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Voyages are a feature introduced in Update 3.0. They allow sending a manned ship on a long-away mission in order to collect resources and crew[1]. During a Voyage your crew crew can face Hazards and Dilemmas around the universe.

Starting a Voyage

Voyages are found in the bottom left corner of the Galaxy map. In order to start a mission you have to select a starship and twelve crew members. During the Voyage, the crew can't be used in away missions, shuttle missions, and can't be dismissed. However they can be used in the Gauntlet.

Each picked crew contributes with their skills. The amount they contribute equals their average roll (base skill plus average proficiency), so for instance a crew with Command 20+(5-15) and Engineering 10+(20-40) will contribute Command 30 and Engineering 40.

Featured skills

Each voyage has two featured skills: one marked with a gold star, one with a silver star. These skills are tested more often: the primary (gold) skill will be tested 35% of the time, the secondary (silver) skill 25%, and each of the other skills 10%.[2]

It is important to prioritize the featured skills as they will, cumulatively, be tested around 60% of the time.

Antimatter reserves Voyages Antimatter Icon.png

Each ship carries a certain amount of antimatter (AM), which is required to power the starship. The amount of AM depends on the ship rarity and level (gaining 50 AM per level), as follows:

Rarity AM at level 1 AM at max level
Common Common 1050 1300
Uncommon UncommonUncommon 1250 1550
Rare RareRareRare 1550 1900
Super Rare Super RareSuper RareSuper RareSuper Rare 1850 2250
Legendary LegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendary 2050 2500

Both the crew slot and the ship slots give you the opportunity to match traits. Ship traits give you 150 AM, while crew traits give you 25 AM.

During the Voyage

As the mission progresses, you'll notice a certain number of events happening. A player has no influence on these events (except Dilemmas).

Normal activity

Your crew performs two activities per minute (unless a hazard check or dilemma takes place)[2], ranging from poetry competitions to exploring alien caves. While many of these activities only serve to give some flavour to their voyage, during some activities your crew will unearth resources (credits, honor, chronitons, components, crew experience training, replicator rations, items or crew) which your crew takes back to the ship.

Each activity costs 1 AM. Other events that take place instead of a normal activity also deduct 1 AM. Thus there is a consistent drain of 1 AM per 30 seconds.[2]

Hazards Voyages Hazard Icon.png

Every 1 to 3 minutes, the crew will face a Hazard - a situation your crew will try to avoid. Hazards test one skill indicated by the hazard marker. If your crew avoids the hazard, you will gain 5 AM. If they fail you will lose 30 AM.

Hazards test your crew's total capability in a skill set, not the individual skill of a single crew member.

Hazards do not give rewards. Hazards are what will burn through your AM reserves very quickly if your crew isn't up to the challenge.

Difficulty of Hazards

The hazards increase in difficulty, meaning that in the beginning you'll win all hazards, until a certain point when the probability of losing becomes bigger than the probability of winning. At that point, your ship is going to burn through its reserves of AM.

Dilemmas Voyages Dilemma Icon.png

If your crew has survived enough hazards lasting two hours, your crew will be presented with a Dilemma - a stop point during your voyage that presents a situation that requires interaction. You, the player, must choose a course of action, all of which award some loot, possibly including Honor (30 to 100), Chronitons (30 to 100), Ship Schematics, Crew or Items.

During a Dilemmas, the voyage is paused. AM is not being consumed and the timer does not advance. Until a solution is chosen by the player, the voyage will not continue. This can be used as a fail-safe by players -- for instance during an overnight voyage. However, if your skills are not strong enough, you can deplete your AM before reaching the next Dilemmas.

List of Dilemmas

  Dilemma Name Choices    
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png A Higher Duty, Part 1 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png A Higher Duty, Part 2 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png A Life Alone, Part 1 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png A Life Alone, Part 2 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Blood-Red Tide 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Blow by Blow 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Burden of Proof 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png By Our Own Hands 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Champion of the People, Part 1 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Champion of the People, Part 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Class Act 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Cracks in the Wall 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png First Author 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Friends in Need 3**
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Interference, Part 1 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Interference, Part 2 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Ladders and Chains 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Next Stop, Absolution 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Off the Books, Part 1 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Off the Books, Part 2 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Outstretched Talons 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Profit in the Wind 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Retrofit 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Sticks and Stones 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png The Beginning of the End of the World 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png The Buried Years 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png The Greater Need 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png The Tools at Hand 3**
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png The Voice of the Prophets 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png True to the Uniform 3
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png What Smiles May Hide 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Where Earth Meets the Sky 2
Voyages Dilemma Icon.png Winter's Price 2
** Choices shown are based on a prior Dilemma.

Rewards over time

As time progresses rewards improve, making longer trips much more valuable. For instance, it is possible for a player to obtain only 50 chronitons Chroniton after a 2-hours Voyage, and 300Chroniton after a 6-hour Voyage.

Dilemmas, each two hours, have a unique reward table. It is possible, for instance, to obtain a batch of 600 schematics, even for otherwise unobtainable ships (such as the NX-01 Enterprise), making Voyages the only currently available way to obtain elusive ships. The following list explains only "typical" rewards.

Before the first dilemma

In the first two hours players will be mostly awarded with common crew, basic components, and batches of 1Chroniton. The first dilemma threshold crew reward is usually an uncommon and in very few cases a rare, as well as 30 Honor and 30Chroniton.

Between the first and the third dilemma

Between 2 and 6 hours of voyage time players will be awarded uncommon or rare crew, common components and batches of 4Chroniton. Rare Replicator Rations can be also obtained in substantial amounts after the fourth hour. The second dilemma usually awards an uncommon crew, 30 Honor and 30Chroniton, but has a chance to award a rare crew, 60 Honor and 50Chroniton. The third dilemma can still award an uncommon crew, but has a good chance of giving an super rare crew member, 100 Honor and 75Chroniton.

After the third dilemma

When your trip lasts more than 6 hours, mid-voyage rewards increase remarkably, including uncommon components, super rare crew and batches of 10 Chroniton.

Recalling a Voyage

As long as you have AM you can recall the starship. The voyage home does not consume any AM. The ship will take a certain time to return to you, and you will receive the rewards and be able to use the crew otherwise.

The trip back requires 40% of the Voyage time (e.g. if your trip was four hours long it will take one hour, 36 minutes for the ship to come back). You can speed up the return with dilithium if you can't wait.

After the return you will have a chance to see the complete log of your Voyage.

Running out of Antimatter Voyages Antimatter Icon.png

A player can run out of antimatter only because of normal activity (one AM per action) or of hazards (30 AM per failure). When reaching 0 AM, the ship is stranded in space: the player has the choice of aborting the mission (sacrificing all the rewards) or refilling the AM by spending dilithium. The amount of dilithium needed to restore the antimatter depends on how long the voyage has lasted thus far with the equation: [math]\frac{Time_\left(Min.\right)}{5}=[/math] Dilithium. If you choose to abandon the mission, then your crew will be returned to active duty immediately without a waiting period, but you will not receive any of the rewards you've collected.

It is not possible to recall a ship and obtain the rewards without at least 1 AM left.


The WereDragon Strategy

Further tests has shown that the gold skill will occur nearly 36% of the time while silver skill 24% of the time (Sample size: 3,165 skill checks in 10 voyages). The other skills will fall between 7% to 12% (with one occurrence of 15%).

The silver and gold skills will occur 60% of the time. These skills should have your primary focus. If you are intending to do a 6 hour voyage, they should be minimally at 6,000. The higher, the better. 7,000 would be recommended.

Choose a skill to sacrifice. You want that skill as low as possible to boost your other skills. As an example, lets sacrifice engineering. A fully equipped lvl 100 Gangster Spock has the stats of 276 eng, 992 sec, and 671 sci for voyages. You can use Gangster Spock as your engineer to boost up your Security and Science. Engineering skill checks will fail most of the time and eventually all the time as the voyage progress, BUT you are playing the odds. In this example, Engineering will only come up 7% to 12% of the time. That's it. That is a very small percentage. And by sacrificing engineering, you can boost the other skills and those skills will take longer before they start failing skill checks.

A modified strategy (called the NATE mod), is to sacrifice 2 skills but not to the same degree. With a pure WereDragon strategy, it is quite possible to have the skill beneath 1,000. In the NATE mod, the 2 skills will fall between 1,000 and 3,000. Again, the thought is the same. You are playing the odds. You sacrifice 2 skills to boost the other 4 skills.

Player suggestions

  • A player-made tool to calculate an approximate duration of your Voyage using your crew's skills can be found here.
  • Due to the fact that all the skill points of a crew contribute to the ship's total, Voyages have a slight bias in favour of crew members with points in three skills.
  • As the difficulty increases at a certain point you will start failing all hazards. At that point you can roughly calculate how long it will take you to run out of AM based on your current reserve. There is no point in recalling the ship when it has hundreds, or thousands, of AM in reserve, but waiting too much might result in accidentally running out. Running a voyage is safe until you have 31 AM or less in reserve.
  • Currently Voyages offer a great amount of common and uncommon crew, and are one of the fastest and cheaper ways for newer players to obtain all copies of such crew.


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