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Torchbearer Rejac Head.png
Affiliation Klingon
Active 23rd Century
Actor Justin Howell

Rejac (Klingonese: rej'aq) was a Klingon and a follower of T'Kuvma. He had a brother, Or'Eq.

In 2256, Rejac was given the role of Torchbearer and sent to activate the Beacon of Kahless. When he reached the Beacon, he found Michael Burnham there and attacked her. Shortly after, the thrusters on Burnham's environmental suit fired, accidentally causing Rejac to be impaled on his own bat'leth. Rejac's body was recovered by T'Kuvma and laid to rest on the hull of his ship. T'Kuvma hoped that Rejac would be welcomed into the Black Fleet.


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