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Are you VIP 0? Do you feel like a minnow in a sea of whales? Join the VIP 0 Family today! We are a group of fellow F2Pers who are willing to share our wealth of knowledge to help you reach your maximum potential and enjoy the game. We also have a bot to help you throughout your VIP 0 journey. It can give you crew stats, voyage estimates, gauntlet odds and the best Star Trek gifs. We welcome all levels, from beginners to veterans (Yes, VIP 0 can make it to Level 80+). We've even had 17 members rank in the Top 10!

VIP 0 Heroes and VIP 0 Champions
Fleet VIP0.png
Admiral Stellar Ice
Membership Apply today!
Communication Discord
Level Requirement Level 20+
Fleet Tag [VIP0]
Starbase Level Heroes: 134, Champions: 100


  • Must be VIP 0 (completely F2P)
  • Captain Level 20+
  • Daily Participation and Donations to contribute to our starbase
  • Proudly bear the fleet tag, [VIP0]
  • Join our Discord server to keep up with fleet news and squad assignments

Hang on...Two Fleets?

The original VIP 0 Heroes Fleet decided to create a sister fleet - VIP 0 Champions - on April 10, 2018. This allowed even more eager F2Pers to join our family. Right now we are at 70+ members. This means even more people are here to help and encourage you in your VIP 0 journey!


There's no better fleet for F2P Players - Join VIP 0 today! Contact Stellar Ice through Discord (you'll find her on the STT Discord Server) or the STT Forum to verify your VIP 0 status and join. Alternatively, look for someone with the [VIP0] tag in-game (you might find us near the top of the leaderboard!) to get in touch.

Forum Recruitment Thread

Starbase Bonuses

Heroes Starbase Bonuses
Heroes Starbase Bonuses

Champions Starbase Bonuses
Champions Starbase Bonuses

VIP 0 Heroes Top 10 Fleet Rankings