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Fleet Page

First, never add a post to an archived talk page. That is very bad practice. Your fleet page was improperly named. Fleet pages should be “Fleet <fleetname>”. Click on any fleet listed on the Fleets/List page. Titantalk 18:45, 29 August 2018 (CDT)

Ok. Than please help me. I'm from germany. Sorry i dont understand the Templates and the other things. I only want a page for me and my fleet. I hope you understand me. I now want ask you if you can create all with the fleet list and so. I dont want create problems for you. I understand you and hope you can help me. When not i understand than write no and i will never come back. When you help me i would be very happy and thankful. I hope you help me and i can learn from you so that i can create a good fleet page and a good talk page like you mean. 30. August 2018 17:00 I dont know it is my time. And sorry that i ask but from where you are? I think we have 7 hours time different.