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Template-info.png Documentation

When editing this template, please edit {{ItemPic/1}} to help keep that up-to-date as well. Thank you.

Template Format

{{SLINav}} (no parameter necessary when used on item pages)
{{SLINav|None}} (obsolete format - parameter is IGNORED!)
{{SLINav|Base Item Name}} (obsolete format - parameter is IGNORED!)
{{SLINav|override=Item Name}} (new override format: ignore PAGENAME and use SLI of given item (works for both base and SLI items))

Adding Another Option

| Base Item Name | List | of | similar | items | as | targets =
     {{SLIpic| Base Item Name | List | of | similar | items | as | targets}}

Please keep new entries alphabetically sorted, both in the template list, as well as in each similar-item-list.

To explain the syntax above, the first line is a list of synonyms for a switch statement. The switch is performed against either {{PAGENAME}} or the override parameter. The second and third lines are the resulting values inserted where the switch statement is placed. That is within a <table class="navbox">. The {{!}} are escapes for providing the exclamation points found in wikimedia's table syntax.


(when used on the Holoprogram page, or any of its SLI item pages) returns:

Similar Looking Items

Available Options

Please see Gallery for SLINav.