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Started playing August 2019. Found the wiki helpful, so wanted to help out in turn.

Currently working on (in the game):

  • immortalising all the 3* crew (and freezing all except the ones who are helpful for Arena)
  • immortalising but not freezing a cadre of 12 immortal legendaries (mostly from campaigns/mega events) to staff my voyages and hopefully get them into the 8-10 hour bracket
    • immortalised:
    • fully fused but not yet levelled all the way:
    • fully equipped but awaiting further stars:
    • awaiting both stars and equipment:
  • collecting copies of all Crushers and Picards (still waiting for Age of Sail Crusher, Augment Picard, Mambo Picard, Musketeer Picard and Romulan Picard to pop up in beholds, and need to chase down Ensign Picard from voyages and Locutus from the gauntlet)
  • fully equipping top tier Gauntleteers: Kahless (bought using the Christmas Miracle honor), Caretaker (finally dropped from a reward crate at around 2.5k rounds), Mirror JLP (appeared in a premium pull on the same day)
  • (eventually) finishing all episodes on Elite

(If I was playing "sensibly" I would very definitely switch over my voyage-related focus to immortalising my Gary Seven and First Officer Burnham, both of whom I obtained recently from beholds, but I'm going to spend honor on more beholds, not cites, until I've got at least 1 star on all the cards in the fourth bullet point.)

((And yes, I do somewhat regret spending that honor on Kahless given what I could have got for it a few weeks later.))

Achieved game goals:

  • freezing all the 1* crew
  • freezing all the 2* crew
  • getting consistent 4 hour voyages
  • making all the cadet challenges warpable at each level (last to finish: Tuesdays)
  • collecting 100k honor for Captain Bev (now immortalised thanks to campaign cites)

Currently working on (on the wiki):

  • documenting weekend events

User:Weakinteraction/Sandbox - for making sure I don't mess up the wiki proper.