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User:Weakinteraction/Reward table experiments

Started playing August 2019. Found the wiki helpful, so wanted to help out in turn.

Wiki stuff

I'm currently working on:

  • documenting weekend events
  • the Voyages pages (in particular, I am currently collecting data on which traits come up, and in which combinations - if you want to help, please fill in Google form with data from your voyages; should only take a minute or two each time) - preliminary results at [1]. (Whether I bother to go further with this particular effort depends on the outcome of my CS ticket about the Offer Wall and GDPR, which isn't fully answered by the statement so far.)

User:Weakinteraction/Sandbox - for making sure I don't mess up the wiki proper.

Game stuff

Current goals


I'm counting both gauntlet-exclusive crew and top gauntleteers available elsewhere.

  • fully equipped:
  • obtained:
  • yet to be obtained:


I am on an entirely quixotic quest to level Aleek-Om without ever crafting or replicating -- i.e. using equipment that drops straight from missions (and even then only if I end up with spares), the Dabo Wheel, equipment crates, or gauntlet. (Currently level 20 with three slots filled, the whole thing is going faster than I expected.)


I have started to get 10 hour voyages on some skill combos, will start tracking which ones at some point ...

The Crusher-Picards

My real focus in the game, though, is collecting and immortalising copies of all variants of Beverly and members of her cross-time family.

Beverly Crusher

  • immortalised:

Jack Crusher

  • immortalised:

Wesley Crusher

  • immortalised:

Jean-Luc Picard

  • immortalised:
  • in progress:

All of those are just waiting for extra stars, and will be front of the line for cites once I've finished crew who will never be in the portal.

Finally caught my white whale! (AoS Crusher) I can start spending honor on cites, at long last. (Dec 2020: I'm actually now saving for a putative honor sale as that's probably the best place to get the biggest bang for my buck.)

Achieved game goals

  • freezing all the 1* crew
  • freezing all the 2* crew
  • freezing all the 3* crew (except for the new ones, Picard at El-Adrel and Human Airiam)
  • getting consistent 6 8 hour voyages
  • making all the cadet challenges warpable at each level (last to finish: Tuesdays)
  • collecting 100k honor for Captain Bev (now immortalised thanks to campaign cites)
  • working through the main map (all missions 3*-ed somewhere in Summer 2020, can't remember exactly when)
  • Immortalising enough legendaries to staff a voyage (though in practice there are always some SRs or not-fully-fused legendaries along for the ride because of the skills combo):
  • immortalising all the fusion crew in the game (by collecting copies in most cases - I only used cites for Indulgent Seven once I had a 1/5 copy; I still haven't seen another Mobile Doc so that was probably the right call)

Legendaries won from ranking top-1500 in events

I realise this is a very minor amount to show off compared to most long-term players, but this was not an aspect of the game I thought I was close to cracking, until suddenly I was. Mostly this is characters I wanted and pushed for, though in some cases it's that the character I wanted and pushed for was the reward in a faction event so I played hard for the gold crew in the previous week as well to increase my chances. And since Auto Skirmishes came in, I've been skirmish levelling so hard I tend to end up with the gold whether I was particularly interested or not.