22/2018) Final Rank: 575

Weekend Events Continued
Children of Apollo (11/29/2018) Final Rank: 841
***Presents and Futures 4 Week Mega-Event***
Home for the Holidays (12/6/2018) (P&F 1/4) Final Rank: 394
Silent Night (12/13/2018) (P&F 2/4) Final Rank: 631
Auld Lang Syne (12/20/2018) (P&F 3/4) Final Rank: 313
Joy to the World (12/27/2018) (P&F 4/4) Final Rank: 508
Plague of Plagues (1/3/2019) Final Rank: 492
A New Lease (1/10/2019) Final Rank: 571
To Prove One's Self (1/17/2019) Final Rank: 340
Temporal Trespassers (1/24/2019) Final Rank: 457
***Discovery 4 Week Mega Event***
Might Makes right (1/31/2019) (DME 1/4) Final Rank: 599
The Sum of its Parts (2/7/2019) (DME 2/4) Final Rank: 497

Weekend Events Continued
Shall I Compare Thee? (2/14/2019) (DME 3/4) Final Rank: 698
From the Ashes (2/21/2019) (DME 4/4) Final Rank: 801
Alpha and Omega (2/28/2019) Final Rank: 531
Temporal Misalignment (3/7/2019) Final Rank: 671
Fixed Variables (3/14/2019) Final Rank: 465
Legend Unwritten (3/21/2019) Final Rank: 901
Shore Leave (3/28/2019) Final Rank: 575
***Captive Intent 4 Week Mega Event***

Starport is a low-pressure, active English-speaking fleet comprised of anybody who loves Star Trek, is active within the game, enjoys helping others, and wants to be a member of our family!


General Information

First order of business, Starport was formed when the core group of dedicated players, all formerly from a fleet which shall remain nameless, grew increasingly frustrated with that fleet's lack of leadership and community. After spending weeks attempting to work within that fleet to make it better and challenging the fleet admiral to do better it became clear change was needed, and thus Starport was born! Former Loophole Squadron leader ASeeYa was tapped to become our first Admiral and official founder, and a handful of players (Bylo Band, Capt. Wolf, Jenkins, Polt, and Stormready) migrated over to form the foundation of this new fleet which is dedicated to building a dedicated community where Captains can feel empowered to contribute both in game and socially.

In early January 2019, owing to a connection issue preventing him from fully participating in fleet chat, ASeeYa made the decision to step down as admiral, but has stayed in the fleet as an officer. Bylo Band was selected to be the fleet's second admiral.

Membership Information

Starport membership requirements are pretty simple: be active and be friendly. Being active means simply we need you to log in daily and contribute. We will not require anything more than that. Our goal is to become strong and do well in events, but achievement is not a requirement, it is a goal! Members of Starport who go AWOL for an extended period of time without first notifying either the Fleet Admiral, an officer, or their squadron leader will be subject to dismissal.

We also very much want to encourage our members to be active socially, hence the “requirement” to be friendly. Star Trek Timelines is a social game, and the experience is enhanced when Captains communicate among themselves. Captains should feel free to ask for help, and fellow members should be encouraged to offer assistance whenever possible. We all work for each other, like a family.

Our fleet also has its own game guide, which is available to all members of Starport. This is a great tool for new players who may not know everything but who are eager to improve, as a ton of information about all aspects of this game are all collected and organized in a single document. Any players who are looking for a welcoming atmosphere and want access to this game guide are encouraged to become a member of Starport!

Players interested in joining Starport should reach out to Bylo Band, ASeeYa, Wolf, or Stormready in game, or reach out to ByloBand on the official Star Trek Timelines forum via private message.


Officers/Members listed in order of fleet promotion/enrollment.

Number Captain Name Fleet Role
1 Bylo Band Admiral Otto VonBacon Rank a-tng.png
2 ASeeYa Officer Otto_VonBacon_Rank_lt-tng.png
3 Wolf Officer Otto_VonBacon_Rank_lt-tng.png
4 Stormready Officer Otto_VonBacon_Rank_lt-tng.png
5 Polt Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
6 Captain Nick. B.A. Jannsen Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
7 easypeasy Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
8 TomekG Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
9 McMurphy Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
10 cluck Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
11 Magnus Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
12 bad hombre Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
13 The Hippo Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
14 Captain Pickis Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
15 "Captain" Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
16 Wolfman Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
17 Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
18 Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
19 Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png
20 Member Otto VonBacon Rank ens-tng.png


Number Squadron Name Squadron Leader
1 NCC 40521 ASeeYa
2 Ministry of Silly Spocks (Rotating leadership)
3 Containment Breach Stormready
4 Coffee in that Nebula Captain Nick B.A. Janssen

Current Starbase Status

Template for Starbase Status shamelessly stolen, I mean BORROWED from Fleet ALLIED COMMAND ELITE

Current Starbase Level Maximum Chroniton
34 MAX +30 Chroniton
SB Transporter Room.png
Transporter Room
Command Command Diplomacy Diplomacy
Core Skill Skill Proficiency Core Skill Skill Proficiency
+2% +2% — +2% +2% +2% — +2%
SB OPS.png
SB OPS.png
Communications Array
SB Observation Lounge.png
Observation Lounge
SB Observation Lounge.png
Engineering Engineering Security Security
Core Skill Skill Proficiency Core Skill Skill Proficiency
+2% +2% — +2% +2% +2% — +2%
SB Main Engineering.png
Main Engineering
SB Main Engineering.png
Computer Core
SB Armory.png
SB Armory.png
Deflector Array
Science Science Medicine Medicine
Core Skill Skill Proficiency Core Skill Skill Proficiency
+2% +3% — +3% +2% +3% — +3%
SB Astrometrics.png
SB Astrometrics.png
Airponics Bay
SB Sick Bay.png
Sick Bay
SB Sick Bay.png
Counselor's Office