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Starship Trista 2

StarShip Trista 2
Fleet Starship Trista2.png
Membership: Application Only
Communication: In-Game & Discord
Timezones: Worldwide
Requirements: Active

  • Our Fleet was started by Admiral Trista in 2017. We started to train future members for our main Fleet Starship Trista.
  • Now we're open to players who are regularly active, donate to the starbase, and want to learn more about the strategies of Timelines.

  • Starbase Level: 134 as of February 16, 2020.

  • The Fleet Badge is "SST", if used.

  • SST2 does require participation and players who are not sufficiently active may be removed.
  • SST2 is a member Fleet of the Starship Trista group of Fleets.

  • Discord is not strictly required, but it is highly suggested as this is where all our fleet chat, tactics, and such are communicated.

  • Unlike many other top fleets, we DO NOT require our members to buy packs, spend dilithium, or in any other way contribute monetarily to the fleet.
  • No, we’re not strictly a Free to Play (f2p) fleet, but not everyone is VIP 14 with more dilithium than skill, either. We in fact have quite a few f2p-players in SST2.

How to Join

1. Click on the "Fleet" button on the bottom of the main screen. The button just to the right of your "Crew" button.
2. Click Join Fleet, then enter our name in the search bar Starship Trista 2 and apply.

Alternatively, check us out on the game’s forums.

Fleet Contacts


  • SST Mercuriousz


  • [SST] Captain Stark
  • [SST] Jolyne of Fowey
  • JPRottenSST
  • Mittens the Detective Kitten
  • SST Titania
  • [SST] The Nameless One
  • SST Original Grantsta


Fleet chat and Discord. Discord rooms are invite only after joining the fleet(s).