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Infobox crew
Crew Member Head.png
Base Skills
Ship Ability
{{{Row 6 title}}}
No information
Crew info
Crew Cost Info
{{Infobox crew
 |stars	      = 
 |CMD =  | DIP =  | ENG =  | SEC =  | SCI =  | MED = 
 |abil        = <!-- = acc/eva/att-->
 |char        = 
 |Row 6 title = Other Variants
 |Row 6 info  = 
UPDATE 2016-06-20:
  • The following parameters have been fully depreciated and are now ignored: Image file, Image size, Row 1 title, Row 2 title, Row 3 title, Row 4 title, Row 5 title.
  • {{{Row 6 title}}} is still available and may be customized.
  • You may now use the form |stars = 3 instead of |Row 1 info = {{stars|8}} (always uses big stars). Page placed in Category:Common, Category:Legendary, etc. as appropriate (article space only).
  • You may now use the form | CMD = 16 | DIP = 43 | SEC = 26 (may be in any order) instead of:
 |Row 2a info   = {{skill|CMD}} 16<br>[[Command]]
 |Row 2b info   = {{skill|DIP}} 43<br>[[Diplomacy]]
 |Row 2c info   = {{skill|SEC}} 26<br>[[Security]]

Additionally, crew pages will be automatically categorized by skills used.

  • You may now use the form |Ferengi|Diplomat|Cultural Figure|Crafty instead of |Row 3 info = [[Ferengi]], [[Diplomat]], [[Cultural Figure]], [[Crafty]]. Since this uses Template:cl, the page will be automatically categorized with each given trait (up to 16). This functionality is not enabled unless the Row 3 info parameter is empty.
  • You may now use the form |abil = acc instead of |Row 4 info = [[Accuracy]] {{skill|acc}}. You may also spell out Accuracy fully, not case sensitive.
  • You may now use the form |char = Brunt instead of |Row 5 info = [[Brunt]]
  • The {{{Box title}}} parameter has been given a new role; by default, the box title and the image are decided by the page name. If Box title is specified, the template now pretends that it were used on a page with the title given. (Generally only for previewing, such as in sandbox version)
  • Automatic placement in Category:Crew (article space only)
  • Example of an existing template converted to the new format is here.