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Delete something

Anyone that needs a page, graphic, or anything else deleted, please post it here in this section. I will take care of it. --Crunch (talk) 17:48, 13 March 2017 (CDT)

Actually, I think it would be better if anything that needs to be deleted gets the template {{Delete}} added to it. That is what the template is for, after all :) Titantalk 00:08, 14 March 2017 (CDT)
Sure, fine by me. Is this announced somewhere? (well, here, now, I guess ^^) --Crunch (talk) 18:06, 14 March 2017 (CDT)
It is on the Admin Noticeboard (which is on the left sidebar). Thinking of getting a site notice extension to add a notice about where to go to for information when making edits as well as other information as anything else comes up. Titantalk 19:36, 14 March 2017 (CDT)

Faction Center Items

Hi Crunch. You added Database and Expansion Module to the Dominion Faction Center. Can you please provide a screenshot. Each Faction Center only offers 3 components from 0* Basic to 4* Super Rare. The 3 for Dominion are Microconnector, Power Cell, and Replicator Ration. Unless they added more items after removing the 1*/2* from the stores, I have not seen a Database or Expansion Module in the Dominion Faction Center. Jello (talk) 21:01, 29 May 2016 (CDT)

Sure, here ya go: --Crunch (talk) 21:17, 29 May 2016 (CDT)
Crunch DominionFS1 20161530.png Crunch DominionFS2 20161530.png
PS: the other FCs were "clean", no irregularities. --Crunch (talk) 21:21, 29 May 2016 (CDT)
Wow, thanks...I'm shocked. DB needs to stop making changes like this without letting people know! I have 3 weeks of daily screenshots of every faction center prior to the last update and this is a first seeing those items. All faction equipment and components are also drops in missions, yet the Database and Expansion Module are not in the mission possible rewards list. Jello (talk) 21:24, 29 May 2016 (CDT)
Yeah, same here. I noticed that the possible drops include credits and crew training though, we should probably include that info on the FC pages. I'm off for today, though - Europe time... -.-
For reference, a 00:00:30 mission can drop 1 Basic Survival Training, as well as 2000 Credits - the rewards are probably higher for more difficult missions. --Crunch (talk) 21:36, 29 May 2016 (CDT)

Drop Test template not updating to page

Hi Crunch,

Could you have a look at the mission page and related template? For some reason it wasn't updating the droprate test that I saved and showing it on the page.



Got any idea how to fix this?

EDit: nevermind i figured it out.

Had the same problem about two weeks ago, for some reason it took a while for the server to catch up - force-reload and clear cache didn't help. How did you solve it? --Crunch (talk) 14:30, 5 June 2016 (CDT)

Varying Bonuses on Away Team Missions

It's possible... Considering I was doing a trait search/dump/update runs, hadn't quite realized that Bonus was effected by the Ready/Tired status of the character.

Hidden Skills

On this page: Crew Progression/Hidden Skills
If you mean by Secondary Skills, the unlisted/Hidden skills, that don't show up on a characters list.
(Example: CMO Bashir Primary: Command and Medicine Secondary: Everything Else like Sec/Dip/Sci/Eng).
Then I personally think that a characters Hidden skills are unaffected by Leveling, unlike how primary is oftenly displayed.
Fusion on the other hand I'm unsure of, but I don't think it would, since an item's SP isn't increased when it is equipped to a fused Crew.
But I do believe that Unlisted skills do increase when an Item equipped has skills other their listed skills. Since at L.76 CMO Bashir takes Uncommon Pathogen ★★. But it gives a bonus to Sec/Dip, (plus Ship Passive Bonus as well), which would increase his hidden Sec/Dip SP by +3 +(0–0) Security each.

Just did a test with CMO Bashir, and (confirmed with Mirror Kira, and Q incidently) That, unlisted skills have a SP value of 20% of the lowest listed skill. Unlisted Skill Bonus.png
Wow, very cool, that could be it! Or should I say, damn, that's what *I* wanted to find out! x-D
I was beginning to think in that direction when Neelix's improved only for ENG, but never for DIP, but I didn't follow up. I'll check the ones in the table against your theory, but I have a feeling that you found the relation! Cheers, --Crunch (talk) 16:39, 12 June 2016 (CDT)
Yep, you're definitely right! I did a quick conversion of the table, and if you now sort by the "worst primary skill", you can directly compare the values. They are, as you said, 20% of the worst skill, and are always rounded down.
Correction: The main value is rounded correctly, but the RNG low/high values are rounded down. --Crunch (talk) 17:17, 12 June 2016 (CDT)
The only discrepancy I found was with the Changeling Founder - here, it's 20% of best skill. I'll investigate some more. --Crunch (talk) 17:15, 12 June 2016 (CDT)
Nope, her values are correct. So it's not the base value that decides which is the worst skill, and it's also not "lowest RNG values" (Commando Crusher's best lowest RNG +(14-48) is worse than the one from her worst skill, +(17-53), but it's still her worst skill that is used). It's also not the minimum achievable value (Founder: 195 DIP vs. 187 COM). But it might either be the maximum achievable value (Founder: 235 vs. 257), or the average (Founder: 215 vs. 222). So we still need to check more characters to find out which value determines the unlisted skill.
So your formula is it, the only remaining question is, which value determines what a characters "worst skill" is. --Crunch (talk) 17:31, 12 June 2016 (CDT)

Captain Scott

Yes I was filling in Captain Scott's new values. All 1/5*s received a boost a few months ago to be more competitive with 4/4*s.


I think it's admirable that you're trying to be considerate towards colorblind folks. That said, you may be getting a little overzealous in some cases. For example, changing the color in Template:Item to distinguish rare and super rare wasn't really necessary since rarity is communicated in two other ways besides for color: the named rarity and the star count. Also in Template:DropTest, colorblind users can always hover their pointer over the number and read the words where it says "Statistical Strength" and the actual numbers themselves. Also, a thing to keep in mind is that there are many forms of colorblindness, not just deuteranomaly ("green" blindness), which is what you seem to be trying to adjust for; adjusting colors may make it easier for one form of colorblindness can make it harder for a different form. The only real solution is to offer alternative means of obtaining the information provided by the color (which in the two cases mentioned, where already there). Though on that though, perhaps I could experiment with varying the font size (smaller = statistically weaker maybe?) — CodeHydro 20:36, 14 June 2016 (CDT)


Mission test is basically ready, just was waiting on the poll vote, to do things in sort of one sweep.

Travel vs success drop order

It's annoying when travel item order doesn't match success item order, but there is a pattern to the madness. I updated Template:DropTest#Tips_and_guidelines to explain. — CodeHydro (msg) 17:45, 18 June 2016 (CDT)

Nope, it's not really predictable. Here are a few snapshots from Template:DropTest/The Army of Anaydis/1:
Crunch DropTestOrder.png
Col 1 contradicts your theory, and the col 3 entries pretty much contradict all theories... :-/ --Crunch (talk) 07:22, 19 June 2016 (CDT)
Actually, oddly enough, Cortical Monitor has the same short-name as Desktop Monitor (Monitor), and thus still follows the reverse pattern! — CodeHydro (msg) 07:40, 19 June 2016 (CDT)
Ah, short short name, not ingame name. But col 3 is still non-deterministic, as these are the SAME three items. So it's either completely random, or it depends on the order the items are gathered during one mission. But even then, it's still weird that the order is consistent most of the time (in the sense of "consistently NOT matching the travel order") - if it would depend on the gathering order, it should match the travel order 50% of the time (by 2 distinct items). --Crunch (talk) 07:58, 19 June 2016 (CDT)
Hmm you're right it's not always reverse. That is strange, though col 2 actually does match travel order. *shrug* Oh well, missions with more than one item of the same short name probably make up no more than 5 percent of cases. Though perhaps item pages should also start including their short name to help us make sense of this. — CodeHydro (msg) 11:17, 19 June 2016 (CDT)

Order of contributors.


The order was already adjusted by Captain deMarco. In order of contributions he put himself before others. I also have no idea what you mean with "and especially not without ALSO changing the order of operands/data in both the |run= line and all the result lines; they must be kept in sync with the contributors, otherwise everyone will lose the connection between name and datasets, which will lead to errors when adding data."

I figured i was fixing the order of contributors. I don't see particularly the point of showing who contributed other then bragging rights on the published page. If there is some internal issue with the template for the contributors to be listed then that's different.

Drop chance in main items page

I added a section in the items page about drop chance here: Items#Drop_Chance, mainly to give new players a heads-up that just because you're looking for a basic science experiment, doesn't necessarily mean they will rain down like manna from heaven when you play the suggested mission. Because you've pioneered the drop chance counting on the wiki, I thought I should bring it to your attention. Could you please add your thoughts to this section? --Samentarchy (talk) 19:54, 7 July 2016 (CDT)

Doctor Caotica

Hey Crunch, the level 99 item for Doctor Chaotica is legendary Covert Contacts. I did not add the items for Chaotica, so whoever did must have made a mistake (i just double checked). I will say that i wish it was the view screen. Ill change it later unless you do so first. Have a good evening, --Titantalk 17:42, 9 August 2016 (CDT)

And it would have been very unlikely that thr view screen was the level 99 item, as its also the level 86 item. (Same rarity). I dont think any crew has the exact same item of same rarity repeated except for uniforms (the level #0 items) --Titantalk 17:44, 9 August 2016 (CDT)
I will post ship abilities after i finish equippig him. I am at 1/4 right now. I just did the math for the stats. --Titantalk 18:05, 9 August 2016 (CDT)

Hockey Paris

Hiho. I undid your most recent edit (L.100 for Hockey Paris), as the values on the Diplomacy page are most likely incorrect as well. Due to an incorrect L.33 item (see Notes on Hockey Paris's page), his DIP value got modified. This happened in an update somewhere between July 23rd and August 9th. --Crunch (talk) 12:16, 17 August 2016 (CDT)

Hi Crunch. If you feel so strong about this, I would appreciate it if you would make all affected values consistent. If I understand you correctly, something happened at level 33 and now all DIP values above level 33 need to be put into question. Same for the values on the Diplomacy page. (Maybe also other pages?) --Tygra Dax (talk) 12:27, 17 August 2016 (CDT)
This has nothing to do with "feeling strong about this". It's simply the fact that incorrect values tend to be overlooked and never again be double-checked, unless they are marked as such (or removed). I did cleanup Hockey Paris's other values earlier today for that reason. Not sure where else his DIP values would be listed. I also changed the Diplomacy page now, though. Regards, --Crunch (talk) 12:50, 17 August 2016 (CDT)
Thank you for updating the Diplomacy page. That will prevent a reoccurrence in the future. After some more history searching, I indeed found your previous changes and made the note on Hockey Paris's page somewhat clearer. --Tygra Dax (talk) 13:14, 17 August 2016 (CDT)

Hupyrian Beetle Snuff

I added info. not sure if the crafted into is added correctly there is a box around the Zek's stuff. I have no info on suit. I built it before I thought about writing things down. I think there will be a repeat on the suit at next level. (WaldoMag)

Took out the spaces before asterisk that got rid of box around Zek's items

A Kazon Scorned (normal)

Hi Crunch, if I'm reading things right (still learning!) you tidied up the drop table for this, removing a lot of older results. I wrote in 32 runs for this after the droprates were changed by DB this week. I don't want to put them back in (still learning!) - can you help/advise/point in the right direction? Thanks a lot --Kesss (talk) 06:16, 28 August 2016 (CDT)

Ah, my bad: I removed the old data, but forgot to cleanup the "|by=" line as well, which caused some confusion. Your 32 runs were still there - just not at position 12, but instead at position 2. I now cleaned up the list of contributors, and merged your 32 runs from Aug 27 with your new 20 runs from today. Is that what you intended? Cheers! --Crunch (talk) 15:32, 28 August 2016 (CDT)
Yep - perfect - thank you. I had stuck a load of 0's in to make it work with today's runs - slowly getting the hang of it. :) --Kesss (talk) 16:57, 28 August 2016 (CDT)


Do you know if either Milkn2sugars or Jello are returning? if not, you might want to consider contacting media wiki as we have n active admin or bureaucrat and you would be the logical person to take that position. --Titantalk 03:23, 12 October 2016 (CDT)

Casing's drop test table

Hi Crunch. It seems something went wrong with Casing's super rare drop test table in this revision of yours: rev 67041 --Tygra Dax (talk) 11:05, 15 October 2016 (CDT)

It's not that edit (although that edit exposed the problem). The problem is the total include size, which is only 2MB. This is now the first Item page that exceeds this due to the complexity of the ItemPage and especially the DropTest templates. I moved the drop tests to a separate subpage, and removed the ones people will rarely use (=Super Rare) from the main item page. It's only a bandaid, though, and other Components pages might show the same problem in the future. --Crunch (talk) 17:18, 15 October 2016 (CDT)
May i suggest that the drop tests be placed back on the page, ans instead remove the incredibly long list of items that casings are used in? Its virtually unreadable anyways. --Titantalk 19:24, 21 October 2016 (CDT)
Hm, I'm somewhat reluctant to actually delete data that has been gathered by others, even if it's usefulness is limited. If it's the double loading time to get to the Super Rare table that's bothering you, we could place Basic to Rare back in the main page, and only keep the Super Rare in a separate page, which would then load much faster. --Crunch (talk) 19:35, 21 October 2016 (CDT)

K'Ehleyr's Armor

Hi Crunch. I came across a problem with the K'Ehleyr's Armor page. The entire page is broken and I'm not sure how to fix it. Looking back through the page history it looks like the problem started when the Legendary recipe data was added. It doesn't seem to be a problem with bad data entered, so I would guess it's a template issue. Maybe something to do with the two apostrophes in the item name combined with the expansion depth exceeded? I have no actual idea, though. Just a guess. I figured you'd be the best person to ask about this. Hoping you can fix it. --Darxide (talk) 02:54, 18 October 2016 (CDT)

Yeah, it's one of the expansion limit problems in the recipe for the legendary item. I modified it now using the workaround discussed in Template talk:ItemX‎. --Crunch (talk) 19:46, 21 October 2016 (CDT)

Civilian Scientist Dress's Item Used By

Hi Crunch. It seems you've been somewhat overly enthousiastic when editing Civilian Scientist Dress's Item Used By in this revision of yours: rev 72162. According to Holodeck 3 Dr. Brahms's Advancement table her clothing alternates between Civilian Scientist Dress and Civilian Engineer Dress. --Tygra Dax (talk) 07:20, 30 October 2016 (CDT)

...that's why I already fixed/reverted that change shortly after. Or am I missing your point? --Crunch (talk) 08:09, 30 October 2016 (CDT)
Current revision was rev 72163 at the time I noticed the problem. Apparently you had fixed it before I could finish reporting it. It's OK now. --Tygra Dax (talk) 09:23, 30 October 2016 (CDT)

User not using drop rate adjustments

Hi Crunch, can you please have a look at Template:DropTest/Lost Legacy/2? The user has clearly noted that the two runs recorded both had a rare reward each, and has tried to accommodate for this by entering the total number of runs as 1.5. Could you update this drop rate template with the adjustment tag so it's correct with 2 runs instead. I've tried to do it myself, but I can't seem to get it to work. --LapplandsCohan (talk) 04:42, 31 October 2016 (CDT)

Yeah, I noticed the 1.5, which is actually a creative solution to the problem ^^.
I believe the adjustment tag hasn't been working for some time now (probably since the single-item row conversion) - I tried to use it some time ago, and tried to find the problem, but didn't really get anywhere. Unfortunately, the original author of these templates (and especially the adjustment extension) is no longer playing, and as the DropTest is a conglomerate of about 10 individual, undocumented templates, it is quite an effort trying to reconstruct what is actually happening internally. I'll put it on my wish list, though :o)
Personally, I think the 1.5 is weird, but valid. And as it's extremely likely that rare drops do not influence individual drop ratios (which is the assumption the adjustment extension makes anyway), the result will still be mathematically sound. --Crunch (talk) 07:30, 31 October 2016 (CDT)
I've been completely dropping any of my runs that result in a rare reward. I personally feel this is better than any of the proposed alternatives. I suppose the numbers will bear out in the end after enough results have been recorded regardless of which method is used, but using a fractional number of runs is just weird and feels icky to me. --Darxide (talk) 13:32, 31 October 2016 (CDT)
True, I feel the same way, and I also don't record any runs with rares. We should probably remove the fractional runs once there are more than a few runs in this test. --Crunch (talk) 15:27, 31 October 2016 (CDT)

Take a look

Please take a look at my post on the Community Portal. I also archived all old stuff on the community portal into a new archive Community Portal. --Titantalk 13:31, 12 November 2016 (CST)

Thanks, I answered there. --Crunch (talk) 15:21, 12 November 2016 (CST)
Awesome, i responded as well. On a different topic, what fleet are you in, in-game? (Just curious) --Titantalk 15:30, 12 November 2016 (CST)
Just a small one with an IRL friend and my second account ^^ it's called Arilon, which was a city in a very old online game called Arindal. --Crunch (talk) 15:35, 12 November 2016 (CST)
Just finished customizing my signature :) It uses a template (well, 2 template) to make it so it doesn't take up any extra space, in-fact it takes up less space when signing. --Titantalk 22:31, 14 November 2016 (CST)


I've spent the last month converting all item/equipment pages into Template:ItemPage. I noticed today that you created a new category for equipment that wasn't in that template. If you take a look, there is only one item left: Nog's Uniform. The problem with Nog's Uniform is that it is currently bugged and there are two Uncommon versions of it. There isn't any way to force this with Template:ItemPage. I thought I'd let you know about it. Maybe there's something you want to do with it instead of just leaving it as it is. --Darxide (talk) 01:57, 16 November 2016 (CST)

Great work! Yeah, I guess it's not worth the hassle to try to create a special workaround for one single, buggy item. So for now, I'd leave it as it is.
I removed that category again, though. I was removing the Item categories from the ItemX pages (which happened due to the page preview transclusion), so that they no longer spam counters like the one on the main page. While doing it I noticed there were only a few pages left that hadn't been converted to ItemPage yet, so I added the marker. Great job in converting them! --Crunch (talk) 19:05, 16 November 2016 (CST)
The Category marker could have been helpful when there were still a couple hundred items to convert! I had to use some creative search strings to find everything. Hopefully Nog's Uniform is fixed with this coming game update that Nod was talking about.
I've moved onto Category:Pages with depreciated Infobox crew parameters. At least there is a Category for those. --Darxide (talk) 21:56, 16 November 2016 (CST)
For reference, there are at least 3 items where a more configurable ItemPage/icon/recipe template would help, though only the Uniform cannot be represented by ItemPage at the moment at all: Cobalt Diselenide Weapon, Nog's Uniform , Sisko's Recipe Book. --Crunch (talk) 16:33, 26 November 2016 (CST)


Crunch, I'd like to reopen the discussion about the Item Names. They're too damn long with the rarity, item name, and stars. I found CodeHydro's Template:Item/sandbox. I adjusted the colors to more closely match the ones in the game and I think they look really nice an compact.
It would turn:
Uncommon Emory Erikson: Father of the Transporter Book ★★
2 UncommmonEmory Erikson: Father of the Transporter Book ★★
What do you think?

--Siguard (talk) 14:14, 21 November 2016 (CST)

Personally, I'm not a fan of heavily colored links - it get very hard to see at a glance what is a link, and what isn't. Also, you'll lose the rather important information of redlinks (unless you hover over each and one of the links...).
How about maybe a poll in the forum using the various alternatives we have so far? At the time of the discussion I also created another alternative that might be worth including: User:Crunch/ItemTest.
Have we tried coloring the stars instead? It might be a "best of both worlds".
I'll be pretty busy in the coming 2 weeks, though, so feel free to prepare something. --Crunch (talk) 15:58, 22 November 2016 (CST)
I thought I did that before, but can't find the post. So I (re)created it here: User:Siguard/Item. I like it.
--Siguard (talk) 19:50, 22 November 2016 (CST)
I have to disagree about both of the suggested posibilities. Personally, i find the current color of the rarities good (it has more contrast between the different colors, and is easier to read.) also, having the word "common" "basic" etc is what many people use to differentiate between what the item is. Others use the stars. Id vote to leave the item template as it currently is and not change it. --Titantalk 14:02, 23 November 2016 (CST)


May i suggest that we do 2 things.
1. Make a template (or use the one that i created that can be seen on my user page) for the event page.
2. Use icons for the type of event instead if inconsistent names (faction/shuttle, those are the same).

Also, would you be able to upload a image of the galaxy event icon? Then we would have icons that could represent all 3 types of events. Again, see my page user page for an example). Im not sure how to get a HD image so ill leave that to you, if thats ok.

The template on my userpage can be used without ranks, so it would work for the event page as well. (However the eventlistheader template would not work without rank, and would need to be modified or not used. All that template is though is a template starting a table)

Thanks, Titantalk 16:19, 21 November 2016 (CST)

I hope y'all don't mind, but I took the liberty and created the Galaxy Event Icon
Galaxy event icon.png
--Siguard (talk) 23:25, 21 November 2016 (CST)
As I'll be pretty busy the next days and weeks, I won't be able to take a closer look at that before some time in December.
Thanks for the icon, Siguard! --Crunch (talk) 15:59, 22 November 2016 (CST)
I just finished updating the template that i use further, see {{EventList}} and {{EventListHeader}}. The EventList template is ready to be used, the EventListHeader will be ready in a few days when i have time to add options to it. --Titantalk 17:49, 23 November 2016 (CST)
I just converted the Events Page to use {{EventList}} and {{EventListHeader}}. I made sure to keep all information from the original calendar, including Factions and End Date (although i personally don't find those to be useful info). Let me know if you think the order of columns in the Calendar should be changed. --Titantalk 20:50, 28 November 2016 (CST)

Moved this discussion to here. Please add your opinion. I am volunteering to do this if it is approved. --Titantalk 11:55, 14 December 2016 (CST)

Templates (Ship/Crew/Event/Other)

Hey Crunch, I used your ship vault as a guide and made a {{UserShipLevels}} template. Feel free to use it if you would like :)
Also, if you would like to use any of the other templates that i have created (primarily for user pages, except EventList), they are all listed here.
What do you think of my newly re-organized userpage?
Have a good morning, Titantalk 02:00, 18 December 2016 (CST)

Hey Crunch, I thought you might be interest in this. I made this awhile ago and have no idea if you use it, but it is very handy when editing pages. User:Titan/Purge.js If you save the javascript as a bookmark (not the link), then it can be used on any wiki page very quickly purging it and refreshing it. Its useful when an ItemX template doesn't refresh or a user page doesn't refresh pagesincategory correctly. Hope this helps, Titantalk 22:05, 16 January 2017 (CST)
Yea, I also noticed your ShipStats template. Good work! --Crunch (talk) 07:38, 23 January 2017 (CST)

Ship Stats

After you wiped all the ship attack speeds I noticed that the U.S.S. Voyager has a speed of 0.8 at level 1 and 0.78 (the pre-1.6 speed) at level 6. Are you positive of this? As far as I'm aware, ship speeds should never change and should remain static at all levels. If this is truly the case, I'm more inclined to believe it's a bug rather than an intentional change and I'd ask DB about it. --Darxide (talk) 13:13, 19 December 2016 (CST)

Good catch! It seems I didn't fix that value (hence it still having the incorrect "s" at the end). The DPS already referred to the 0.8 ^^. I updated the page now. --Crunch (talk) 13:39, 19 December 2016 (CST)
Ok, that's good. I had already updated 5 or 6 ships based on the new speed for all levels and when I got to Voyager and saw that it had two different values, I might have freaked out a little and rolled back all the changes I had made. --Darxide (talk) 17:40, 19 December 2016 (CST)
Sorry bout that ^^. I agree, it's probably fairly safe to assume that the AS is constant throughout all levels. The only real inconsistencies I found was with the H.M.S. Bounty, but maybe it got re-balanced in the past, and the data had been inconsistent since then, who knows (had a mixture of 0.88, 0.9 and 0.92). --Crunch (talk) 17:48, 19 December 2016 (CST)

Crew Images

Hi, I just created categories for almost every crew image. I might have missed a few "Head" or "Vault head" images, but every "head" image should be catagorized. The categories I used are here:

I hope this helps organize future uploads and to see what images have been uploaded in the 3 different categories. Please try to add the correct category when uploading future images.

Thanks and have a morning, Titantalk 03:11, 4 January 2017 (CST)

Good work, thanks for the effort! --Crunch (talk) 14:39, 12 January 2017 (CST)


I haven't played since my tablet died but I did notice your admins have disappeared. I just wanted to point out that MilkN2Sugar's twitter page is ThomasMNS according to his blog. If you're unable to hail him in the wiki, you may have better luck through those two pages. Good luck getting admin. – CodeHydro (msg) 12:45, 12 January 2017 (CST)

Thanks for the info! I don't have twitter, so I didn't try that, but I tried his email twice, and never got a response. Also gamernac and all his other Wikis appear to be dead (or at least him not being active there) for months as well. :-/ --Crunch (talk) 14:39, 12 January 2017 (CST)
I have been trying to contact him via Twitter since the beginning of November with no luck. No responses and no activity either. Titantalk 15:09, 12 January 2017 (CST)

facebook (try not to bother his friends/family)... also, this google plus profile exists: though not 100% sure it's him, but he uses this username a lot; if he has a Google Plus account, it's probably his gmail too... suggest you probably shouldn't both contact him at the same time. You should also probably stagger your attempts, e.g. try facebook, wait a week or two, then try gmail... you may have slightly better luck with facebook than email because he is probably buried in spam mail (any email you can find online is going to get spammed), but with facebook he probably checks like once every few months so be patient... – CodeHydro (msg) 10:11, 13 January 2017 (CST)

New Wiki

Hey Crunch, I was wanting to point out to you that according to this site, this server space expires June 1st of this year. Since contacting MilkN2Sugars is almost impossible, we need to seriously think about moving to a new Wiki space. Titan started a post here and now has full admin rights to []. I'm ok with going to the wikia site that Jello and I stared last March, but I'm much rather have a private site like this one without ads. ...but that'll cost cash monies. What do you think?--Siguard (talk) 19:05, 12 February 2017 (CST)

I think it goes without being said, if we end up using Fandom, your be an admin or bureaucrat so you can delete pages/files as needed. I am currently working on the mono book skin on fandom to make it appear the same as the vector skin here. It will be a longish process, probably a couple more weeks, but once its done, i can ask Fandom Support to help transfer all photos over, and transfer a full wiki-dump over to the new site. I will also make a template here to put at the top of every widely traveled page saying this wiki will be expiring and we are moving to a new site with the link. This is all hypothetical, but unless we find a different solution (or someone wants to host a new wiki site with different url), we won't have much of a choice. Let me know what you think. (Im thinking about making a page dedicating to this discussion on this wiki, to make it easier for all discussion to be in one place.) --Titantalk 21:36, 12 February 2017 (CST)
One other note, one advantage of Fandom is that their server is set up to enable Lua. That means much more advanced templates. --Titantalk 21:38, 12 February 2017 (CST)
I do like the advanced templates. That part is awesome.--Siguard (talk) 23:13, 12 February 2017 (CST)
I am not very fond of wikia, to say the least. The ad spam is really unbearable, in addition the remaining screen real estate is so tiny and narrow, that the formatting of almost ALL current pages would be broken. Their MediaWiki engine is ancient, and I have no idea whether our important and nested templates such as the DropTests would still work without heavy modification.
There should be viable alternatives out there, with MUCH less obtrusive ads, and more current MediaWiki engines, such as gamepedia, or shoutwiki or similar.
And yes, creating a discussion page for this topic sounds like a good idea! --Crunch (talk) 21:25, 13 February 2017 (CST)
I have talked to Gamepedia and they are begining the process of copying this wiki to a new site over there. I explained the reason (server expiring and no admins). I just finished making a template that can be put at the top of the most traveled pages here and in the 'infobox crew' template to cover all crew pages, and 'itempage' template to cover all item pages. {{MovingWikiToGamepedia}}. The reason i specified my talk page is because i get emails whenever its modified, which means i can respond almost instantaneously to any questions or concerns about moving. Gamepedia uses a newer version of software then this site does, and it includes support for many other features, unlike Fandom. Please let me know if all of this sounds good and have a good morning, Titantalk 19:40, 15 February 2017 (CST)

The Gauntlet

Hey Crunch, take a look at the templates i just finished (well, for now). {{The Gauntlet}}. Specifically, look at the code for {{The Gauntlet/History}}. It uses a while loop to automatically add new months to The Gauntlet page. Please let me know if this does not work when May begins. I think it should, as i tested it as best as i could. Titantalk 21:42, 7 April 2017 (CDT)

Crew Bias

From what's on the current page Starship_Battles#Active_Boosts I can't figure out:

  • What bias is supposed to represent
  • How it is calculated
    • There are undefined terms (FF Value) and how its different from "Value"
    • Does Value map to anything displayed in the game GUI?
    • What are the numeric values for Rarity & Fusion Level, I assume 1 to 5
    • There are equations with two unknown variables not displayed in game GUI (Bias & Value). For "Bias = Value - Rarity - Fusion level" we can get both Rarity & Fusion level from the game, but that leaves Bias & Value as two undefined variables to solve for in the equation, which means they can't be solved for.
  • Why Bias matters
  • Why are we bothering to track Bias in the Wiki, as it's not mentioned in-game

I think it Bias MIGHT indicate something about how valuable a crew member's boosts are during a ship battle, and that's the total possible understanding I get from this article. You seem to understand how bias works as you made edits, can you try to clarify on the points above that are unclear? -- Flinx (talk) 13:07, 26 April 2017 (CDT)

Cryostasis Vault and Tribble

Hi Crunch. I see you've inserted the Tribble in the Cryostasis Vault table. Unfortunately, I do not have it in my Vault and I presume many, if not most, players don't. As you undoubtedly noticed, your addition changed the part of the table following it, reducing its usefulness for players without the Tribble. Do you have a proposal how to solve this problem? I would undo your edit and make a note about the location of the Tribble for the players who have it. --Tygra Dax (talk) 02:13, 13 June 2017 (CDT)

Hi Tygra. Well, I noticed you included the Alfa Canine, which I assumed also only a few will have, so I thought more about completeness as opposed to the table exactly matching individual vaults of individual players. But I don't know the criteria for getting the Alfa Canine - maybe by now everybody just got him somehow? I got mine somewhere within the last minths, but I have no idea why. Concerning the tribble, it's still possible for everybody to get it, even today, as far as I know. --Crunch (talk) 15:51, 14 June 2017 (CDT)
Hi Crunch. Yeah, didn't think of that... Actually, my goal was to provide a kind of map of the Vault to provide for easier navigation, since in its current state it's a nightmare to find a specific crew to unvault, let alone three. In a way, what you are saying is that we need 4 tables to reach that goal: one with the dog, one with the hair ball, one with both and one without any... I guess I could make four almost identical subpages, one for each and link them from the Vault page. What do you think about that? --Tygra Dax (talk) 15:42, 20 June 2017 (CDT)

Mission Names (Episode/Distress Calls)

Hi Crunch, Please see my post under the Community Portal and comment/vote. Thanks and have a good morning, Titantalk 02:22, 12 July 2017 (CDT)


Fair point about Ezri, although I'd also consider addinf first/last names for all characters to crewnav. Possible sorting could be alphebetical as is now, by series, by type (command, science, engineer, etc based on actual role in series). I have am working on an alphebetical sort on {{User:Titan/Sandbox/1}}.

Well, what I tried to emphasize was that the major reason for the existence and form of the CrewNav are:
  • conciseness
  • minimized total height
  • searchability
Tables which are collapsed by default preclude the page search, which is (at least for me) the by far most important feature. With your tables expanded, though, the CrewNav becomes excessively huge so the CrewNav will be bigger than most of the Character pages itself, leading to a lot of unnecessary scrolling, esp. on mobile. Including both first and last names also almost doubles the amount of text the section needs to hold, and is overkill IMHO. Keeping the sorting alphabetical is the only way to go, IMHO, as it's about quickly finding specific characters/crew, not having to know about their skills. If somebody *is* interested in crew specializing in a certain skill, there are always the skill category pages available. In addition, the character skills are ambiguous and can vary between versions (e.g., Mirror Ezri Tigan not having any MED, Picard having his major skill being CMD, DIP, SEC, or SCI, depending on the version, and so on).
It might actually be neat and useful, though, if we were to add the skill icons each crew version is proficient in to the {{SACharacter}} template, for each version sorted by their strength. --Crunch (talk) 12:17, 17 July 2017 (CDT)
What exactly bothers you with the current layout? --Crunch (talk) 12:12, 17 July 2017 (CDT)
What bothers me is the fact that the abbreviations aren't something everyone knows. When i was referring to skills, i was more referring to "Captains, Engineers, Science officers, Security officers, etc." That way its sorted by knowledge from Star Trek, which in theory, anyone playing this game would have. Another issue i have is the growing list of characters. Its becoming a very hard to look at navbox that needs cleaning up. See the link at the top of my sandbox page for an example of a cleaned up navbox. I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but when i use the wiki while playing STT, I almost exclusively use it from Safari on my iPhone. There is no search on page feature on there, so that makes this a much more important issue, as a large percentage of the player base uses iPhones. Thoughts? Titantalk 01:42, 18 July 2017 (CDT)

Gauntlet Rewards

What do you think about this layout?--Siguard (talk) 15:40, 18 July 2017 (CDT)

PSSB stat icons

Good catch, I didn't think about the link going to the wrong place when I started doing it, it just occurred to me one day that we had a function to show the icon and it'd be nice to see there. Thanks for updating that, now I just have to remember the new tags :) Middlehead (talk) 11:43, 25 July 2017 (CDT)

ATS table

Hey Crunch, not sure i ever asked, what do you think if the {{Crew Page ATS Table}} template i wrote? Titantalk 17:55, 17 November 2017 (CST)

Deleting an Older Fleet Logo Image

Hi there, I've been having a bit of trouble deleting an older version of the fleet logo,!.png The problem was when I was first adding it - being new to STT Wiki and not understanding the process of it, I 'uploaded a new version', I'm sure this is the issue I'm struggling with now, Titan at least got the image to link to the Fleets List and Fleets page ok, but the problem remains on the 'image page' (as linked) it's using the sizing of the older logo and does not look at all normal at the image link, as it's stretching it out of whack to 785 × 296 (98 KB) instead of the new 800 x 800 Titan suggested I contact Siguard about it, but it seems he's not sure what I mean. Would really appreciate it being looked into - you'll see there are two images with the correct 'square' shape to swap it to as well. TIA - TPol Sasha0z (talk) 19:32, 20 March 2018 (CDT)

No worries. MediaWiki is a bit lazy concerning updating images. The update will work, but you will often see old versions (or mixed resolution versions as in your case) throughout the wiki for up to several hours, until the internal database scraper updated everything (and the browser cache recognizes the change). By now the problem seems to have resolved itself. If it hasn't for you try clearing your browser cache, and then add ?action=purge to the file page url (and maybe to the fleet page url) to try to force an internal update. --Crunch (talk) 15:13, 21 March 2018 (CDT)
Thanks, seems to be all fixed now also had to clear g chromes' cache, as had seen it fixed (on mbl, and Edge browser last night Australian time..) Thanks again for the info, may also be useful in the future (have been reading up at the Mediawiki re: images etc for various other things, Cheers Sasha0z (talk) 03:58, 22 March 2018 (CDT)


Demoting because of inactivity. If you return, your previous rank will be restored. Titantalk 04:04, 8 October 2018 (CDT)

Done. Only reason is for security. Rather not have an inactive admin account. As for captchas, no idea when they appear, and forcing preview on edit is on for all non-admins, intentionally. Helps to prevent edits that screw up pages. Titantalk 20:18, 23 October 2018 (CDT)


Hey Crunch, the category issue is present in the version of mediawiki that we are running. To fix it would require updating to 1.31 (from 1.28), which requires a significant amount of work. At this time i do not intend to update before December 2018, as i am too busy for the essentially days worth of work that is required. Thanks, Titantalk 01:05, 4 November 2018 (CDT)

That is the same bug, but it was apparently a temporary fix. (That i have had to do more times then i can count for very limited success, and it always breaks again. The only permanent fix is to update, but see above. Titantalk 21:23, 10 November 2018 (CST)