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Please insert the Item Name that has different images with rarities to this list. Alphabetical order is preferred.

After adding the Item Name to this list, please go to {{ItemPic/1}} to add the base file name for the Item. Example:

| Tribble Herder Scotty's Tribbles =

When saving the images to the wiki, please use this convention:

Add the number of the rarity that image changes to the name of the image.

For example, the Tribble Herder Scotty's Tribbles start at Uncommon, so that image's file name would be: TribbleHerderScottysTribbles2.


Then the image changes at Rare, that file name would be: TribbleHerderScottysTribbles3.


Lastly, the image changes again at Legendary, that file name would be: TribbleHerderScottysTribbles5.


Basic = 0
Common = 1
Uncommon = 2
Rare = 3
Super Rare = 4
Legendary = 5