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This template is placed on item pages to make fully expandable item recipes. It allows the quick deploying of Template:ItemX for every rarity of an item with a single template.

Quick start guide

Don't be intimidated by the number of steps. Once you've done it a couple of times, it should take less than five minutes to transfer all recipe information on each item page to ItemX data templates for every rarity (not counting "inner" recipes).

Step 1) While in edit mode on an item page, go to at the "Crafted From:" row. Optional: Cut all cells from this row except for that of the head column to your clipboard and paste into a text editor such as Notepad (useful later).
Step 2) Replace all non-header cells in that row with |{{ItemX/init|A|B}} and substitute A with the star count of the most common version and B with the star count of the rarest version.
Step 3) Click on "Show changes". The result of the first two steps should resemble that of this revision.
Step 4) Do NOT save yet. For now just click the "Show preview" button.
Step 5) In the preview screen, you should see something that resembles below:
    Missing recipe data template. [Add]
    Missing recipe data template. [Add]
Go ahead and open the [Add] link(s) in new windows. These will produce a partially pre-filled template of the correct name with a preview of the results.
Adding data to ItemX before saving ItemX/init onto the item page helps eliminate disruptions during the conversion process.
Note that, by default, the first item shown will be one star less than the item you are working on.
Step 6) If you copied the original as described in step 1, you may copy a relevant snippet into the template and modify it like so: (x1 may be omitted)
* 1x {{Item{{subst:ItemX/add|Klingonese Dictionary|basic}}

* 2x {{Item{{subst:ItemX/add|Database (Panel)|basic|2}} * 2x {{Item{{subst:ItemX/add|Translation Algorithm|basic|2}}

Otherwise, simply typing in the details would not take much more time.
Step 7) Check to ensure that the ItemX/Drop template is correctly filled or removed, as applicable.
Step 8) Save data temple.
Step 9) Repeat steps 6-8 for each rarity. Don't worry about creating a template for every item in the recipe. Just focus on the recipes shown on the page you opened in step 1.
Step 10) Once you've saved all rarities of that item, save main item pageā€”done! (You may add recipe data for the components at your leisure.)


This template takes 3 parameters:

{{{1}}} # of stars of most common item (0 for basic); defaults to 0 if both this and parameter {{{2}}} are omitted. Required if {{{2}}} is given.
{{{2}}} # of stars of rarest version of the item. Defaults to 5 if omitted.
{{{3}}} Usually not used. This template usually generates ItemX templates based on {{PAGENAME}}, but this may be overrided with the 3rd parameter.

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