Fleet Temporal Guards

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Temporal Guards
Membership: Application
Requirements: Be active, friendly, and at least level 40

Interested in joining? You can contact the Fleet Admiral; Charles, via his DBID 835442458271744.
If you have difficulty searching for our fleet in STT, enter TEMPORAL GUARDS in all caps.

Prime Directive:
To boldly show how an iconic TV show can unite diverse beings from all walks of life by creating a fleet where Star Trek fans come together to talk, work, and play.

Temporal Guards is a group of active players who enjoy both Star Trek and ST Timelines. [TG] continues to grow and change. It represents dedicated players who actively participate, communicate, and work together. And it continues to evolve; besides the in-game activities and interactions, [TG] maintains TemporalGuards.com and a Discord server.

  • Prospective members must be at least level 40
  • Communication is the most important requirement for our members. All members are required to register on the website and to check it frequently. It is the primary means of communication
  • On our website, players have access to an ever-growing source of useful information. All are encouraged to post and be a part of the community. The forum has Blue Alert, Yellow Alert and Red Alert posts which draw attention to important topics, like decision polls, squad re-organization, and officer promotions
  • Using the in-game chat is one way to connect and it is encouraged. Sadly, these messages disappear after a very short time, which is why the Discord server is so helpful. This way, if a player needs advice or just wants to chat, hailing frequencies are always open
  • Players should make a conscious effort to donate components to the starbase. Managing starbase donations is just one of the responsibilities assigned to a fleet member. The website always reflects the current recommendations for donating. Currently, our starbase is at level 102
  • All members are expected to chat, read messages and posts, and contribute to the best of their ability
  • We respect each other, we help each other, and we kid each other. Above all, we have fun