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Timelines Item Farmer

Tired of wasting all your chronitons in Timelines? With Timelines Item Farmer, you can find the absolute best spot to get the item you are after.

Timelines Item Farmer takes the drop rate data from stt.wiki and combines it with data from the Fleet Second Star to the Right (/SSR/), and puts it into an easy to use search interface.

Simply select the star rarity of the item your looking for, type its name (or just part of it), click ENGAGE, and your off to the best places to find the item.

You will be shown the average cost of acquiring that item, the type and name of the mission, the skill check required to pass the level, the missions location with difficulty, and the chroniton cost of the mission.

They will be sorted from best to worst locations, with cadet challenges and shuttles showing up at the bottom. The mission that is best to use the free adwarps on will be highlighted. These missions have the best chance to drop at least 1 of the item in a warp 1.

You can also click on any of the missions listed, and get a full list of other items the mission has to offer, and each of those will show you the average chroniton cost to acquire.

The data is pulled from the wiki and /SSR/ fleet tools daily, and the app will automatically check for updates every 24 hours, so you will always have up to date information.

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