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The Gluten Empire
Fleet The Gluten Empire.jpg
Created January 2016
Admiral DangerDrake
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Membership Application required
Contact Pick your poison (but try to choose Discord)
  • In-game (gross)
  • Forum (Thread)
  • Discord (DangerDrake#2072)
Requirements Sense of humor, Discord app, 3+ shuttles
Communications Discord App
Stance on Gluten Very Pro
Fleet Tags Various stylings of TGE

Before squadrons, Star Trek Timelines was a lonely, desolate place: all of these captains floating aimlessly through the quadrant, some braving UChat and a few utilizing the forums. Then Disruptor Beam announced squadrons! An exciting time, to be sure---and then came the choice. Join a super tryhard fleet that had crazy requirements and seemed to forget that this was in fact a game played on a mobile device but could make an impact on the game, or a fleet that probably wouldn't make an impact but might be fun to chat with? Our Glutenous Founder, DangerDrake, said, "Why not both?" and the Gluten Empire was born!

Naming the fleet to attract players that didn't take the game (or themselves) too seriously, DangerDrake sought to make The Gluten Empire a place for committed but fun daily players of all VIP levels. Today, The Gluten Empire is one of the premier fleets in STT, with many top finishes in all event types for both individual play and squadrons.

With the introduction of fleet rankings, what we already knew was confirmed: TGE has placed in the top 7 of every faction event since the introduction of fleet rankings. TGE fleet tags can be seen all over Gauntlet, PvP, and the leaderboards of almost every event. TGE signature banners abound on the forum (when you could include images in the signature). Our Discord server is the most only fun place in all of STT. With members all over the world, there is always someone around to give sanity checks, provide behold advice, or help out with picking the best Gauntlet crews!

We are The Gluten Empire! A fleet of serious and seriously fun players!


We have four requirements for potential members:
-A sense of humor
-A willingness to use our amazing Discord server for fleet communication and general hilarity
-At least three shuttles
-A good personality fit
See our thread on the STT Forums.

Fleet Contacts

Fleet Leader

  • DangerDrake

Executive Officers

  • Amphistaff
  • BronzeRose


TGE is a 50-person fleet, and as such, we tend to field full squads. We bear the TGE tag and usually rename each week to poke fun at DB, the art, or other STT goings-on. We do our best to get a gluten theme, but we've been known to sacrifice the gluten for the sake of the joke.


Fleet The Gluten Empire Starbase Banner.jpg

Deep Space Naan is a level 134 (Maxed Out) starbase and the home base of The Gluten Empire. Our starbase boasts one of the highest MED proficiency rooms in the known galaxy. We were one of, if not THE, first fleets to boast a Defensive Phlox maximum roll over 1000.

Event Finishes

We are very proud to be a top fleet in STT. When reviewing the event finishes, remember that Galaxy events are terrible and we don't usually do much in them. The rest, though? See for yourself.

Event Name Event Type Fleet Finish Top Finishes/Notes
Homestead Faction 3 Golga - 12
Admiral Moz - 43
Voodoo - 99
Contingency Plan 2 Galaxy 8 DangerDrake - 4
Captain P - 192
Captain KS - 680
Best TGE solo finish ever for our boss (His squad was 4th as well)!
Our Thoughts Combined Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 11 Admiral Moz - 70
Del Boy - 280
Sorga Dirgo - 312
Second Act 2 Faction 3 Del Boy - 27
Buffymaster - 37
Xavros - 57
Guilty As Charged Galaxy 23 Bukimi - 10
Captain Von Trapp - 29
Crubumble - 145
Note: Best squadron finish in TGE history at 3rd place.
Retrograde Faction 3 Zmaya - 85
Del Boy - 105
Xavros - 123
Gates of Hell Faction 4 Golga - 90
Admiral Moz - 107
DangerDrake - 126
Streak of Stardust Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 7 SouthofSulu - 156
Del Boy - 233
Buffymaster - 436
Note: Fleet finished 3rd at the end of the Faction phase (the only phase that matters)
First Impressions Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 12 Del Boy - 48
Hukilau - 374
SouthofSulu - 492
Note: Fleet finished 3rd at the end of Faction phase (the only phase that matters)
Orion Belt Galaxy 81 Zmaya - 856
Darxide - 927
Jugglerette - 1,041
WE HATE GALAXY! On the plus side, we leveled a ton of cards and cleared a lot of nodes. Thanks community for the 10x pull cause we didn't really help with it!
A Logical Reaction Faction 4 Buffymaster - 45
Captain Von Trapp - 60
Admiral Moz - 107
Ghost in the Machine 2 Faction 4 DangerDrake - 42
Del Boy - 69
Admiral Moz - 71
Passing the Torch Galaxy 84
But it was Galaxy so who really cares amiright?
Culahera - 1,558
DangerDrake - 1,631
Captain Von Trapp - 1,748
The Akritirian Job 2 Faction 3 Eris - 38
Admiral Moz - 67
SouthofSulu - 136
Fast as Light Galaxy 20
Sing it with us: "No one caaarrreeesss!"
Linus Horvath - 216 Way to go New Guy!!!!
SouthofSulu - 383
Zmaya - 457
The Daystrom Award Faction 3 Buffymaster - 32
Admiral Moz - 35
Golga Grimnaar - 48
Heavy Lies the Crown Galaxy 26
Sing along with us! Galaxy is the wwoorrsstt!
DangerDrake - 580
Boom King - 598
Educated Beast - 601
Imperial Decree Faction 4 Admiral Moz - 63
Xavros - 74
Captain KS - 94
Reflections Hybrid (Faction/Expedition) 3 Admiral Moz - 27
Brauggi - 151
Xavros - 212
The one where DB out-DBed DB. To make extended events feel "less grindy" they increased the thresholds requiring more grinding and then messed up the event clock and it ended a day early.
Operation: Earth Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 12 Tewnn - 108
Captain von Trapp - 173
Boom King - 363
Triple Threat Galaxy 71
Ppppssssssssstttttttt No one cares about Galaxy!
Buffymaster - 270
SouthofSulu - 319
DangerDrake - 408
Infinite Contentions Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 7 Admiral Moz - 14
Brauggi - 75
Tewnn - 136
We Who Are To Die Faction 4 Baragash - 87
Capt. Skyhawk - 101
Xavros - 145
Laws of Nature Faction 5 Yersinia - 46
Admiral Moz - 60
Golga - 86
Crashing the Party Galaxy 55
nnnnnnnoooooooo oooooonnnneeeee ccccccaaaarrrreeess
DangerDrake - 382
Captain Von Trapp - 452
Captain KS - 704
The Honor of Andoria Faction 6 Zmaya - 41
Xavros - 43
Admiral Moz - 144
Aurora in her first event as a Gluten at 158! Nice start!
The Vulcan Response Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 11
(Way higher, maybe 3 🤷🏼‍♂️ at the swap)
Mythlo - 123
SouthofSulu - 124
Admiral Moz - 129
Now that's a cluster of Gluteny goodness!
Founders at War Galaxy 22 YetiBuddy - 357
Captain Von Trapp - 384
Captain P - 469
War Interrupted 2 Faction 4 Admiral Moz - 21
Baragash - 46
Voodoo - 50
Three in the top 50?! That's how Glutens do Factions!
Consolation Prize Galaxy 64 Aurora - 497
Esch - 804
Brauggi - 928
The Galactic Series Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 16 Admiral Moz - 296
Aurora - 557
Xavros - 660
The one where DB introduced the new "feature" of random number of shuttles available in a Faction event! Thanks for the DB....literally no one asked for it.
Research Partners Faction 7 Eris - 18
Admiral Moz - 53
esch - 59
The Prime Directive 2 Galaxy 21
Not a real event. Doesn't matter.
Baragash - 121
Captain Von Trapp - 606
SouthofSulu - 713
Father of Logic Faction 5 Admiral Moz - 89
Golga - 229
Tewnn - 246
Breakthrough Galaxy 48
Galaxy. Doesn't matter.
Dankey Kang - 710
Xtreme192 - 1,133
Non Profit - 1,533
Fire With Fire Faction 5 Admiral Moz - 22
Tom - 102
Roonis - 113
Don't call it a comeback....But THE ROONIS IS BACK!!
Reunification Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 16 Towncivilain - 122
Captain Von Trapp - 332
Baragash - 369
Rule 125 2 Faction 4 Golga - 23
Captain Von Trapp - 73
Amphistaff - 115
Reverie in Prime Galaxy 52 Educated Beast - 581
Culahera - 1,177
Darxide - 1,281
The Butchers of Beta Penthe Faction 6 Buffymaster - 26
Admiral Moz - 110
Capt. Skyhawk - 186
The Longest Day Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 1 DangerDrake - 1
Admiral Moz - 7
Amphistaff - 11
Catching Fire Skirmish (New Space Battles Event) 2 DangerDrake - 30
Xavros - 53
Roonis -
The one with a new event time. Gluten report: Biggest time suck. Tapping intensive. Would recommend others pass on these going forward.
Turning Point Faction 6 Voodoo - 77
Admiral Moz - 176
SouthofSulu - 192
A Quiet Coup Galaxy 43 SouthofSulu - 166
Gorignak - 342
Harbinger - 340
The Weak Will Perish ALL OF THEM! Expedition/Faction/Galaxy 10 McFlint - 102
Admiral Moz - 193
Tewnn - 238
The Isthmian Games 2 Faction 7 Admiral Moz - 63
Captain P - 132
Tom - 228
Raffle Winner: Kay (congrats man!)
Kosst Kejal Galaxy 22 Buffymaster - 349
SouthofSulu - 431
Culahera - 563
Haunted Vessels SKIRMISH! 9
One Incredible Tale Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 32
Mistress of the Mirror Faction 29 Admiral Moz - 24
WhiteClifford - 30
DangerDrake - 39
BRO! Our fleet rank was reduced due to the fact that we were running 11 Glutens short. They bravely formed an away team, each of them holding their permission slip (signed individually with love by Roonis), to infiltrate the mighty Brofleet, and to take Brofleet to its rightful position as STT's new top fleet.
New Providers Galaxy 28 Xtreme192 - 64
WhiteClifford - 127
Darxide - 347
An Even Field Faction 11 Admiral Moz - 47
Voodoo - 72
Captain KS - 152
The one where DB got infected with Polywater themselves, and created a massively OP arena crew that everyone decided they must have. Competition was fierce. Not quite as fierce as the following month-long CS battle that ensued when they announced they nerfed her 22 minutes before taking her pack out of the portal on Wednesday, though. It's worth noting that not even 24 hours before this, they released the new top voyage & overall gauntlet crew- Gary Seven, who is also pretty damn OP himself.
Advance Directive SKIRMISH! 8 WhiteClifford - 16
Phroglet - 48
Educated Beast - 56
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 12 Admiral Moz - 19
Donut - 107
Harbinger - 138
Education Is Power Faction 10 Admiral Moz - 78
Roonis - 172
Educated Beast - 247
The one where we skipped nine levels of power creep and went straight to 1517 diplomacy base. Released just a few short weeks after they nerfed Yar. This went over well with the player base. /s
A Changeling in Time Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 48 Buffymaster - 120
TomMather - 222
Culahera - 468
The one where DB apparently got the rights to M.A.S.H.…
A Valdore Too Far pew pew pew... AKA skirmish 5 Educated Beast - 12
Phroglet - 22
WhiteClifford - 55
Family Tree 2 Galaxy 108 Admiral Moz - 261
Culahera - 619
SouthOfSulu - 653
Ew. A galaxy with two existing purples? No thanks.
Ready to Rumble Faction 17 Admiral Moz - 74
McFlint - 296
Educated Beast - 409
Pygmalion Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 27 Admiral Moz - 172
YetiBuddy - 218
Sorga - 253
Updated and Revised Galaxy 23 Capt. Skyhawk - 33
Amphistaff - 168
Admiral Moz - 184
What Is a Man? Faction 20 Tewnn - 266
Captain KS - 456
Porter - 478
Captain Proton to the Rescue! taptaptaptaptap... huh? what? is it over yet? 6 WhiteClifford - 5
DangerDrake - 53
Admiral Moz - 67
Clifford is so miffed by only getting TGE's third best event finish that she invented a new record-- most VP obtained in a single event! We'll pretend that it means anything. Also, Minuet didn't give the right kind of bonus at first, but isn't that just a Meh-ga event tradition at this point?
The Captain's Oath 2 Hybrid (Faction/Galaxy) 11 Donut - 5
Captain Skyhawk - 43
Admiral Moz - 106
One of those events where DB messed up the bonus crew. Whatever. CS meta game is the real game anyway. Also, Clifford is not happy that she has to share her 3rd place ribbon now. Clifford needs to chill. Good work, Donut!
Interstellar Interference Galaxy. Gross. 9 Admiral Moz - 45
SouthofSulu - 72
Buffymaster - 116
Peldor Joi Faction 13 Admiral Moz - 74
Chaos - 124
WhiteClifford - 168
Straight On Til Morning Skirmish/Galaxy Hybrid 11 WinterWarlock - 18
Buffymaster - 47
WhiteClifford - 81
Special mention goes to TomMather at 108 for his best ever event ranking. Good work.
Children of Apollo 2 Faction 16 Admiral Moz - 72
Chaos - 171
Tom - 326
Home for the Holidays Galaxy 6 DangerDrake - 7
Chaos - 52
Admiral Moz - 69
The one where DangerDrake may not have been DangerDrake. Jury's still out.
Silent Night Faction/Galaxy Hybrid 13 Captain Skyhawk - 60
Admiral Moz - 68
McFlint - 416
Auld Lang Syne Skirmish/Expedition Hybrid 5 Admiral Moz - 14
Admiral Caffeine - 72
Buffymaster - 76
Joy to the World Faction 13 Chaos - 56
Admiral Moz - 108
Gorignak - 141
Plague of Plagues 2 Galaxy 27 Tewnn - 161
Buffymaster - 339
Chaos - 522
also known as that one galaxy event where top 1k was like 800k VP. But nope, I'm not salty, who's salty? Me? Oh.
A New Lease Faction 14 Buffymaster - 13
McFlint - 358
Admiral Moz - 376
Volume 1 of 2 of this weird Borg mini-mega.
To Prove One's Self Skirmish/Faction Hybrid 7 WhiteClifford - 27
Rajin - 36
DangerDrake - 58
Volume 2 of 2 of odd Borg Mini-Mega. Also, who needs a full 48 hours in phase 2 when you have five green timeboosts?!
Temporal Trespassers Galaxy 10 Captain Skyhawk - 25
Admiral Moz - 74
Buffymaster - 83
Might Makes Right Faction 14 zzzzzzzz....
The Sum of Its Parts Skirmish 7 DangerDrake - 28
Buffymaster - 91
Admiral Moz - 97
Shall I Compare Thee? Galaxy 10 DangerDrake - 8
Admiral Moz - 322
Buffymaster - 343
From the Ashes Faction/Galaxy 3 Amphistaff - 5
WhiteClifford - 10
Admiral Moz - 17
Congrats to our number 2 squad, Tux Dirty To Me, and Amphistaff, the fourth Gluten to rank top 5 in an event! Not to mention the subsequent First To Max achievement!
Alpha and Omega 2 Faction 15 Sorga - 151
Chaos - 166
Admiral Moz - 414
Temporal Misalignment Faction/Galaxy 19 DangerDrake - 25
Amphistaff - 325
Admiral Moz - 578
Fixed Variables Skirmish 5 Amphistaff - 21
DangerDrake - 29
Winter Warlock - 32
Legend Unwritten Galazy, so not a real event 19
Shore Leave 2 Faction 16
The Stolen Years Faction/Galaxy 7
Neutral Representation Faction 13
In Word and Deed Galaxy 7, shockingly
Shackled to the Stars Skirmish 3
Extinction Point 2 Faction/Galaxy 7
Fireside Stories Faction 15
Dirty Rotten Holograms Galaxative 3, what it was a good Kira
Integration Faction/Galaxy 7
The Whole Truth 2 Galaxy 9
Crimson Spark Faction 11
Reconstruction Skirmish 11
Time Tsunami Galaxy blergh 17
Scarlet Resonance Faction/Galaxy 26
The Big Sting 2 Faction 11
Barren Heat Skirmish 3 DangerDrake - 8
Admiral Moz - 19
WhiteClifford - 38
On the Backs of Giants Galaxy (boooo) 12 (see galaxy, boo) Captain Skyhawk - 19
DangerDrake - 162
Admiral Moz - 179
Run Rampant Faction 12
The Falcon Falls 2 Faction/Galaxy 3 Admiral Moz - 6
DangerDrake - 7
Barncat - 94
Storm Warning Galaxy 8 DangerDrake - 7
McFlint - 67
Educated Beast - 274
The Nowhere Gauntlet Skirmish 7 Amphistaff - 13
Admiral Moz - 58
DangerDrake - 82
Secrets and Misdirection Faction
Fast as Light Galaxy 27 BronzeRose - 38
Tewnn - 342
Excel101 - 380

First Place Finishes

  • When The Longest Day was announced, DangerDrake said, "This is the one, Glutens." He had been planning a first place finish in an event for some time and had been waiting for the perfect storm. A prime squadron was formed to maximize shared VP, and he went into Phase 2 in great shape. As soon as the Galaxy phase started, he climbed the leaderboards. His effort infected the squadron, and they climbed as well. With a Gluten in first place on the solo leaderboard and a Gluten squadron at number one on that leaderboard, Drake said, "I think we can get the trifecta and finish with TGE as the number one fleet." The gauntlet was thrown down, and the Gluten Empire stepped up! We had seven players in the top 50 and 20 in the top 1k! For this event, TGE finished first in solo, squadron, and fleet! Glory to the Gluten Empire!!
  • GTMET, Against the House, 6/29/2020

Active Members of the Empire

Name Position Bio
DangerDrake Founder/Admiral The Founder of the Gluten Empire, DangerDrake is the moral compass of TGE, the chief cat-herder, and the Gauntlet sensei. He is known to shamelessly tryhard and aggressively science. He is often referred to as "Dad," sometimes even affectionately. Yes, he finally stopped pretending he was retired.
Amphistaff Executive Officer Creator and keeper of the e-peen table. Herder of squads. New master of the bots custom commands.
Roonis Face of the Franchise The Roonis has led countless away teams to stir the pot on the STT Discord server and to give DB the business on the forum. He is also the co-host of the hit podcast "Timelines Chat with Frank and Roonis" (available exclusively on Zune, now also on twitch!). It is for his sake alone that DB has enacted the Roonis Rule, whereby all new DS9 characters must enter the game in a Galaxy event (case in point the Kosst Kejal event).
BronzeRose Stepmom An account that only exists to make SilverRose feel better about her spending.
Admiral Moz Science Officer/Starbase Administrator The numbers man of TGE. He is the head of the Science Department and is working to unwrap the secrets of the game. Moz is also one of the most likely to grace the top of the leaderboards.
Capt. Skyhawk Troll/Chief Proclaimator of Human Depravity Skyhawk wandered in off the street one day when nobody was looking, but we had an opening for a mouthy, Bible-memorizing North Korean anarcho-capitalist, so we let him stay. His bedtime is 8 p.m.
Donut Officer As the resident "genuinely nice person" in the fleet, Donut can often be seen apologizing for the rest of us and sharing pictures of homebrew.
Jim Raynor Commander, European Outpost/Chief Engineer Having run out of things to do in the game itself, Jim Raynor has devoted himself to becoming a Teutonic pain in the admiral's rear. He takes a great deal of pride in his work.
Porter (Shatner's Toupee) Officer/not a Gentleman After mistakenly joining the NWO, Porter posted on the forums that he was looking for a decent fleet. Along came this van with "Free Candy" painted on the side, and DD opened the sliding door, saying, "Come with me if you want to live." One day he will succeed in tunneling out using a spork, but until then, he will continue to use his Black Belt in puns. He is also fluent in sarcasm and shutthehellup.
Trip Hammered Officer All the dollar signs on his screenshots are in the wrong place... suspect he might be French-Canadian. Currently giving Jugglerette a run for her money in speaking on Discord solely in emojis, and on the shortlist for head of the Squadron Naming Department.
Barncat Gluten You wouldn't believe us if we told you.
Boom King Gluten He's so flippin' hot, he's like a curry. He's the Boom King!
Chaos Gluten (under construction)
DankeyKang Gluten (under construction)
Darxide Gluten Resident STT Wiki expert who would never use his position as a Wiki Admin for personal gain. Honest.
Educated Beast Gluten A holder of many strong opinions about precisely how this game can be improved, EB shares his views in-fleet and on the forum with the vim and vigor of a bottle of Diet Coke in an industrial paint shaker full of Mentos.
Excel101 Gluten (under construction)
Gorignak Gluten (under construction)
Harbinger Gluten (under construction)
Hurley Gluten (under construction)
Jugglerette Gluten The most heavily recruited player in TGE history, Jugglerette brings a refreshingly wide-eyed positivity to a fleet full of cynical sarcasm. Jugglerette enjoys absinthe, illicit baked goods, and decorating every inch of the Discord server with heart emojis.
Kay Gluten (under construction)
McFlint Gluten Provides at least one Garfield comic per day. All of them about coffee.
Mythlo Gluten (under construction)
Phroglet Gluten Awwww he's so tiny and slimy and ribbety... okay maybe not "aww" so much anymore....
Rajin Gluten (under construction)
SmartForce Gluten He came, he conquered, he got bored, he left, he got unbored, he came back, he got rebored, and then unbored again. We'll see how long he lasts this time.
SouthofSulu (Soulless Minion of Orthodoxy) Gluten His cells are the most entertained.
Spock the Slayer Gluten One of them Mochi Dangos...
Tewnn Gluten (under construction)
Tom Gluten (under construction)
Vedek Saroza Gluten (under construction)
Voodoo Gluten (under construction)
Xtreme192 Gluten (under construction)
YetiBuddy Gluten (under construction)

Retired Members

Name Position Bio
Captain P Vice Admiral As the custodian of this page and the keeper of our Discord bots, up-for-anything Captain P is instrumental in making the awesome awesomer. He may have missed his calling as a weatherman presenting inappropriately shaped weather patterns, but as TGE's lowest common denominator, he is living out his gifts by helping TGE to meet its "that’s what she said" joke quotas each and every day. Just don't open any attachments from him.
b1 Gluten Always quick with a joke, or to light up your smoke, but there's somewhere that he'd rather be.
Baragash Long-Term Planner Takes his in-game and real-life persona direction from Dr McCoy. Wants to be as good as Dad, but just isn't.
Brauggi Gluten
bukimi Gluten
Buffymaster Gluten Having events start at 4 a.m. means that Buffymaster hates being a squadron leader. He channels that anger into whaling out.
Captain Von Trapp Christopher Plummer, probably Word on the street is that he isn't actually Christopher Plummer, but we're having none of that.
Caelon Gluten
Dax Gluten
Golga Art Director/Chief Botanist The possessor of the most epic beard and the greatest Photoshop skills in all of Star Trek Timelines, Golga is the creator of so much great art featured on this page and on the forum. As one of our lead Disruptor Beam Work-Time Ice Cream Funders, Golga makes us look good not only in the art department but also on the leaderboards.
HaHarr Gluten One of the OG Glutens, the Dutch Master lives in a house crafted from a single giant tulip that he grew with love, care, and 278 kg of steroids.
Heboric Gluten
Hubby of Troi TGE co-founder
Hukilau Potato A devoted collector of all the bad art in the game, Hukilau enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and prolonged arena battles with the boss.
Jos Gluten
Linus Horvath Gluten
LocCatPowersDog ????? Smoooooooooth jazz.
Mike Gluten One of those Mochi Dangos who could never be bothered to come up from Main Engineering. He's gone now. :(
Panther Gluten
Sentry Gluten
Sorga Dirgo Officer One of the fleet's oldest members (see what we did there?), Sorga was one of our original forum instigators. He has since shifted into semi-retirement and now spends entirely too much time playing Elvenar and trying to communicate via the in-game chat.
Towncivilian Gluten He was just happy to be here!
Wallex Gluten
WhiteClifford Chief Doggo Sspicier than a habanero when on the right amount of meds, sleep deprivation, and dog hair. Errrr.... I mean Great Pyrenees glitter.
Xavros Record Keeper Quick to record all of our fleet finishes in a handy spreadsheet. He also passes out delicious breadcrumbs if we place particularly well. All the breadcrumbs seem to taste like a screen but we haven't been able to figure out why...
zmaya "What, truly, is a sandwich?" A true wordsmith if ever there was one. He constructs prose in such a way that most of TGE is hopeless to unravel. He gets a lot of Lols.
Yersinia Chief Medical Officer Whether you're suffering from chocolate-covered strawberry waffle balls or you've got a bad case of the jalapeño corndog shrimps, the Plague Doctor has just what you need. A proud graduate of Big Bob's School of Medicine and Lawnmower Repair, the Doc is a rock-steady event contributor who can be counted on for 10 hard-hitting VP every Galaxy event.

Member Accomplishments

E-Peen Table

Immortalized Crew Immortal LegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendary Captain
601 118 Amphistaff
594 107 DangerDrake
582 162 StarscreamG1
575 111 Captain Skyhawk
579 104 Chaos
571 114 Admiral Moz
506 58 Raktajino
500 35 Tewnn
495 87 Buffymaster
492 44 Donut
480 21 Darxide
478 33 Trip Hammered
462 11 Boom King
415 19 Captain P
413 24 Educated Beast
409 22 Yersinia
395 29 Baragash
388 38 Phroglet
425 18 BronzeRose
368 12 Jugglerette
338 13 Porter
332 14 Captain Von Trapp
331 11 Sorga
330 33 Golga
328 9 YetiBuddy
309 18 WhiteClifford
300 10 Jim Raynor
300 1 Hukilau
264 9 Mythlo
263 14 DaVanci
260 12 Xavros
260 6 Roonis
255 6 Mike
254 33 Barncat
248 4 zmaya
240 5 Justen
236 3 Tom
211 4 Vedek Saroza
211 2 Xtreme192
186 10 Towncivilian
176 5 Harbinger
170 4 Rajin
163 3 B1
160 18 Brauggi
153 0 HaHarr
150 0 Voodoo
29 0 Hurley

First to Max


Thank you to the fine folks over at ==Exodus== for the template. We doubt you'll see this, and we hope you don't mind!