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Crew Name Date Added Days Since Full.png Card
Science Officer Spock Head.png Science Officer Spock 05-22-2019 758 Science Officer Spock
Ishara Yar Head.png Ishara Yar 05-28-2019 752 Ishara Yar
Resilient Tuvok Head.png Resilient Tuvok 05-29-2019 751 Resilient Tuvok
Merry Men Troi Head.png Merry Men Troi 06-04-2019 745 Merry Men Troi
Tactical Officer Neelix Head.png Tactical Officer Neelix 06-05-2019 744 Tactical Officer Neelix
Determined Janeway Head.png Determined Janeway 06-05-2019 744 Determined Janeway
Beloved Annorax Head.png Beloved Annorax 06-12-2019 737 Beloved Annorax
Jett Reno Head.png Jett Reno 06-19-2019 730 Jett Reno
Leah Brahms Head.png Leah Brahms 06-25-2019 724 Leah Brahms
Frederick La Rouque Head.png Frederick La Rouque 06-26-2019 723 Frederick La Rouque
Wrathful Kirk Head.png Wrathful Kirk 07-03-2019 716 Wrathful Kirk
Nomad Head.png Nomad 07-09-2019 710 Nomad
Honored Owosekun Head.png Honored Owosekun 07-10-2019 709 Honored Owosekun
Dr. Pollard Head.png Dr. Pollard 07-17-2019 702 Dr. Pollard
Lt. Commander Uhura Head.png Lt. Commander Uhura 07-23-2019 696 Lt. Commander Uhura
Loken Head.png Loken 07-24-2019 695 Loken
Indulgent Seven Head.png Indulgent Seven 07-30-2019 689 Indulgent Seven
Galaxy Gallivanting Vash Head.png Galaxy Gallivanting Vash 07-31-2019 688 Galaxy Gallivanting Vash
Q as "God" Head.png Q as "God" 08-07-2019 681 Q as "God"
Q2 Head.png Q2 08-07-2019 681 Q2
Amanda Rogers Head.png Amanda Rogers 08-14-2019 674 Amanda Rogers
Acting Captain Jellico Head.png Acting Captain Jellico 08-20-2019 668 Acting Captain Jellico
Colonel Q Head.png Colonel Q 08-21-2019 667 Colonel Q
Vice Admiral Janeway Head.png Vice Admiral Janeway 09-04-2019 653 Vice Admiral Janeway
Redjac Jaris Head.png Redjac Jaris 09-04-2019 653 Redjac Jaris
Navaar Head.png Navaar 09-11-2019 646 Navaar
Commander Ari bn Bem Head.png Commander Ari bn Bem 09-17-2019 640 Commander Ari bn Bem
Returning Craft Head.png Returning Craft 09-18-2019 639 Returning Craft
Helmsman Wyatt Head.png Helmsman Wyatt 09-24-2019 633 Helmsman Wyatt
New Eden Pike Head.png New Eden Pike 09-25-2019 632 Siguard/playground2
Solbor Head.png Solbor 10-01-2019 626 Solbor
Ba'ul Head.png Ba'ul 10-02-2019 625 Ba'ul
Tribble Herder Scotty Head.png Tribble Herder Scotty 10-08-2019 619 Tribble Herder Scotty
Bounty Hunter Mudd Head.png Bounty Hunter Mudd 10-09-2019 618 Bounty Hunter Mudd
Maras Head.png Maras 10-15-2019 612 Maras
Pining Vina Head.png Pining Vina 10-16-2019 611 Pining Vina
Rigel VII Vina Head.png Rigel VII Vina 10-22-2019 605 Rigel VII Vina
Protomorphosis Riker Head.png Protomorphosis Riker 10-23-2019 604 Protomorphosis Riker
Flotter Head.png Flotter 10-29-2019 598 Flotter
Trevis Head.png Trevis 10-29-2019 598 Trevis
Desert Archer Head.png Desert Archer 10-30-2019 597 Desert Archer
Little John Riker Head.png Little John Riker 11-06-2019 590 Little John Riker
Dark Empath Troi Head.png Dark Empath Troi 11-06-2019 590 Dark Empath Troi
Kamala Head.png Kamala 11-13-2019 583 Kamala
Transporter Chief Rand Head.png Transporter Chief Rand 11-19-2019 577 Transporter Chief Rand
Cadet First Class Locarno Head.png Cadet First Class Locarno 11-20-2019 576 Cadet First Class Locarno
Chancellor Martok Head.png Chancellor Martok 02-02-2021 136 Chancellor Martok
Seeking Spock Head.png Seeking Spock 11-27-2019 569 Seeking Spock
Admiral Patrick Head.png Admiral Patrick 12-03-2019 563 Admiral Patrick
Garth of Izar Head.png Garth of Izar 12-04-2019 562 Garth of Izar
Rescue Team Uhura Head.png Rescue Team Uhura 12-04-2019 562 Rescue Team Uhura
Compromised Airiam Head.png Compromised Airiam 12-10-2019 556 Compromised Airiam
Torpedo Surgeon McCoy Head.png Torpedo Surgeon McCoy 12-11-2019 555 Torpedo Surgeon McCoy
Lenara Kahn Head.png Lenara Kahn 12-17-2019 549 Lenara Kahn
Laborer Kirk Head.png Laborer Kirk 12-18-2019 548 Laborer Kirk
Talas Head.png Talas 03-11-2021 99 Talas
Dress Uniform Beverly Crusher Head.png Dress Uniform Beverly Crusher 12-31-2019 535 Dress Uniform Beverly Crusher
Ishan Chaye Sisko Head.png Ishan Chaye Sisko 01-01-2020 534 Ishan Chaye Sisko
Belle Q Head.png Belle Q 01-15-2020 520 Belle Q
Arandis Head.png Arandis 01-18-2020 517 Arandis
Mycelial Culber Head.png Mycelial Culber 01-22-2020 513 Mycelial Culber
Control Leland Head.png Control Leland 01-28-2020 507 Control Leland
Twilight T'Pol Head.png Twilight T'Pol 01-29-2020 506 Twilight T'Pol
Leucon Head.png Leucon 02-04-2020 500 Leucon
Annika Hansen Seven Head.png Annika Hansen Seven 02-05-2020 499 Annika Hansen Seven
Mission Specialist Lefler Head.png Mission Specialist Lefler 02-11-2020 493 Mission Specialist Lefler
Lt. Commander Icheb Head.png Lt. Commander Icheb 02-12-2020 492 Lt. Commander Icheb
Lt. Ilia Head.png Lt. Ilia 02-18-2020 486 Lt. Ilia
Age of Sail Worf Head.png Age of Sail Worf 02-19-2020 485 Age of Sail Worf
Tau Head.png Tau 02-25-2020 479 Tau
North Star T'Pol Head.png North Star T'Pol 03-03-2020 472 North Star T'Pol
Riker Odan Head.png Riker Odan 03-04-2020 471 Riker Odan
Relaxed Number One Head.png Relaxed Number One 03-10-2020 465 Relaxed Number One
Seamus Head.png Seamus 03-17-2020 458 Seamus
Mirror Keyla Detmer Head.png Mirror Keyla Detmer 03-18-2020 457 Mirror Keyla Detmer
Logician Solok Head.png Logician Solok 03-24-2020 451 Logician Solok
Android Kirk Head.png Android Kirk 03-31-2020 444 Android Kirk
EV Suit Nhan Head.png EV Suit Nhan 04-01-2020 443 EV Suit Nhan
Elnor Head.png Elnor 04-08-2020 436 Elnor
Soji Asha Head.png Soji Asha 04-09-2020 435 Soji Asha
Narek Head.png Narek 05-15-2021 34 Narek
Vahar'ai Saru Head.png Vahar'ai Saru 04-15-2020 429 Vahar'ai Saru
Admiral Kirsten Clancy Head.png Admiral Kirsten Clancy 06-12-2021 6 Admiral Kirsten Clancy
Commodore Oh Head.png Commodore Oh 01-19-2021 150 Commodore Oh
Displaced Gabrielle Burnham Head.png Displaced Gabrielle Burnham 05-06-2020 408 Displaced Gabrielle Burnham
Dereth Head.png Dereth 05-12-2020 402 Dereth
Bridal Keiko Head.png Bridal Keiko 05-13-2020 401 Bridal Keiko
Sinister Picard Head.png Sinister Picard 05-19-2020 395 Sinister Picard
Determined Paris Head.png Determined Paris 05-20-2020 394 Determined Paris
Archer and Porthos Head.png Archer and Porthos 05-26-2020 388 Archer and Porthos
Kay Eaton Head.png Kay Eaton 05-27-2020 387 Kay Eaton
Age of Sail Picard Head.png Age of Sail Picard 04-05-2021 74 Age of Sail Picard
Linnis Paris Head.png Linnis Paris 06-03-2020 380 Linnis Paris
Lt. JG Martinez Head.png Lt. JG Martinez 06-09-2020 374 Lt. JG Martinez
Mirror Chekov Head.png Mirror Chekov 06-16-2020 367 Mirror Chekov
1701 O'Brien Head.png 1701 O'Brien 06-12-2021 6 Siguard/playground2
EV Suit Pike Head.png EV Suit Pike 07-07-2020 346 EV Suit Pike
The Red Angel Head.png The Red Angel 07-07-2020 346 The Red Angel
Kamin Picard Head.png Kamin Picard 07-08-2020 345 Kamin Picard
Vashti Picard Head.png Vashti Picard 07-13-2020 340 Vashti Picard
Mother L'Rell Head.png Mother L'Rell 07-15-2020 338 Mother L'Rell
Young Anya Head.png Young Anya 12-03-2020 197 Young Anya
Nepenthe Troi Head.png Nepenthe Troi 09-14-2020 277 Nepenthe Troi
Technician Fisher Head.png Technician Fisher 07-29-2020 324 Technician Fisher
Nanoprobe Phlox Head.png Nanoprobe Phlox 08-04-2020 318 Nanoprobe Phlox
Fisticuffs Sisko Head.png Fisticuffs Sisko 08-04-2020 318 Fisticuffs Sisko
Marine Q Head.png Marine Q 12-07-2020 193 Marine Q
Humanoid Figure Head.png Humanoid Figure 08-12-2020 310 Humanoid Figure
Alicia Travers Head.png Alicia Travers 08-12-2020 310 Alicia Travers
B.G. Robinson Head.png B.G. Robinson 08-18-2020 304 B.G. Robinson
Jhamel Head.png Jhamel 08-19-2020 303 Jhamel
Captain Erika Hernandez Head.png Captain Erika Hernandez 08-26-2020 296 Captain Erika Hernandez
Prisoner Kim Head.png Prisoner Kim 09-01-2020 290 Prisoner Kim
U.S.S. Zheng He Riker Head.png U.S.S. Zheng He Riker 09-08-2020 283 U.S.S. Zheng He Riker
Nona Head.png Nona 09-09-2020 282 Nona
Camp Nurse Janeway Head.png Camp Nurse Janeway 09-15-2020 276 Camp Nurse Janeway
Kivas Fajo Head.png Kivas Fajo 09-16-2020 275 Kivas Fajo
Emory Erickson Head.png Emory Erickson 09-16-2020 275 Emory Erickson
Ambassador V'Lar Head.png Ambassador V'Lar 09-22-2020 269 Ambassador V'Lar
Altan Inigo Soong Head.png Altan Inigo Soong 09-23-2020 268 Altan Inigo Soong
Dr. Roger Korby Head.png Dr. Roger Korby 09-23-2020 268 Dr. Roger Korby
Breen Disguise Kira Head.png Breen Disguise Kira 09-29-2020 262 Breen Disguise Kira
Awaiting Amanda Grayson Head.png Awaiting Amanda Grayson 09-30-2020 261 Awaiting Amanda Grayson
Em-3-Green Head.png Em-3-Green 10-06-2020 255 Em-3-Green
EV Suit Spock Head.png EV Suit Spock 10-07-2020 254 EV Suit Spock
Dignitary Sarek Head.png Dignitary Sarek 10-07-2020 254 Dignitary Sarek
Captain Solok Head.png Captain Solok 10-07-2020 254 Captain Solok
D'Nesh Head.png D'Nesh 10-13-2020 248 D'Nesh
Boreth Pike Head.png Boreth Pike 10-14-2020 247 Boreth Pike
T'Pring Head.png T'Pring 10-14-2020 247 T'Pring
Mok'bara Crusher Head.png Mok'bara Crusher 10-20-2020 241 Mok'bara Crusher
EV Suit McCoy Head.png EV Suit McCoy 10-21-2020 240 EV Suit McCoy
Leila Kalomi Head.png Leila Kalomi 10-21-2020 240 Leila Kalomi
Fair Haven Harry Kim Head.png Fair Haven Harry Kim 10-27-2020 234 Fair Haven Harry Kim
Zarabeth Head.png Zarabeth 10-28-2020 233 Zarabeth
Facer Rios Head.png Facer Rios 11-03-2020 227 Facer Rios
Kelis Head.png Kelis 11-04-2020 226 Kelis
A.G. Robinson Head.png A.G. Robinson 11-10-2020 220 A.G. Robinson
Cyrano de Barclay Head.png Cyrano de Barclay 11-11-2020 219 Cyrano de Barclay
Maquis Takeover Seska Head.png Maquis Takeover Seska 11-11-2020 219 Maquis Takeover Seska
Flustered Jett Reno Head.png Flustered Jett Reno 11-17-2020 213 Flustered Jett Reno
Maquis Takeover Paris Head.png Maquis Takeover Paris 11-18-2020 212 Maquis Takeover Paris
Carlos Data Head.png Carlos Data 11-18-2020 212 Carlos Data
Booker and Grudge Head.png Booker and Grudge 11-25-2020 205 Booker and Grudge
General Oh Head.png General Oh 12-01-2020 199 General Oh
Courier Burnham Head.png Courier Burnham 12-02-2020 198 Courier Burnham
Linus Head.png Linus 12-02-2020 198 Linus
Lt. Booker Head.png Lt. Booker 12-02-2020 198 Lt. Booker
Sahil Head.png Sahil 12-02-2020 198 Sahil
Laneth Head.png Laneth 12-08-2020 192 Laneth
"The Colony" Tilly Head.png "The Colony" Tilly 12-09-2020 191 "The Colony" Tilly
Mirror Saru Head.png Mirror Saru 12-09-2020 191 Mirror Saru
EV Suit Worf Head.png EV Suit Worf 12-15-2020 185 EV Suit Worf
Mirror McCoy Head.png Mirror McCoy 12-16-2020 184 Mirror McCoy
EDF Adira Head.png EDF Adira 12-16-2020 184 EDF Adira
Mr. Vup Head.png Mr. Vup 12-22-2020 178 Mr. Vup
Courier Zareh Head.png Courier Zareh 12-23-2020 177 Courier Zareh
Socrates Head.png Socrates 12-29-2020 171 Socrates
Klingon K'Ehleyr Head.png Klingon K'Ehleyr 12-30-2020 170 Klingon K'Ehleyr
Geskana Tucker Head.png Geskana Tucker 01-05-2021 164 Geskana Tucker
Luau Paris Head.png Luau Paris 01-05-2021 164 Luau Paris
Gray Head.png Gray 01-06-2021 163 Gray
Kevin Uxbridge Head.png Kevin Uxbridge 01-06-2021 163 Kevin Uxbridge
Polaric Janeway Head.png Polaric Janeway 01-12-2021 157 Polaric Janeway
Mike Burnham Sr. Head.png Mike Burnham Sr. 01-13-2021 156 Mike Burnham Sr. Mike Burnham Sr. Card
Lady Sirella Head.png Lady Sirella 01-13-2021 156 Lady Sirella
Shiboline M'Ress Head.png Shiboline M'Ress 01-19-2021 150 Shiboline M'Ress Shiboline M'Ress Card
Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick Head.png Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick 01-20-2021 149 Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick Card
Caldos IV Crusher Head.png Caldos IV Crusher 01-22-2021 147 Caldos IV Crusher Caldos IV Crusher Card
Heist Bashir Head.png Heist Bashir 01-26-2021 143 Heist Bashir Heist Bashir Card
Lothario Q Head.png Lothario Q 01-27-2021 142 Lothario Q Lothario Q Card
Off Duty Janice Rand Head.png Off Duty Janice Rand 01-27-2021 142 Off Duty Janice Rand Off Duty Janice Rand Card
Bridal Deanna Troi Head.png Bridal Deanna Troi 01-27-2021 142 Bridal Deanna Troi Bridal Deanna Troi Card
Lt. Commander Raffaela Musiker Head.png Lt. Commander Raffaela Musiker 02-02-2021 136 Lt. Commander Raffaela Musiker Lt. Commander Raffaela Musiker Card
Soren Head.png Soren 02-04-2021 134 Soren Soren Card
Bride Kasidy Danielle Yates Head.png Bride Kasidy Danielle Yates 02-04-2021 134 Bride Kasidy Danielle Yates Bride Kasidy Danielle Yates Card
Sord Head.png Sord 02-09-2021 129 Sord Sord Card
Salia Head.png Salia 02-10-2021 128 Salia Salia Card
Punk Rocker Head.png Punk Rocker 02-10-2021 128 Punk Rocker Punk Rocker Card
Wyatt Miller Head.png Wyatt Miller 02-10-2021 128 Wyatt Miller Wyatt Miller Card
Jennifer Sisko Head.png Jennifer Sisko 02-16-2021 122 Jennifer Sisko Jennifer Sisko Card
Deral Head.png Deral 02-17-2021 121 Deral Deral Card
Admiral Georgiou Head.png Admiral Georgiou 02-17-2021 121 Admiral Georgiou Admiral Georgiou Card
Wyatt Earp Head.png Wyatt Earp 02-17-2021 121 Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp Card
Tactical MACO Mayweather Head.png Tactical MACO Mayweather 02-23-2021 115 Tactical MACO Mayweather Tactical MACO Mayweather Card
Century Nurse Crusher Head.png Century Nurse Crusher 03-02-2021 108 Century Nurse Crusher Century Nurse Crusher Card
Zobral Head.png Zobral 03-02-2021 108 Zobral Zobral Card
Midwife Worf Head.png Midwife Worf 03-03-2021 107 Midwife Worf Midwife Worf Card
Mirror Doctor Culber Head.png Mirror Doctor Culber 03-03-2021 107 Mirror Doctor Culber Mirror Doctor Culber Card
Cosmo Traitt Head.png Cosmo Traitt 03-09-2021 101 Cosmo Traitt Cosmo Traitt Card
Fal-tor-pan Spock Head.png Fal-tor-pan Spock 03-10-2021 100 Fal-tor-pan Spock Fal-tor-pan Spock Card
Platonian Chekov Head.png Platonian Chekov 03-16-2021 94 Platonian Chekov Platonian Chekov Card

|Platonian Chekov|2021-03-16