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Fleet Steeler Nation Steeler Nation Star Trek Timelines Fleet Logo.jpg

Re-established 2017
Admiral Shy Khan
Membership Open enrollment
Language English
Requirements 1) Donate to Starbase Build
2) Participate in events as much as possible
4) Activity within last 6 months
3) Have fun exploring the Galaxy!
Starbase Level Level 39
Forum Link [1]

Steeler Nation is a Fleet for any and all fans of the North American football team, the Steelers, citizens of the ancient Earth colony of Pittsburgh, or just anyone who enjoys putting french fries on their sandwiches, replicating pierogies or a good smiley cookie.

Fleet Steeler Nation Primanti Sandwich Blueprints.jpg

Primanti Class Sandwich

We're always adding new sections to our fledgling Starbase. Come, take a walk on our beautiful Promenade and Observation Lounge!

Fleet Steeler Nation Dolphin Observation Lounge.jpg

Pick out a favorite edged weapon from our Armory!

Fleet Steeler Nation Scott in Terran Armory.jpg

Emotion Chip getting you down? Our Counselor is always IN!

Fleet Steeler Nation Lucy and Charlie Brown.jpg

Our fleet is in a "rebuilding year" - our new Admiral is currently retiring inactive members to make room to draft fresh, energetic recruits who are hungry to build our starbase and defend the galaxy against the evil forces of Belichick of Borg.

Fleet Steeler Nation Patriots Borg 2.jpg

So, join today! Steeler Nation wants YOU!

Fleet Steeler Nation Recruitment Poster.jpg

This page is constantly developing - check back for updates!

Fleet Steeler Nation Starship Construction Dry Dock.png