Fleet The Liberal Alliance

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The Liberal Alliance
The Liberal Alliance
Members: 97 (in 2 branches, as of 07.10.2019)
Starbases: both max. level 134 (as of 26.04.2019)
Application: Line ID = capncapacitor [1]

Definition of liberal: A person willing to accept/respect behaviour or opinions that differ from one's own; open to new ideas.[2]

Who are we?

  • We are a global fleet with a wide range of player levels.
  • We offer tolerance, diversity and friendship.
  • We compile our own in-fleet leader boards for events with special recognition for individual player's personal bests.
  • TLA has a zero tolerance policy toward hate speech, bigotry, racism or homophobia. We want ALL our members to feel comfortable in the fleet and, more importantly, we want them to enjoy it and have fun. Please show your fellow TLA'ers the respect and consideration you would like them to show you.
  • We are not affiliated with any political party.

Membership Requirements

  1. Captains must be 18 or over.
  2. Captains must be prepared to engage and support other members of the fleet.
  3. Captains are required to join the Fleet's Line Threads. (Chatting isn't compulsory) The whole fleet is managed from Line. This is where we collect in your event scores, organise squadrons and post event notes and fleet notices. Failure to join Line (without special permission from one of the Officers) will likely result in your dismissal from the fleet.
  4. Captains will add the fleet tag [TLA] to their screen name.
  5. Captains must check in with their event scores each week. (It is not a requirement to take part in each event but we ask that you communicate with your squadron leader re. your intentions).
  6. Captains are required to do their part of the fleet's Daily Targets:
  • Donate Starbase components to the recommended rooms (700 daily).
  • Run Faction Missions.
  • Do Space Battle- and Away Team Missions.

Once accepted into the fleet it is your responsibility to contact the Admiral or one of the Officers with your age and location.

The Liberal Alliance is for daily players. If you are going to be offline for more than seven consecutive days and wish to remain in the fleet, then please let an officer know beforehand.


To apply for membership contact 84wb on Line App. [1] ID = capncapacitor

Current Members

Name Country TLA since
[Admiral] Capacitor Canada 2016-05-02
[Admiral] Torkin the Blue US 2016-02-28
[Officer] Fallon UK 2016-02-28
[Officer] Sir Trill UK 2016-02-28
[Officer] 84wb Austria 2016-09-28
[Officer] Chancellor 2 of 5 Canada 2017-08-22
[Officer] Riov tr’Khazaan Germany 2017-04-18
[Officer] THEPSI US 2017-08-02
[Officer] Kirkinator US 2019-01-08
7 of Nein UK 2018-05-14
Admiral Kurtz US 2016-12-13
Aean Taiwan 2018-07-31
Annika UK 2018-11-15
AuRoraGooSe US 2019-01-14
Beavis US 2016-06-21
Becky US 2016-10-22
Becky 2 US 2017-06-01
Bliss UK 2018-03-28
Bones US 2018-02-27
Boris Notabotsky US 2018-10-02
Brat Canada 2016-06-30
Bresus US 2019-02-13
Brisco 2019-03-26
Cabin Boy Andy UK 2016-02-28
Cap'n Bligh US 2017-07-31
Centari US 2016-06-29
Chief Bryon UK 2016-10-26
ChrisDalek UK 2018-09-11
CMO Stooksberry US 2019-02-26
CrypticBlonde US 2018-11-21
Cunning Linguist Canada 2019-01-29
Dash Belgium 2017-07-11
Devil's Aggregate US 2019-09-18
Dharkus UK 2018-04-01
Dolemite US 2016-02-28
Douwd 2019-08-11
Draiken78 US 2019-01-14
Drock US 2018-01-16
Ensign Davros US 2017-06-21
Fuse US 2017-08-14
Garrett US 2017-04-18
GOCS US 2016-10-26
Gort Canada 2018-10-02
HardimanM US 2019-05-25
Hateful US 2018-01-22
Hercules US 2017-10-16
Hotfoot28 US 2018-09-10
Hotkiss France 2018-02-10
Human Male Taiwan 2016-04-23
I am GROOT US 2019-05-28
I.S.S. Yamato US 2017-11-08
Ian Chere US 2017-07-19
I'm not Picard Germany 2016-12-05
Irish451 US 2017-04-12
Is150 Malaysia 2017-08-27
JeanPukePicard US 2018-12-14
Kartagener US 2018-11-13
Kiddo UK 2017-11-23
King Calabash US 2019-01-02
Lady Torks US 2016-05-26
Levster UK 2019-06-25
Luelen US 2017-09-27
Madman Canada 2019-02-26
Manbearpig US 2016-11-14
MaraudingMaroon Canada 2017-03-22
Medik 2019-05-25
member colored names? US 2018-07-24
Milia US 2018-05-04
Mirror Rick Sanchez US 2018-03-20
Mister Pom US 2018-04-12
Mistermisterw UK 2018-03-05
Mr. B Natural 2019-10-09
NeilUNC US 2018-09-11
neoBigD US 2018-11-20
Nik'N'Nak Ireland 2016-11-17
Nulx US 2019-02-26
Okami US 2018-10-04
Olli Germany 2018-04-03
One of Two Netherlands 2018-12-14
Opalsunset US 2016-10-31
OvrKiller US 2018-09-10
Pert US 2018-09-21
Pete 77 Canada 2018-01-25
Plaridel Philippines 2019-09-25
Rear Admiral Bloomfield US 2017-04-10
redfox US 2019-01-14
Rogal UK 2016-02-28
RoVin US 2018-12-14
Ryan UK 2018-11-15
Sahrtos Ireland 2017-07-11
San'Vattarc Netherlands 2016-08-02
Scaperfar US 2018-02-20
Seven of Mine Canada 2016-12-22
shawn49 2018-12-07
Shran Germany 2017-11-06
Sir RIP US 2017-07-26
Smile Parazite Denmark 2018-02-27
Spectre US 2019-08-01
Tabu US 2019-06-12
Telemach Germany 2017-03-30
Teras Son of Veran South Korea 2018-02-17
TFP US 2017-05-18
The Emissary Australia 2017-06-22
ToneBone US 2019-05-23
Top Cat US 2017-06-27
Trek US 2016-02-28
TrekieJess US 2016-11-28
Tssha Canada 2016-11-28
Tumpeelo Finland 2018-09-10
Turk911 US 2017-08-29
Vivier US 2016-06-25
Warrior Willo Australia 2017-06-21
Zander UK 2016-02-28

Members on Shore Leave

  • Bushlaaaaa (UK)
  • Garvan (UK)
  • Ion P. (UK)
  • Wally (Belgium)

TLA Hall of Fame

We salute you and thank you for helping make us what we are.

  • Becky (US)
  • Billy Bobby (US)
  • Bushlaaaaaa (UK)
  • Capacitor (Canada)
  • Captain Jack Sparrow (US)
  • Chancellor 2 of 5 (Canada)
  • Deep in Your Space (US)
  • Ensign Davros (US)
  • Fallon (UK)
  • Garrett (US)
  • Human Male (Taiwan)
  • Korrath the Ignoble (US)
  • Kostas Riker (Greece)
  • Major Tom (US)
  • Marauding Maroon (Canada)
  • Murdoc (US)
  • Oscar Meyer (US)
  • Rear Admiral Bloomfield (US)
  • Rogal Dorn (UK)
  • San'Vattarc (Netherlands)
  • Sir Trill (UK)
  • TFP (US)
  • Thepsi (US)
  • Torkin the Blue (US)
  • Trekkie Jess (US)
  • Vivier (US)

Notable Quotes

  • TLA? Oh those guys are the bees knees. They have the best Goddamn Pah's I've ever felt. I'd join myself but my religion disallows it.
    Kai Winn
  • I have only two words to describe TLA. Feckin Winners!
    Chief Miles O'Brien
  • TLA are the epitome of IDIC. Not to join would be highly illogical.
  • Ooooh TLA Captains are the hottest! I've been pregnant by at least eight of them.
    Lwaxanna Troi
  • Liberal Alliance Captains always get an A....though some of them at times opt for a D.
    Wesley Crusher
  • 110001101001010101011 101101010 01010101010 10101 0101001 1010100110101 010
    The Bynars
  • Goooooooldfingaaaaaaaaaa!
    Shirley Bassey
  • Filth!
    Admiral Fallon
  • Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    We are TLA!