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  • x1 Uncommon Admiral's Uniform (DS9) ★★[e]
  • x1 Uncommon Desktop Monitor (TNG) ★★[e]
  • x1 Common Prime Directive[e]
  • Current version of Admiral's Uniform (NOTE: If below is a disambiguation page, replace all ItemX/add with {{ItemX/which|Admiral's Uniform}}.):

    There are different eras for this uniform with the exact same name, but different icons and used for different crafting recipes:

    Description Icon Item Name
    TNG Era Spacer.pngAdmiralsUniformTNG.pngFlipBasic.png Admiral's Uniform (TNG)
    DS9 Era Spacer.pngAdmiralsUniform.pngFlipBasic.png Admiral's Uniform (DS9)
    TWOK Era Spacer.pngStarfleetCommandUniformTWOK.pngFlipBasic.png Admiral's Uniform (TWOK)
    Admiral's Uniform (TWOK Kirk)