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Skill First text Second text (failure) Second text (success) Third text
Engineering Our sensors detected a large asteroid on a collision course for a Class M planet with several hundred thousand inhabitants. When {crewname} was unable to redirect the asteroid with a tractor beam, we were forced to destroy it with photon torpedos. Thankfully the debris did not cause any causalities. According to our long-range scans, no other astronomical objects in the region pose a thread to the planet.
Engineering While flying through the atmosphere of a gas giant, the away team encountered a dense pocket of gas that began buckling the shuttle's hull. There was a minor hull breach in the aft compartment, though {crewname} eventually sealed it off with a forcefield. Since the dense gas they encountered does not match any compounds known to Starfleet, I've requested a full report based on the away team's analysis.
Engineering A computer malfunction shut off holodeck safety protocols while several crew members were playing through the Battle of Thermopylae. While {crewname} was struggling to reactivate the safety protocols, one of the ancient soldiers wounded {crewname}. After a computer diagnostic revealed that a faulty isolinear subprocessor caused the malfunction, {crewname} had it replaced.
Engineering We lost all signal from a probe once it entered the atmosphere of a storm-clouded planet. It took {crewname} several more probes to make contact with the first and relay its signal back to the {shipname}. The probe's scans indicated a highly acidic ocean beneath the cloud cover, inhospitable to most carbon-based life as we know it.
Engineering We received a distress call from a {factionname} science vessel caught in a plasma stream between two binary stars. In order to increase power to our tractor beam, {crewname} had to drain the {shipname}'s shields. {crewname} increased the strength of our tractor beam enough to tug the {factionname} vessel free. Once the {factionname} vessel departed, we stayed to observe this unique binary star cluster at a safer distance.
Engineering While exploring a Class L planet, the away team came across a chasm between them and their destination. They were forced to hike around the chasm when {crewname} could find no way across. On the other side, they reached a valley full of undiscovered plant life and glittering waterfalls.
Engineering Our journey took us past a cryonics satellite of unknown origin whose power generators were failing. Two of the stasis pods lost power before {crewname} was able to adapt one of our power cells to fit the satellite's generators. Without knowing who the passengers were or why they were put into stasis, we chose not to wake them up, but I wish them a safe journey.
Engineering A rogue Jem'Hadar ship attacked the {shipname}, disabling one of its artificial gravity generators. The Jem'Hadar struck the {shipname} with another polaron beam before {crewname} could reach a computer console and restore artificial gravity. Having driven the Jem'Hadar fighter off, we are making our way out of this sector as quickly as our damaged systems will allow.
Engineering A shuttle's internal temperature began to plummet while {crewname} was charting a frozen planet. With no other source of heat, {crewname} had to burn several supply packs to keep warm. The data from {crewname}'s flight revealed buildings frozen beneath the planet's icy surface.
Engineering The entrance of an abandoned outpost suddenly slammed shut, trapping an away team inside as its walls began closing in. Two crew members sustained painful fractures by the time {crewname} identified which power line to cut to stop the crushing walls. The rest of the technology the away team discovered in the outpost was similarly dangerous but impressive in its design.
Engineering During an away mission, {crewname} was captured by {factionname} bounty hunters and thrown into a cell in their camp. When the guards brought food to the captured away,[1] {crewname} was forced to fight them for the keys. Once out of the cell, the away team recovered their belongings and requested an emergency beam out.
Engineering Damaged by an encounter with hostile {factionname} ships, the {shipname} began losing antimatter containment! Multiple secondary systems overloaded when {crewname} rerouted power to restore the warp core's antimatter containment. If we had been forced to eject our warp core, we would have been stranded in this sector. I'm glad we can still continue our voyage.
Engineering While the {shipname} was passing by a subspace corridor, a gravimetric distortion began pulling the {shipname} inside. {crewname} focused a deflector beam at the opening to the corridor. The shockwave threw the {shipname} free but knocked out power on several decks. There's no telling how far the corridor would have carried us if we'd been pulled inside, or whether we would have been able to find our way home.
Command Unexpected turbulence knocked out a shuttle's impulse drive while {crewname} was flying it down to the surface of a moon. With no clear site for an emergency landing, {crewname}'s shuttle was badly damaged upon impact. Once the local weather grew calm, we were able to recover {crewname} and the shuttle and begin repairs.
Command While charting the unusual craters of a small moon, {crewname}'s shuttle was suddently pulled out of orbit. The {shipname} had to tug {crewname}'s shuttle free of the gravitational anomaly gripping it. A gravitational anomaly had gripped the shuttle, but {crewname} made a risky jump to warp and escaped. With the telemetry from the shuttle, we adjusted our scans and found that dozens of similar anomalies were the source of the moon's craters.
Command The {shipname} entered a sector of space patrolled by a massive network of drone ships. Moons and planets gave {crewname} the protection the {shipname} needed to navigate the sector's star system undetected. None of the planets we passed in the sector appeared to be inhabited, which leaves the question of who build the drones, and why?
Command Our voyage brought us to a {factionname} colony that was being bombarded by a meteor storm. Arriving at the colony, {crewname} could not calm the panicked citizens enough to evacuate all of them, and many were lost in the bombardment. When all of the colonists could not be evacuated in time, {crewname} beamed them underground into caves or up to the {shipname}. The meteor storm devastated the colonists' homes and infrastructure. We shared what supplies we could, but it will take months for them to rebuild.
Command A routine visit to a {factionname} trading station took a turn when {crewname} went missing. Station security caught {crewname}'s Zibalian captors attempting to leave the station before {crewname} did. Local security took custody of the Zibalians and apologized for the danger {crewname} had been placed in.
Command We traveled through a region with subspace anomalies that seemed to be pulled towards our warp nacelles. Even with {crewname} at the helm, one anomaly reached us and passed through the {shipname}'s starboard nacelle, temporarily disabling it. As much as I would have liked to study the anomalies, the risk they posed to our safety was too great.
Command A devastating attack from Nausicaan pirates caused fires and damaged environmental controls in several sections of the {shipname}. Two more sections of the {shipname} caught fire as {crewname} struggled to organize damage control teams amidst the chaos. None of the damage is beyond repair, but it will take at least 4 days to restore life support in the damaged areas.
Command {crewname} was visiting a Tellarite ship when they were attacked by several {factionname} vessels! Without knowing the Tellarite ship's controls, {crewname} could only stand by while they struggled to defend themselves. The {shipname} arrived just in time to fend off the last of the {factionname} ships. Luckily, the Tellarites reported only non-fatal casualties.
Command A Maquis cell took {crewname}'s away team hostage on a Class D moon. After {crewname} convinced the Maquis to let the rest of the away team go, they alerted the {shipname} and we were able to rescue {crewname}. The Maquis must have been truly desperate to take Starfleet officers captive, and to hude out in such a desolate place.
Security I dispatched an away team to respond to a crashed ship's distress call, but it's passengers had set up an ambush! {crewname} covered the away team while they raced back to the shuttle, escaping unharmed. Back abord the {shipname}, {crewname} sent out a warning buoy to alert other travelers to the trap.
Security An away team stumbled across the path of several bony, canine-like beasts. By flanking the creatures, {crewname} managed to drive them away with a few well-placed phaser blasts. Later, the away team spied a herd of grazing, scaly creatures that may have been the canines' intended prey.
Security A massive rockslide buried {crewname}'s shuttle while the away team was sheltering from a thunderstorm. {crewname} had to dismantle the away team's equipment to create enough charges to blast the shuttle free. {crewname} set up sorium charges around the shuttle's perimeter, removing enough rocks for it to fly free. Despite all the destruction it caused, the thunderstorm's passage left a beautiful, cloud-streaked sky in its wake.
Security {crewname} detected a faint energy signature off of the {shipname}'s port bow. The cloaked Srivani ship fired several shots at the {shipname} before {crewname} could fight it off. A spread of phaser fire revealed a cloaked Srivani ship, which quickly backed off at {crewname}'s command. We do not know what they wanted from us, but at least none appear to have boarded our ship.
Security The {shipname} reached a Mizarian settlement just as a group of {factionname} ships attacked it. {crewname} used a shuttle to distract the ships until the {shipname} could intervene, though one of the shuttle's impulse nacelles was damaged. {crewname} took to a shuttle and led the ships into narrow canyon,[2] where they were easily disabled. It seems the Mizarian settlers' personal philosophies do not allow them to build weapons, even for defense, so they were grateful for {crewname}'s help.
Security What we took to be an abandoned station orbiting a rocky moon fired a pulse weapon at the {shipname} as we passed it. In the process of disabling the station, {crewname}'s phaser fire blasted holes in several sections. Aiming for its generators, {crewname} was able to disable the station's weapons without destroying it. Judging from the ruins on the moon, the station was once meant to protect a colony, but we found no living inhabitants.
Security Returning from a survey mission, the away team found a huge arachnid spinning webs atop their shuttle. With a few short phaser bursts, {crewname} burned away the sticky webs, allowing the away team to get into the shuttle. While flying back to the {shipname}, {crewname} saw an old wreck on a hillside covered in familiar webs.
Security A group of {factionname} mercenaries ambushed {crewname} and the away team at their camp on a habitable moon. Once {crewname} stunned the leader of the ambush, his companions quickly took off running. At {crewname}'s suggestion, the away team relocated their camp to a steep, defensible hill.
Security While guarding one of our science teams, {crewname} spotted a prisoner fleeing a distant internment camp. One of the guards wounded the prisoner before {crewname} could stun them. {crewname} stunned both pursuing guards before they could shoot the prisoner. The prisoner thanked {crewname} for the rescue and asked us to drop her off on a Class M planet in the next sector.
Security We picked up a distress call from a Varro scout ship that had drifted into a minefield of unknown origin. While attempting to open a path through the minefield, {crewname} set off a chain reaction that damaged the {shipname}. The Varro barely thanked us before continuing on their way. Considering how long they were trapped here, it's difficult to blame them.
Security A wormhole unexpectedly appeared beside the {shipname}, pulling us past its event horizon. We sustained several hull breaches when {crewname} launched an array of photon charges further into the wormhole, but the resulting shockwave threw us clear. Unfortunately, the wormhole closed before our scans could determine where it might have taken us.
Security An away team found themselves caught in the beginning of a stampede as shaggy, equine creatures charged past them. One of the charging creatures bowled {crewname} over before the away team could get out of their path. Later, {crewname}'s tricorder picked up a large lifeform in the direction the stampede came from. Perhaps it caused the animals' fright.
Security While {crewname} and an away team were exploring an abandoned station near {systemname}, they awakened some of its automated defenses. A swath of particle beams descended from the ceiling, slicing through some of the away team's equipment before {crewname} could disable them. Judging from its defenses, the station may have been involved in weapons research rather than planetary observation.
Security A run in with a Druoda ship left an armed anti-matter torpedo embedded in the side of the {shipname}. While dislodging the torpedo, {crewname} accidentally set off its detonator. It exploded several seconds later, damaging the {shipname}. We stopped in the shadow of a nearby moon to complete repairs, avoiding the attention of other passing Druoda ships.
Security Long-range sensors detected a crashed Borg sphere on a Class L planet. Scans indicated that a few of its systems were still operational. The surviving drones turned some of the sphere's weapons against the {shipname} before {crewname} could destroy it. Without knowing why the sphere crashed on this planet, we can only be grateful that we did not have to face it at full strength.
Security While we negotiated for passage through Orion territory, one of the Orion slavers took {crewname} hostage. {crewname} stunned the Orion, though his knife wounded {crewname} as he fell to the floor. After seeing {crewname} defeat him, the other Orions let us pass through their territory without incident.
Diplomacy An away team startled an Antican scavenger while searching for supplies. The Antican accepted {crewname}'s apologized[3] for the fright, and the away team promised to stay away from the wreck he was searching. Though we found nothing of value on the moon, we were able to avoid a fight with an innocent man.
Diplomacy A Kreetassan historian asked {crewname} if she could visit the {shipname} and learn about our voyages. Immediately after arriving, the historian stormed off the {shipname} when {crewname} accidentally referred to her with an informal pronoun. {crewname} briefed the crew on Kreetassan customs before welcoming the historian aboard, preventing any diplomatic incidents. We will be passing through a Kreetassan-held sector of space within the next day, so I've asked the entire crew to continue reviewing their customs.
Diplomacy A pack of Klingon hunters accused {crewname}'s away team of disrupting their current hunt. Identifying the hunters' leader, {crewname} addressed him with the proper respect and convinced him to carry on despite the intrusion. Diplomatic etiquette can make all the difference between friend or foe on an uncharted world.
Diplomacy Upon entering the {systemname} system, the {shipname}'s[3] was bombarded by hundreds of overlapping messages. Within half an hour, {crewname} traced the messages to a malfunctioning communications relay which {crewname} easily repaired. The rest of our voyage through the system was relatively quiet. We observed several comets tracing long solar orbits.
Diplomacy The {shipname} intercepted a message from a warning buoy in an unknown language that the universal translator could not translate. Though {crewname} studied the message to no avail, it may have been a warning about the gravimetric distortions we encountered a few hours later. Based on {crewname}'s translations, we learned that a nearby star system was riddled with violent gravimetric distortions and charted a course around it. I've asked {crewname} to continue studying the message when time allows, so that we have a chance to translate other messages left by its creators.
Diplomacy The away team ran into a feather-covered biped in a clearing. It would not respond to their attempts to speak with it. The away team backed away rather than risk a fight when {crewname} could not communicate with the being. Detailed scans of the planet indicate more of the same lifeforms living throughout its southern hemisphere.
Diplomacy A Kellerun captain hailed the {shipname}, requesting an escort to a planet several systems away. {crewname} demanded more information before agreeing, a suspicion that proved justified when a Tarellian ship arrived searching for biological weapons in the captain's possession. The weapons were confiscated by the Tarellians, who demonstrated that their scientists have the means to dispose of them safely.
Diplomacy The away team arrived at a Nechani settlement in the middle of a beautiful but unfamiliar festival. Not realizing the personal nature of the festival, {crewname} suggested that the away team participate, earning the ire of the settlers. Recognizing the festival as a religious ceremony, {crewname} advised the away team not to interrupt. We've added what little information the away team observed to our database on Nechani culture.
Diplomacy {crewname} and the away team were surrounded by Kriosian gun runners protecting their newest cargo. The Kriosians recognized {crewname}'s attempts to stall for time and attacked the away team. Several crew members were wounded before the {shipname} beamed them up. We left them to go their own way while we continued surveying the rest of the star system.
Diplomacy A frightened {factionname} geologist took {crewname} hostage when the away team stumbled across her camp in the night. Once {crewname} convinced the geologist that they meant no harm, she freed {crewname} and apologized for the misunderstanding. {crewname} returned to the {shipname} unharmed, though embarrassed by the experience.
Diplomacy While visiting {systemname}, {crewname} offered to host a reception for diplomats from nearby systems. {crewname}'s reception was nearly the start of a war when two rival trading factions got into a fight over the canapes. By the time we left {systemname}, the {shipname} had made a strong impression on all of the local powers.
Diplomacy I sent {crewname} to speak with a group of Romulan and Cardassian soldiers arguing over the mining rights to a gallicite-rich moon. {crewname}'s suggested compromise was not enough to please either side, who left to fortify their respective camps. It may only be a matter of time before fighting breaks out between them, but for now, we must continue on our journey.
Diplomacy A Prytt ship opened fire on the {shipname}, mistaking us for part of an invasion force. The Prytt saw {crewname}'s attempts to negotiate as a ruse to lower their defenses. We left the system rather than continue fighting over a misunderstanding. When our sensors picked up a Kes colony in the next star system, we gave them as wide a berth as the Prytt.
Diplomacy {crewname} returned to the away team after exploring a cavern only for another version of {crewname} to arrive at the same time! We beamed one of the two up to the {shipname} on {crewname}'s suggestion only to discover that it was an allasomorph. We retrieved the real {crewname} and left the allosomorph[3] on its home planet.
Science The sudden appearance of a force field trapped the away team inside an empty research station. The station's command consoles were written in a code {crewname} could not decipher, and {crewname} was forced to blast open a maintenance hatch for them to escape. {crewname} deciphered the code displayed on the station's command consoles, and once entered, it deactivated the force fields. The code may have been intended as a test rather than a simple defense mechanism, but we found no inhabitants to confirm our theory.
Science A bioplasmic organism brushed past the {shipname}'s hull, leaving a sludge-like residue behind. {crewname} filled spatial charges with a mild acid and fired them from a shuttle. They quickly ate through the residue without harming the hull. We kept one small sample of the residue for study. {crewname} believes it may have insulatory properties.
Science Unexpected turbulence knocked a canister of xylathoric acid loose in {crewname}'s shuttle's cargo hold. Before the acid could cause any damage, {crewname} found an appropriately basic compound and neutralized it. It was fortunate that the few compounds which could have caused a chain reaction with the acid remained safely in their containers.
Science We opened a channel to a {factionname} research ship that was sailing dangerously close to a dark matter asteroid. When {crewname} could not help the researchers improve their scans of the asteroid, they insisted on approaching it. Two became ill from the intense radiation it was emitting. Our projections of the asteroid's course indicate no anomalies or inhabited planets in its path, so we made no attempt to divert it.
Science While surveying an oceanic planet, {crewname}'s shuttle was caught in a tropical storm. With nowhere to find shelter, {crewname} and the shuttle barely escaped the storm's gale force winds in one piece. The data from {crewname}'s survey suggests that storms such as this one may help distribute nutrients throughout the planet's vast oceans.
Science A pack of Orion Syndicate ships closed in on the {shipname} while we were attempting hull repairs. {crewname} could find nowhere for the {shipname} to take cover, and we sustained moderate damage while defending ourselves against the Orions. Once they left, we completed our hull repairs without any further interruptions.
Science Navigation became difficult when the {shipname} entered an abnormal dark matter nebula that absorbed all light from surrounding stars. With {crewname} unable to guide the {shipname} by either stars or limited sensor readings, we spent several days circling inside the nebula before finally breaking free. Although our time inside the nebula was disorienting, its unique light absorbing properties may inspire some new scientific developments.
Science The {shipname} visited an Axanar biosphere colony whose atmospheric processors could no longer produce the nitrogen they needed to breathe. The spare nitrogen {crewname} supplied the colonists with will only buy them a small amount of time. The Axanar's scientists hope to adapt the exterior atmosphere to breathable levels, if their colony survives long enough.
Science The away team was taking geological samples from a cave system when the planet began experiencing violent earthquakes. As {crewname} tried to guide the away team back to the entrance, several of them were injured as parts of the cave system collapsed. The samples we recovered suggest a long history of geological upheavals on the planet, with massive tectonic shifts occuring[3] every few years.
Science The {shipname}'s sensors picked up a massive wildfire sweeping towards a Xindi-Arboreal colony. At {crewname}'s recommendation, we cleared as many trees as we could away from the colony, but many buildings were still lost in the fire. The colony will recover with time, but it will take decades or even centuries for the forest to grow back.
Science {crewname}'s sensor scans detected a massive stellar core fragment hurtling towards an inhabited star system. The entire star system had to be evacuated when {crewname} could find no way to completely divert the core fragment. From the sensor data we gathered, the core fragment came from a distant star at least 5 billion years old.
Science A hull breach in an aft shuttle compartment trapped {crewname}'s away team in the cockpit with a dwindling air supply. {crewname} and the away team used what oxygen they could from the shuttle's environmental suits, but most of them were unconscious by the time the {shipname} rescued them. We will need to find a source of duranium to finish patching the shuttle's hull.
Science {crewname} responded to a distress call from a {shipclass} which had half fallen into interphase. By the time {crewname} had reunited the two halves of the ship, the out-of-phase crew members had become delirious. The crew told us they had passed through a subspace anomaly while cloaked. The interaction between their cloak and the anomaly most likely caused the accident.
Medicine {crewname} found a wounded quadruped huddled in a cave. Recognizing that such a creature might be allergic to triptacederine, {crewname} treated it with another analgesic to ease its pain. Its wounds suggested that it was the victim of hunters, though we found no campsites or buildings near the creature's lair.
Medicine As soon as a visiting Xanthan dignitary brought her pet marmot on board, half of the crew began experiencing difficulty breathing. Refining the ship's environmental systems allowed {crewname} to filter out allergens so the crew could breathe easily again. We apparently made a good impression on the Xanthan despite the crew's discomfort during her stay.
Medicine After visiting a settlement that had a recent outbreak of Levodian flu, the away team requested permission to return to the {shipname}. When neither {crewname} nor the transporter's biofilter picked up any signs of infection, the away team resumed their duties on the {shipname} only to fall ill within hours. When {crewname} reviewed the transporter's biofilter readings and saw that several of them were carrying the virus, {crewname} transported the away team into quarantine. The flu was easily treated, though the infected crew members had to spend several restless hours in sickbay.
Medicine An away team began experiencing severe stomach cramps as soon as they set foot in a Class M planet's rainforest. Unable to pinpoint the source of their nausea, {crewname} ordered the away team back to the {shipname} before their symptoms worsened. Perhaps this unwelcoming environment is responsible for keeping the rainforest free of would-be inhabitants.
Medicine Halfway across a steep path, {crewname} slipped and broke an arm. {crewname} could not stabilize the compound fracture, leaving {crewname} in a great deal of pain on their way back to the shuttle. The two of them were able to return to the shuttle once {crewname} set the bone and fashioned a splint out of spare supplies. After receiving proper treatment in sickbay, {crewname}'s arm should be as good as new in a matter of days.
Medicine A {factionname} geologist passed away unexpectedly in the night while the {shipname} was transporting her and her team to a trading outpost. Some of the geologist's team members began accusing one another of murder when {crewname}'s autopsy proved inconclusive. We took a short detour to deliver them and the body to a {factionname} settlement for a proper burial.
Medicine {crewname} sustained second-degree burns when the away team's shuttle made an emergency landing on a deserted planet. Without the proper supplies to treat {crewname}'s burns, {crewname} could only provide an analgesic to reduce the pain. With help from some of the local plant life, {crewname} created a dermaline gel substitute for {crewname}'s burns. We recovered our crew and the shuttle in time for {crewname} to receive more thorough treatment in sickbay.
Medicine The {shipname} found a stasis pod drifting through an asteroid field, its life support systems failing. When {crewname} tried to wake up the {factionname} occupant, she went into shock and had to be resuscitated. Our new passenger had been in stasis for decades after being diagnosed with a fatal respiratory condition. Fortunately, we now have the technology to cure it.
Medicine The away team found an injured Excalbian among the wreckage of its ship, its lifesigns rapidly fading. {crewname} could not stabilize the Excalbian's silicon-based circulatory system in time to save it. When departing the planet, the away team's shuttle was struck by lightning. They were fortunate not to meet the same fate as the Excalbian's ship.
Medicine An away team discovered a mysterious spherical device in a long-abandoned outpost. When scanned, it emitted a beam that erased their memories. The associational therapy {crewname} prescribed had limited success. Fortunately, the away team's recovery accelerated the further away we got from the outpost. The rest of the crew has been recording more personal logs than usual since the incident, hoping to preserve their memories for posterity in case they are ever lost.
Medicine The away team was attacked by a macrovirus while gathering plant samples from a Class L moon. {crewname}'s phaser fire scattered the virus, but {crewname} could find no way to deliver the amount of antigen it would take to destroy it. {crewname} dosed the away team with high levels of antigen so that when the macrovirus attacked them, it was "infected" by the cure. We've left a warning buoy cautioning any future visitors to either avoid the moon or use environmental suits when exploring it.
Medicine The {shipname} reached a region of space filled with dangerously high levels of omicron radiation but too vast to easily sail around. Since {crewname} could not inoculate the crew against such extensive radiation, we all went into stasis pods for the duration of the trip. Near the edge of the irradiated sector, our sensors picked up the debris of an ancient research station. Whatever they were studying may have been the cause of this radiation.
Medicine {crewname} returned from a diplomatic away mission to {systemname} with a case of Ornaran plague. The virus behind the plague proved too elusive for {crewname} to cure. {crewname} only survived thanks to a passing merchant who sold us a dose of felicium. We contacted {systemname} to warn them of the disease, and they were able to stop the outbreak from becoming an epidemic.
Medicine When a {factionname} physicist went into respiratory arrest, we transported him directly to sickbay. {crewname} had to suppress the patient's immune system to allow a transplant from one of his siblings. Only time will tell how the physicist's recovery will go, but I'm glad we were able to offer what help we could.
Medicine An away team became delusional after being infected with tropolisine on a mission. By the time {crewname} devised a treatment, the infected crew members had barricaded themselves in their quarters and had to be stunned by security. I reassured the apologetic away team that they were not responsible for their threats and actions while infected.
Medicine A Satarran snuck aboard the {shipname} disguised as an ensign, but phasers had little effect on its form. We used a gaseous compound developed by {crewname} to knock the intruder, and only the intruder, unconscious. We screened every other crew member who came aboard with the supposed "ensign" and confirmed that all of them were who they claimed to be.


  1. Should be away team.
  2. Into narrow valley is displayed in-game. The correct words should be into a narrow valley.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 Misspelled in-game.