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See Fleets page for more information about Fleet Management.

Adding Your Fleet

Players are welcome to add a page for their fleet. These pages could include content such as an overview of the group, any requirements, the fleet's history, a memberlist and links to further information. Please make the title of the page the fleet's name (pre-fixed with the word "Fleet "), and remember that since this is a wiki the page may be edited by any member.

Once the page has been created, it should be added to the table below to let players find it more easily. Any fleet added to the below table that doesn't have a fleet page associated with it, will not be displayed on the page.

Any Fleet page that is not edited during the previous 6 months will automatically be removed from the table below. To re-add it, just edit the fleet's fleet page and click here.

List of Fleets

Fleet Logo Fleet Info External Fleet Page Language
Shuttle icon.png
1st Alpha Centauri

The 1st Alpha Centauri fleet is currently "In Search Of..." casually competitive Captains that are active daily.

"Danger Captains! Danger!" Its' "first come / first serve"
"Enrollment Status: Restricted" and "Level Requirement: none" policies are tempered by its' 10-day AWOL and Family-Friendly Chat policies.

The 1st Alpha Centauri fleet was approved by the Alumni of Wossamotta U, Frostbite Falls, Minnesota on May 1st, 2018.
Discord English
Fleet 1st Federation.jpg
1st Federation
A laid back fleet comprised of both competitive and casual players
Fleet 7th Tactical Wing.png
7th Tactical Wing
Looking for a casually competitive Star Trek Timelines fleet? The 7th Tactical Wing may be the right fit for you! We are a dedicated group of daily players who believe in putting the needs of the many before the needs of the few.
7TW on Timelines Forums English
Shuttle icon.png
[ABV] A-B-V Hive is a friendly group j chilling
{ACE} Fleet was founded on the principles of a Fleet focused on achieving common goals. {ACE} strives for success in the game but always makes sure that its members that make up the team are always at the forefront of its drive and determination. That's why we decided to create a Fleet by the Members for the Members.
{ACE} Forum Page
Fleet Archer's Enterprise NX-01.png
Archer's Enterprise NX-01
Casual. Play 1 time every 3 days.
Fleet Attack of the Crohn's.png
Attack of the Crohn's Forum Recruiting Thread English
Fleet Bart's Mid Iowa.png
Bart's Mid Iowa
Under the command of Admiral Mark, more coming soon
Shuttle icon.png
Cardiff 2.0
WARNING: This fleet entry will be removed in 11 days.
To prevent removal, edit the fleet page associated with this fleet.

Solid fleet / Lots of rewards. Lvl 30 or better.
Fleet Coastal Trekkers.jpg
Coastal Trekkers
Active fleet for active captains of any level, coast on in and check us out!
Discord English, Spanish ok
Fleet Colored (and lazy) Tribbles.jpg
Colored (and lazy) Tribbles
Somehow lazy, but committed as hell. Prepare to face the tribbles!
Discord English
Shuttle icon.png
Dax's Fleet English
Shuttle icon.png
Shuttle icon.png
DCC Forum Recruiting Thread English
Fleet Deep Space Exploration Fleet.png
Deep Space Exploration Fleet Forum Recruiting Thread German
Fleet DiscordContinuum.png
The original Discord-based Timelines fleet!
Discord English
Shuttle icon.png
Enterprise TNG
Open - Level 40+ - Positions available.
Discord English
Fleet Firefly Wash.jpg
Firefly Wash English
Shuttle icon.png
Flight Club
Flight Club, founded 2017, is a casually competitive fleet that welcomes any Captain that is active daily.
Founded in January 2016 by SlimShady, we have evolved into two fleets consisting of 100 active members!
Fleet (FSC) Peace Keepers.png
(FSC) Peace Keepers
Loosely Farscape Themed
Fleet webpage, with links to Facebook and Discord English, manchmal deutsch
Shuttle icon.png
Galactic Phoenicians
WARNING: This fleet entry will be removed in 4 days.
To prevent removal, edit the fleet page associated with this fleet.
Fleet Guardians of Tomorrow.png
Guardians of Tomorrow
[GoT] Guardians of Tomorrow, is an established Top-10 fleet whose members and squadrons regularly finish at the top of all types of events. Our fleet is distinguished by a keen willingness to help each other succeed and to foster an atmosphere in which all members, regardless of whether they spend money, can enjoy the game and be successful in their play.
GoT Forum Page English
Fleet Havoc 31.jpg
Havoc 31
Laid back and fun fleet ;)
We are international. Members from all around the Alpha Quadrant welcome.
Fleet Hearts Of The Galaxy 2.png
Hearts Of The Galaxy 2
A Temporal Guards Sister Fleet
Fleet Inner Planets Alliance.jpg
Inner Planets Alliance
In Game FLAG [IPA]

( Primary )

Shuttle icon.png
Jaked and Confused English
Shuttle icon.png
James Fleet English
Shuttle icon.png
Lefler Curves English
Shuttle icon.png
NCC UK Midlands
A fleet for active players who just enjoy playing the game
Shuttle icon.png
Northstar English
Shuttle icon.png
Ohio Baby
Fleet from the Ohio Sector
Shuttle icon.png
Omega Force 1376 English
Shuttle icon.png
Orcas is a fun, friendly and supportive fleet. We’re currently recruiting captains. We use BBM to communicate. BBM: 7BA661BB.
Fleet Orecul.png
Casual Play, level 20 Starbase, Event rank usually around 600, level 30+ requirement. Currently have 2 spots open.
Fleet Per Audacia Ad Astra.png
Per Audacia Ad Astra
A world-wide fleet of active players
Shuttle icon.png
Pon Farr Vulcans
Active fleet for Vulcans
Shuttle icon.png
Prestige Force Solar
An open and friendly fleet looking for players who share the same values.
Fleet Primo Contatto.png
Primo Contatto
La flotta Italiana n°1

Game Tag: [Pr1mo]
Richiesto Liv. giocatore 40+

Fleet Quark's Holosuite.png
Quark's Holosuite
Love, War, and Profit.
Fleet @Ravens@.jpg
@[email protected]
We are an active fleet that loves to chat.
Shuttle icon.png
Red Flight English
Now Recruiting Captain's lvl 40+, We Are An Active Daily / Event Fleet
Cea mai mare flota romaneasca cu membri activi.
Official Forums fleet thread Romanian, English
Fleet Second Star To The Right.jpg
Second Star To The Right
SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT, otherwise known as SSR is an elite, competitive Timelines fleet. SSR competes regularly in all events, routinely placing squadrons amongst the elite and occasionally placing a member in the #1 solo rankings. SSR takes pride in the tools developed in house, providing the best tools and bots available in all of Star Trek Timelines to the fleet. SSR takes pride in getting you to your elite goals and achievements
Shuttle icon.png
Secret Squadron English
Fleet Shock Troop Elites.png
Shock Troop Elites
The fleet was started in April/May of 2017 by a group of friends that wanted all members to be able to have a voice in their fleet while enjoying competitive fun in the game. Our fleet is a place where you can unwind, talk Trek stuff, and talk life without judgement. All of our brothers and sisters in the fleet are family who can play the game while escaping the realities of life in order to slow down and enjoy camaraderie and friendship.
Fleet Solares Commonwealth.png
Solares Commonwealth
Active German fleet for all levels - Applications welcome!
Official Forums fleet thread German
Shuttle icon.png
Starfleet Command HQ English
Shuttle icon.png
Starfleet NZ English
Fleet stars2.0.png
stars2.0 Homepage German
Fleet Starship Trista.png
Starship Trista
Starship Trista is a Top 5 ranked fleet that’s been around since 2017. Unlike some of the other top fleets, you aren’t forced to spend money on the game to keep your spot. Decent crew, daily participation, and a willingness to learn is all it takes to succeed at SST.
Fleet Starship Trista2.png
Starship Trista2
Starship Trista 2 is the training and recreation fleet for SST. Players who are willing to learn can advance to SST. Starship Trista members who want to take it easy or are on vacation can be found in SST2. You can be in a mid-level fleet and learn from top-ranked players.
Fleet Star Truckerz.png
Star Truckerz
Established fleet for Level 40+ and very social.
Shuttle icon.png
Star Truckerz Fleet University
Any level welcome. Training fleet for Star Truckerz with experienced squad leaders.
Fleet Steeler Nation.png
Steeler Nation
For any and all fans of the North American football team, the Steelers, citizens of the ancient Earth colony of Pittsburgh, and anyone who enjoys putting french fries on their sandwiches, pierogies or a good smiley cookie.
Steeler Nation Forums Thread English
Fleet Sternenfl0tte.png
[STFL] ist eine Top50 Flotte für ambitionierte Spieler, für die Spaß und nicht unbedingte top Leistung in Events an erster Stelle steht. Jeder soll sich wohl bei uns fühlen, daher steht ein respektvoller Umgang miteinander außer Frage.
Fleet Task Force April.png
Task Force April
Powerful Fleet for daily active players looking for a great community and great success. We boast a Level 97 starbase, numerous top 15 finishes, daily achievements always met, strong squads and a fun team.
TFA Recruiting Thread English
Fleet Temporal Defense Initiative.jpg
Temporal Defense Initiative
Casual Fleet of Daily Active Captains
TDI DB Recruitment Thread English
Fleet Temporal Guards.png
Temporal Guards
Well organized, active fleet
Fleet The .Fifth. Column.png
The .Fifth. Column
A fun and active fleet looking for fun and active players.
Forum Recruiting Thread English
Fleet The Gluten Empire.jpg
The Gluten Empire
A Different Kind of Fleet for serious and seriously fun players.
Fleet The Liberal Alliance.jpg
The Liberal Alliance
A global fleet with a wide range of player levels. Have a look, if you are an active and committed player!
Shuttle icon.png
The Reddit Shirts English
Shuttle icon.png
tlhlngan goo be'hom English
Fleet TUFG The LGBT+ Alliance.png
TUFG The LGBT+ Alliance English
Fleet TUFG The United Federation of Gays.png
TUFG The United Federation of Gays
Our phasers are always set on STUNNING!
Shuttle icon.png
Unnatural Selections English
Shuttle icon.png
Voyager 3 English