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Hi, I'm Titan. I am a semi-active contributor to the Star Trek Timelines Wiki and Runescape Wiki.

I help to administrate this wiki. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via my talk page.

For technical support regarding the wiki, please leave a message on Star Trek Timelines:Admin noticeboard with a description of the issue.

My Sandboxes


Main Templates

Template Includes sub-templates? Description
{{EventList}} X mark.svg Eventa table entry
{{EventListHeader}} X mark.svg Header for the events table
{{ShipStatsLastConfirmed}} X mark.svg Tracks when ship stats were last confirmed. This was used when DB was changing stats occasionally.
{{The Gauntlet}} Yes check.svg Tracks The Guantlet skills
{{Crew Page ATS Table}} Yes check.svg Crew Page ATS Table is the Away Team Stats table with support for user/fleet bonuses
{{CrewNav}} Yes check.svg CrewNav is the two the tables at the bottom of every crew page that display all crew present in STT

User Templates

Personal Templates

Imported Templates


These are the projects that I am currently working on.

To-Do List

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