Writing PADD

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There are four different eras for this item with the exact same name, but different icons and used for different crafting recipes (TOS era and TNG era each have 2 separate builds):

Description Icon Item Name
ENT Era Spacer.pngWritingPADDENT.pngFlipBasic.png Writing PADD (ENT)
TOS Era Spacer.pngWritingPADDTOS.pngFlipBasic.png Writing PADD (TOS)
Writing PADD (Picard)
TNG Era Spacer.pngWritingPADDTNG.pngFlipBasic.png Writing PADD (TNG)
Writing PADD (Lwaxana)
DS9 Era Spacer.pngWritingPADDDS9.pngFlipBasic.png Writing PADD (DS9)[1]