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Type the following to get the skill Icons:

Skill Code
(All are case insensitive)
Result Code + "|" Result Code + Full Name + Number Result
Away Team Skills
Command {{skill|cmd}} Command {{skill|cmd|}} Command Command {{skill|command|27}} Command 27
Diplomacy {{skill|dip}} Diplomacy {{skill|dip|}} Diplomacy Diplomacy {{skill|diplomacy|32}} Diplomacy 32
Engineering {{skill|eng}} Engineering {{skill|eng|}} Engineering Engineering {{skill|Engineering|15}} Engineering 15
Security {{skill|sec}} Security {{skill|sec|}} Security Security {{skill|Security|18}} Security 18
Science {{skill|sci}} Science {{skill|sci|}} Science Science {{skill|Science|25}} Science 25
Medicine {{skill|med}} Medicine {{skill|med|}} Medicine Medicine {{skill|medicine|22}} Medicine 22
Space Battle Passive Skills
Accuracy {{skill|passiveacc}} Passive Accuracy Stats {{skill|passiveacc|}} Accuracy Passive Accuracy Stats
Evasion {{skill|passiveeva}} Passive Evasion Stats {{skill|passiveeva|}} Evasion Passive Evasion Stats
Crit Rating/Chance {{skill|passivecrating}} Passive Crit Rating Stats {{skill|passivecrating|}} Crit Rating Passive Crit Rating Stats
Crit Bonus {{skill|passivecbonus}} Passive Crit Bonus Stats {{skill|passivecbonus|}} Crit Bonus Passive Crit Bonus Stats
Space Battle Active Skills
Accuracy {{skill|acc}} Accuracy {{skill|acc|}} Accuracy Accuracy
Attack {{skill|att}} Attack {{skill|att|}} Attack Attack
Evasion {{skill|eva}} Evasion {{skill|eva|}} Evasion Evasion
Space Battle Bonus Skills Alternative link and no link
Accuracy Bonus {{skill|accbonus}} Accuracy Bonus {{skill|sci|link=Dr. Reyga}} Science
Attack Bonus {{skill|attbonus}} Attack Bonus {{skill|sci|link=}} Science
Evasion Bonus {{skill|evabonus}} Evasion Bonus Alternate size (pixels, default 18 or 20)
{{skill|att|size=24}} Attack
Attack Speed Bonus {{skill|speed}} Attack Speed Bonus {{skill|att|size=16}} Attack
Boarding Bonus {{skill|boarding}} Boarding Bonus
crit Rating/Chance Bonus {{skill|critrating}} crit Rating Bonus
crit Bonus Bonus {{skill|critbonus}} crit Bonus Bonus
Damage Bonus {{skill|damage}} Damage Bonus
Repair Bonus {{skill|repairs}} Repairs Bonus
Shield Bonus {{skill|shield}} Shield Bonus
Reduce Hull Damage Bonus {{skill|reduce}} Reduce Hull Damage
(incorrect/missing) {{skill|error}} Oops See {{skill}}

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