Fleet Temporal Defense Initiative

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Temporal Defense Initiative
Fleet Temporal Defense Initiative.png
Region: Global
Membership: Open Request (Requires Approval)

Welcoming new Temporal Agents

Communication: Discord[1]
Admiralty: Christopher Pike (aka britewood)
Admiralty(Vice): Spocktopus

Captain Handsome

Starbase 1: Level 109
Starbase 2: Level 72
Starbase 3: Level 25

Temporal Defense Initiative

Captains, The Temporal Defense Initiative has been formed to fight those who would change our common timeline! The TDI is a combination of Captains from across the factions acting as Temporal Agents working to combat the agents who would see our timeline destroyed.

The Temporal Defense Agency welcomes all mature, respectful, polite and helpful Captains to join.

The Code of Conduct

  • Show respect to all players
  • Have fun playing the game
  • Help others in your Squad and the Fleet
  • Foster comradery amongst the fleet and Squads
  • Enjoy a little competition (but not required to compete in all events)

About TDI

The Temporal Defense Initiative is a worldwide fleet that is primarily English speaking.

This blended casual and active gaming fleet welcomes both new players and experienced Captains to join and help each other. We are here to have fun and enjoy the game.

Fleet Requirements

  • Captains must be Active - 7 Days offline without notification is considers inactive.
  • Captains must join our Discord Server [2] - Ingame chat is to unreliable

Squadron Composition

  1. Competitive
* Squads are Request only
* Captains have to meet the following requirements
a. Ranked higher than 5000 in last event
b. Hit over 100 in daily Targets
  1. Development
* Squads are Invite\Request only
  1. Casual
* Squads are Invite\Request Only

Fleet 1 Squadrons

Squadron Name Squadron Leader Squadron Approach
[TDI] Handsome's Heros Captain Handsome Competitive
[TDI] Havoc Nero Competitive
[TDI] Khan!!-Tinuum Grand Nagus Stargazer Casual
Dungeons & Squadrons Arrnox Casual
[TDI] Sabotage Chocolatine Casual
[TDI] Sexy Sevens Jaid Competitive
[TDI] The Pickle Ricks Captain Chakotay Casual
[TDI] Zabathu Knights Felarof Casual
[TDI] EX-force Moromete Casual

Fleet 2 Squadrons

Squadron Name Squadron Leader Squadron Approach
DSA A.O.K Rubber Ducky Casual
COD-X Gorilla85 Casual
Tribbleline Entity Hayda Rose Casual
DSA 4.0 Captain Fluffy Casual
Goon Squad Captain Quinn Casual
All Who Wander WayneCheeky Casual
The Fifth Dimension Colonel Indiana Longnuts Casual
420 All Day Long Captain Mike 420 Casual
Chronus Radiation Gurufus Grumph Casual
Morns Marauders David Casual

Fleet 3 Squadrons

Squadron Name Squadron Leader Squadron Approach


Temporal Defense Initiative Discord Server[3]