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Event Date Event Crew Event Name Event Picture Event Type Rank Squad
1 January 5th, 2017 Obsidian Order Garak
Rakal Troi
Trader Odo
War Interrupted War Interrupted Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
10,192 -
2 January 12th, 2017 C.O.P. Founder Picard
Convergence Day Quark
Judge Q
Human Q
Detective Dixon Hill
Klingon Quark
Convergence Day Convergence Day Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event
1,431 136
3 January 19th, 2017 Captain Nog
Klingon Quark
Rule 125 Rule 125 Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
4,370 613
4 January 26th, 2017 The Traveler
Lieutenant Wesley Crusher
Captain Q
Human Q
Endgame Endgame Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event
2,465 190
5 February 2nd, 2017 Dancing Uhura
Bestselling Author Jake Sisko
Prospero Data
The Isthmian Games The Isthmian Games Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
5,748 853
6 February 9th, 2017 Captain Morgan Bateson
Captain John Harriman
Captain Sulu
The Captain’s Oath The Captain’s Oath Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event
2,299 401
7 February 17th, 2017 Ambassador Troi
Kal-if-fee Kirk
Kal-if-fee Spock
Season of Love 2 Season of Love 2 Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
4,985 808
8 February 23th, 2017 Goddess of Empathy Troi
Platonian Kirk
Children of Apollo Children of Apollo Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
7,639 886
9 March 2nd, 2017 Grand Nagus Rom
Combat Medic Paris
Ba'ku Worf
The Whole Truth The Whole Truth Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event
1,852 524
10 March 9th, 2017 Agent Janeway
Maquis Ro Laren
Dr. Hippocrates Noah
Alpha and Omega Alpha and Omega Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
5,461 985
11 March 16th, 2017 Garak, Elim Garak
Augment Riker
Romulan Kirk
Shore Leave Shore Leave Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
3,480 677
12 March 23rd, 2017 Scientist Degra
Stranded Odo
Extinction Point Extinction Point Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event
3,322 899
13 March 30th, 2017 Durango Troi
Luther Sloan
Gods and Masters Gods and Masters Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event
7,255 880
14 April 6th, 2017 Klingon Bride Jadzia
General Chang
Ambassador Sarek
The Genesis Wave 2 The Genesis Wave 2 Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
5,636 1,593
15 April 13th, 2017 Mintakan Riker
Commander Sela
Ambassador Spock
The Falcon Falls The Falcon Falls Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event
16,171 1,249
16 April 20th, 2017 Gangster Kirk
Anastasia Komananov
Detective Dixon Hill
The Big Sting The Big Sting Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
7,232 1,390
17 April 27th, 2017 Captain La Forge
Rogue Harry Kim
Quadrilateral 2 Quadrilateral 2 Expedition Event
Expedition Event
2,041 1,511
18 May 4th, 2017 Assimilated Torres
Drone Seven of Nine
Mirror Phlox
Zero Hour Zero Hour Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event
4,665 2,321
19 May 11th,2017 One
Assimilated Tuvok
Dr. Tolian Soran
Experimental Design Experimental Design Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
4,887 2,248
20 May 18th, 2017 Assimilated La Forge
Arik Soong
Contagion Contagion Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event
3,122 1,650
21 May 25th, 2017 Assimilated Janeway
Admiral Picard
Riley Frazier
Resistance Resistance Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event
1,866 1,451
22 June 1st, 2017 RAF Miles O'Brien
Aviator Yar
RAF Julian Bashir
Tuskegee Mayweather
The Second Battle of New York 2 The Second Battle of New York 2 Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
5,126 1,618
23 June 8th, 2017 Benny Russell
Marla McGivers
Vedek Bareil Antos
Ship of Memory Ship of Memory Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event
5,839 3,560
24 June 15, 2017 Sheriff of Nottingham Q
Robin Hood
Princess Jadzia
The Triskelion Tournament The Triskelion Tournament Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
4,424 1,878
25 June 22, 2017 Commander Kira Nerys
Captain T’Pol
Formal Dress Wesley Crusher
Guiding Principles Guiding Principles Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event
14,880 1,135
26 June 29, 2017 23rd Century Martok
1701 Sisko
1701 Jadzia Dax
Captain Klaa
The Trouble with Klingons 3 The Trouble with Klingons 3 Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
4,755 2,442
27 July 6, 2017 Dahar Master Kor
Klingon Neelix
Scales of Power Scales of Power Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event
19,662 7,502
28 July 13th, 2017 Protomorphosis Worf
Ambassador K'Ehleyr
Liaison Torres
When Giants Walk When Giants Walk Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
2,958 2,251
29 July 20th, 2017 Dahar Master Kang
Klingon Torres
General Martok
The Heart of the Empire The Heart of the Empire Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event
1,610 2,325
30 July 27th, 2017 Klingon Janeway
Advocate Kolos
Alidar Jarok
Blood for Blood Blood for Blood Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event
319 1,226
31 August 3rd, 2017 Arachnia Janeway
Captain Proton Paris
The President of Earth
They Came from the Holodeck 3 They Came from the Holodeck 3 Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
1557 1837
32 August 10th, 2017 Captain Pike
Katra McCoy
Bridge Officer Troi
Mind and Matter Mind and Matter Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event
57,416 -
33 August 17th, 2017 Mirror Bashir
Vedek Bareil Antos
Homestead Homestead Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
3,931 -
34 August 24th, 2017 "Dark Ages" McCoy
Civil War Worf
Contingency Plan 2 Contingency Plan 2 Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event
25,053 -
35 August 31st, 2017 Ilia Probe
Author Doctor
Ambassador Sarek
Our Thoughts Combined Our Thoughts Combined Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event
651 1,934
36 September 7th, 2017 Romulan Data
Grand Proxy Neelix
Cardassian Kira
Second Act 2 Second Act 2 Shuttle Event
Shuttle Event
7,219 4,940
37 September 14th, 2017 Zhian'tara Odo
Prisoner O'Brien
Guilty As Charged Guilty As Charged Galaxy Event
Galaxy Event