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VIP 0 is a family of fleets consisting of VIP 0 Heroes and VIP 0 Champions. We have a global membership encompassing a wide variety of levels and playstyles, with the shared bond of being F2P players. Our members have proven that you do not have to spend in order to enjoy this game, or even to be competitive!

VIP 0 Heroes and VIP 0 Champions
Fleet VIP0.png
Admiral Stellar Ice
Membership Apply today!
Communication Discord
Level Requirement Level 20+
Fleet Tag [VIP0]
Starbase Level Heroes: 134, Champions: 134



Our origins lie in a fleet named The F2P League that was founded on September 1st, 2016 by our retired members Lock-N-Load and Lethifold. When the admiral (Lock-N-Load) decided to retire, there was no way to transfer leadership of a fleet in-game. Because of this, we reformed as VIP 0 Heroes under our new admiral Stellar Ice on July 5th of 2017. After we continued to receive requests for membership once this fleet was full, we decided to form a sister fleet in order to help out more players. This led to the creation of VIP 0 Champions on April 10th, 2018

What We Offer

We can offer you a place to play with other like-minded VIP 0 players. Since all of us are F2P, we understand the challenges and frustrations for F2P players in this game. Our fleets have members from many countries all around the globe. We reform squads every faction event in order to ensure that everyone gets a quality share, and so that we can assist one another in obtaining crew and achieving personal goals. Our members have accounts ranging in age from as new as month or two, to some that have been playing since the game launched, so new or old you will find people in a similar situation. In addition to this range of account maturity, we have a wide variety of playstyles represented in our fleets. Whether you are a catch-‘em-all collector, gauntlet enthusiast, care only about the stats, are an arena fan, casual player, art aficionado, or hardcore competitive player, we have players with plenty of experience and knowledge to help you out with your game goals. To the same end, we have a Discord bot and other custom resources tailored to assist you with your F2P gameplay.

If all that was not enough, both of our fleets now feature max level starbases, which provides the following bonuses to all our members:

  • +10% added to the base stats for every skill
  • +10% added to the proficiency value for every skill
  • +50 chroniton increase to your maximum active limit
  • +3 replicator uses every day
  • -10% to the credit cost of replicating items

Interested in Joining?

We would be glad to have you! Our requirements are:

  • Must be VIP 0 (completely F2P)
  • Captain level 20+
  • Daily participation and donations to contribute to our starbase
  • Proudly bear the fleet tag, [VIP0]
  • Join our Discord server to keep up with fleet news and squad assignments

If you meet the requirements above, feel free to reach out to our admiral Stellar Ice on the official STT Forums or on the STT Discord server. Alternatively, look for someone with the [VIP0] tag in-game and message them to get in touch. Both of our fleets share the same Discord server and have maxed starbases, so you don’t need to worry about which one you want to join. You can go ahead and check out our recruitment thread on the STT forums for more up-to-date information on available spots.

VIP 0 Heroes Top 10 Fleet Rankings