Fleet The .Fifth. Column

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The .Fifth. Column
Fleet The .Fifth. Column.png
Established November 2017
Language English
Membership Open 48/50
Requirements Level 40+
Starbase Level 71
Communications In-game and LINE via iOS,

Android, or Online

LINE IDs Archer (Fleet Admiral) - aholmesnj

Dee (Officer) - dee.stt

General Information

Founded in November 2017 on the principles of equality and fairness for all our fleet members, [TFC] The .Fifth. Column is a fleet that’s fun, active daily in chat and competitive in every event. We are made up of players from all around the world ranging from VIP 0 to VIP 14 and will never ask you to spend a certain amount of money or to make certain rank in events. What we will do is offer help and be supportive of your goals in a friendly game/chat environment.

Membership Information

  1. Must be 18 or older to join
  2. Must be an active player
  3. Minimum Captain level 40 with any VIP level
  4. Fleet tag [TFC] must be used for in-game screen names
  5. Must be willing to download and communicate with the Fleet via LINE (peferred) or in-game chat
  6. Must donate to the starbase daily
  7. We understand that real life happens. If you need to take some time off from the game, please inform one of our officers prior to leaving. However, to help keep our fleet active, competitive, and the roster full, any extended absence (3 days) without prior notice to an officer or fleet admiral will result in you being removed from the fleet.

Current Starbase Status

Starbase Chronitons Chroniton
Current Level: 71 +40 Chroniton
Fleet The .Fifth. Column Starbase.png SB Transporter Room.png
Transporter Room
Command Command Diplomacy Diplomacy
Core Skill Skill Proficiency Core Skill Skill Proficiency
+5% +6% — +6% +6% +4% — +4%
SB OPS.png
SB OPS.png
Communications Array
SB Observation Lounge.png
Observation Lounge
SB Observation Lounge.png
Engineering Engineering Security Security
Core Skill Skill Proficiency Core Skill Skill Proficiency
+5% +4% — +4% +6% +4% — +4%
SB Main Engineering.png
Main Engineering
SB Main Engineering.png
Computer Core
SB Armory.png
SB Armory.png
Deflector Array
Science Science Medicine Medicine
Core Skill Skill Proficiency Core Skill Skill Proficiency
+5% +4% — +4% +6% +4% — +4%
SB Astrometrics.png
SB Astrometrics.png
Airponics Bay
SB Sick Bay.png
Sick Bay
SB Sick Bay.png
Counselor's Office
Replicator Fuel Cost Replicator Uses
-8% +3
SB Transporter Room.png
Mess Hall
SB Transporter Room.png
Industrial Replicator