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Chroniton Boosts

So it seems the Chroniton boost is actually in local time, not in server time? They must have changed this; old threads in the forum claim otherwise.
It's now 01:20 here (=CEST, =23:30 UTC), and the timer says next boost in 10:40, that's 12:00 CEST (=10:00 UTC). The previous boost was at 21:00 (=19:00 UTC), and I'm almost certain the one before that was 18:00 (=16:00 UTC). Assuming 3 boosts, this would indeed mean:

  • 12:00 local time
  • 18:00 local time
  • 21:00 local time

--Crunch (talk) 18:26, 26 May 2016 (CDT)